Expecting Houseguests? Here’s the Difference Between a Mediocre Host and a Hostess With the Mostess

Having houseguests can be wonderful, but it can also take a toll on you, the host. You spend days worrying whether you’ve done everything you could to prepare, because, naturally, you want your guests to feel as comfortable as can be in your home. But worry no more, because we’ve got the tips that will transform you from a mediocre host to hostess with the mostess in no time.

1. Prepare a guest basket of toiletries

assorted toiletries

Make sure they have the toiletries they’ll need. | iStock.com/Okea

No one wants to have to ask their host for an extra toothbrush or a supply of feminine products. So keep that in mind the next time you’re expecting overnight guests. Having a backup basket of anything your company may need will make them feel right at home, or perhaps even a cozy hotel.

2. Have fresh flowers and water bottles on the nightstand

bedroom in white color

They’ll appreciate those little extra touches. | JZhuk/iStock/Getty Images

Everyone loves fresh flowers, and houseguests are the perfect excuse to splurge at your favorite florist. Your guests will feel welcomed, and will wake up feeling great, thanks to all those fresh aromas right next to their bed, of course.

Furthermore, be sure to stock a few bottles of water on the nightstand. Your company will appreciate it, especially if they wake up in the middle of the night with a bit of a hangover from all the celebrating you will have been doing together.

3. Leave Wi-Fi info in their bedroom

woman sitting on floor near window and watching laptop

Give them access to your Wi-Fi. | iStock/Getty Images

Just about everyone who enters your home asks for your Wi-Fi network and password, right? Well, in order to alleviate that trouble, leave all the information in their bedroom so it’s ready when they arrive. All you need are some cute gift tags, and there you go. You’re in the running as world’s best host.

4. Make space in the guest room closet and drawers


Make sure they have space for their things. | irina88w/iStock/Getty Images

Fresh linens and a clean guest room are a given. But don’t forget about the space once your guests actually arrive. Getting settled in will be far more comfortable if you’ve planned ahead.

So, be sure to clear out space in the closet and dresser drawers. And leave plenty of hangers so that your guest knows the closet is his or hers for the duration of their stay.

5. Keep the coffee flowing at a self-serve breakfast bar

Cup of coffee

They can help themselves. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Coffee is an integral part of most morning routines. Some people take it black, while others prefer it with cream and sugar, or maybe even iced.

For the sake of ensuring that every guest is able to start their day like they normally would in their own home, alleviate the burden of having to serve everyone individually as they wake up by setting up a self-serve breakfast bar. By doing so, you can keep a pot of coffee out at all times, so people can help themselves as needed.

6. Have place cards for formal meals

friends having dinner

Make sure everyone knows where to sit. | shironosov/iStock/Getty Images

Planning a fancy dinner? Be sure to have place cards set out ahead of time. That way, your guests won’t feel that inevitable awkwardness that comes with having to choose their own seat at the table. Plus, it shows that you really know your guests, and have thought about whom they’d like to sit next to for a meal and good conversation.

7. Clean out the fridge and stock up on fresh fruit and appetizers

Open refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables

Your guests will be able to grab a snack as they please. | AndrewRafalsky/iStock/Getty Images

Prior to your guests’ arrival, clean the refrigerator from top to bottom. After all, they’ll be staying with you for a couple of days, which means that they’ll be accessing the fridge just as much as you. And you certainly don’t want them seeing moldy drawers and weeks-old veggies.

Once that’s taken care of, stock up on fresh fruit and apps that are easy for the picking. Having these kinds of snacks available will ensure that your guests feel comfortable grabbing as they please.

8. Remove all of your personal items from the guest bathroom

Yellow bathroom with claw foot tub

Let them feel like it’s their space. | irinia88w/iStock/Getty Images

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated guest bathroom — as opposed to having to share with everyone in the house — then you should definitely follow this tip.

If you really want to make your houseguests feel comfortable, clean out all of your personal items that you usually keep in the guest bathroom. Doing so will ensure that the space truly feels like their own.

9. Make sure your liquor supply is well-stocked

alcohol bottles

Know their beverage of choice. | iStock/Getty Images

This one’s a bit more subjective, but still, your company will probably appreciate it. Welcoming your houseguests with a glass of wine (bonus points if you know their beverage of choice) is key. And having plenty on hand so that neither you nor your guests have to make a liquor store run will be much appreciated.

10. Put framed pictures of their family out

Friends picture frame

Show they’re important to you. | Amazon

This may sound silly, but trust us, it goes a long way. If your houseguests are extended family members, it’s likely that you have at least a couple of photos of them, their kids, or even one of the two of you together.

Dig those out, and frame them up. Putting just one of two of these personal photos out will mean a lot. It will make them feel very special and well-loved, like they’re an important part of your life, which, of course, they are.

Just remember, your title as hostess with the mostess all comes down to the details. And your houseguests will appreciate every every step you took to make them feel right at home.

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