This Is Everything We Know About the Potential Star Wars Hotel at Disney

Between virtual reality headsets becoming more mainstream and television shows like Westworld bringing nonfiction experiences to life, the need to consume storylines and alternate universes in another dimension is at an all-time high. And who better than Disney to make these needs a reality?

At the 2017 D23 Expo, the company proposed their most experimental idea yet: An interactive Star Wars-themed hotel. While the company has yet to release information on when (or, where) construction for the hotel will break ground, they did give Star Wars fans a sneak peek into the immersive Disney Resort.

It will be Disney’s most experimental concept ever

Star Wars Hotel Bob Iger

It’s going to be a next level experience. | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

At the 2017 D23 Expo, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Bob Chapek shared some massive news with Star Wars fans. “We are working on our most experimental concept ever,” he told a crowd of fans during a panel discussion. “It combines a luxury resort with immersion in an authentic environment,” he added.

But, that’s not all the information he gave. See some of the detailed plans for the Westworld-esque hotel, ahead.

It will follow a specific storyline

Disney Star Wars Hotel Resort

You will be fully immersed in the story. | Disney/Lucas Films

One of the main concepts for the new Disney hotel? It will follow a Star Wars storyline. Hotel guests will not only get to experience the story, they will be fully immersed in it.

Guests will interact with Star Wars creatures and droids instead of hotel employees

Disney Star Wars Hotel Resort

There aren’t any average employees here. | Disney/Lucas Films

When checking into the hotel, you can forget about traditional hotel employees. The interactive hotel will feature creatures and droids from the beloved films instead of human employees.

It will most-likely look like a massive starship

Disney Star Wars Hotel Resort

You’ll feel like you’re in a real starship. | Disney/Lucas Films

As far as the architectural design is concerned, the hotel’s exterior will not look like your typical Disney Resort. According to The Verge, the potential Star Wars hotel will look like a massive starship.

Guests will trade in their traditional clothing for Star Wars costumes

Star Wars Hotel

Guests will dress like their favorite characters. | Disney/Lucas Films

There’s no need to overpack when staying at the concept hotel, as guests will trade in their traditional clothing for Star Wars costumes.

Guests will live their own dedicated multi-day adventure

Disney Star Wars Hotel Resort

Every guest will have their own adventure. | Disney/Lucas Films

In addition to witnessing a specific storyline unfold, guests will be immersed into the plot and live out their own dedicated multi-day adventure.

It’s essentially Westworld for Star Wars fans

In a nutshell, Disney has plans to create a Westworld for Star Wars fans — only, instead of an immersive park, they’re creating an alternate reality where guests can eat, sleep, and experience a galaxy far, far away.

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