Bermuda: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

There is nothing like the rush of stepping off a plane into an unknown country. It’s a little scary and a lot of fun but more than anything, it can be addicting. International travel by U.S. citizens reached a record high in 2015 as more and more people are choosing to spend their money on experiences rather than stuff. In honor of this shift, we’re providing you with an inside look at some of the world’s top destinations. Our Travel Series provides you with a go-to guide of where to stay, what to eat, what to do, and any helpful insider tips that will help make your trip that much better.

Why you should go

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Bermuda is unlike any other tropical destination. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the archipelago of seven main islands is located out in the Atlantic, over 800 miles north of other Caribbean destinations. Bermuda is a picturesque utopia that sits alone, with North Carolina as the nearest landmass, about 650 miles to the west. The island is home to bewitching blue waters (the clearest I’ve ever experienced), spades of shipwrecks, and a posh, vibrant vibe.

Bermuda 4u reported the destination is just over a couple hours from East Coast airports in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, making it an all too easy escape from the drudges of daily life.

Where to stay


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Currently rated the top hotel in Bermuda on TripAdvisor, the Royal Palms Hotel is a boutique property located near the capital city of Hamilton. The property has a private pool, a highly reviewed restaurant, and is near beaches, golf, and city life. If your plan is to spend the holiday on a beach with a book or on the golf course, the Fairmont Southampton is hard to beat. The 18-hole Turtle Hill Golf Club is adjacent to the property and there’s also a private beach.

What to eat

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Bermuda is full of good food, but one meal tops the rest. Make it your business to find a good fish sandwich. For the best of the best, head to Art Mel’s. The restaurant’s classic fish sandwich is squeezed between two slices of soft homemade raisin bread and topped with coleslaw. Tarter sauce and hot sauce add gooey goodness and a kick. Wash it all down with a ginger beer. For a fancy night out, book a table at Bolero Brasserie. Their unbeatable spot on the waterfront is only surpassed by the ever-changing menu, which includes creative dishes like squid ink linguini and a tart with duck confit and brie. No matter what you do or where you go, make sure to throw back a couple Dark ‘N’ Stormy cocktails made with ginger beer and local black rum.

What to do

st peters

St. Peter’s church in St. George | Source: St. Peter’s Church, Bermuda

When you want a day off from the beach, look into chartering a sailboat from Bermuda Windsail Charters to get you out into the open waters. You can check out swim spots that are only accessible by boat, lounge on the sundeck, or book a sunset cruise. Back on the mainland, climb to the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse for island-wide views or head to St. George on the island’s northeastern tip to experience the oldest, continually occupied town of English origin in the new world. St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage site full of restaurants, shops, and brightly colored colonial buildings. Before you leave the island, pay a visit to Bermuda’s underground world. Crystal and Fantasy Caves will leave you in awe with their deep, clear pools of water and ceilings adorned with crystal formations.

Insider tips

  • Rental cars are not available in Bermuda and taxis can be expensive. Take advantage of the island’s excellent public transportation system by taking buses and ferries.
  • If you’ll be visiting for Bermuda for longer than a weekend, consider exploring the island by scooter. A one-day rental starts at around $50, but if you’re in Bermuda for a few days, Nomadic Matt said the cost can go down to as little as $35 a day.
  • The island can be expensive. Book lodging early to find the best deals.
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