Fun-Filled Family Vacations That Don’t Involve Disney World

There’s no denying it: A family vacation to Disney World is expensive. In fact, one recent estimate — which took into account recently jacked-up admission prices, food, lodging, airfare, and souvenirs — calculated a family of four staying four nights could expect to spend, on average, $6,360.

Luckily, Disney is not the only option for families looking to get away and relax for a while. There are tons of other family vacation options that are less pricey and commercialized. Your family will love the memories you make, and your wallet will love that you’re not blowing a few paychecks on a weeklong vacation to meet a mouse. Check out these 15 suggestions for where to take your family on vacation instead of Disney.

1. Go on a cruise

Cruise Line Carnival, cruise ship Victory Sails from Port George Town

Choose your own adventure on a cruise ship. |

Cruises are an excellent choice for families. The options are endless, but one of the best things about cruising is you can choose the type of experience you want to have. Looking to visit a bunch of different islands? Try a Caribbean cruise, and see all of them without worrying about pricey resort fees and airfare. Interested in seeing some wildlife? Alaskan or Norwegian cruises take you up north for an entirely different adventure.

All cruise ships have plenty of on-board activities for kids and adults alike, including water parks, bumper cars, ropes courses, bungee jumping, zip lines, and more. The best part about cruising on a budget is most have all-inclusive pricing, so you don’t need to worry about costs adding up during your stay. Budget for your trip in advance, and enjoy a short sojourn at sea.

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