7 Famous Faces Who Might Attend the 2018 Olympics (Including Donald Trump)

Between Olympic events, the camera pans to famous faces in the crowd. And they’re just as excited about the Olympics as the rest of the world. They attend events and cheer on athletes while sitting in the stands. Keep reading to see which notable figures may attend the 2018 Games.

Matthew McConaughey

Actor Matthew McConaughey celebrates on the field after the Texas Longhorns defeated the Michigan Wolverines.
The actor is a sports fan. | Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Actor Matthew McConaughey enjoys the Olympic Games. After attending events at the 2016 Games in Rio with his wife, there’s a good chance he’ll show up at the 2018 Olympics. McConaughey is known for wearing American flag T-shirts to the Olympics, according to Vanity Fair. Here’s hoping the world sees him repping Team USA.

Hint: America’s leader may not attend the Olympics.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Golfing
His attendance is questionable. | Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

The South Korean committee organizing the Olympics wants first lady Melania Trump to attend the Olympics along with Ivanka Trump, USA Today said. However, President Donald Trump’s attendance is questionable. This is because of Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader. They frequently engage in a “war of words.”

Hint: This former president’s been involved in the Olympic Games four times.

Barack Obama

Barack obama pointing at his own face in a dark suit and blue striped tie
He could finally attend as a private citizen. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Barack Obama led four Olympic delegations during his presidency, USA Today said. Since leaving office, Obama’s attendance at the 2018 Games is unconfirmed. There’s a chance Obama may be on a family vacation during the Olympics. The world will find out once the Olympics commence.

Hint: Tweets get this actress a free ticket to the Olympics.

Leslie Jones

actress Leslie Jones
She scored a free ticket to the Rio Olympics. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Actress Leslie Jones got so obsessed with the Rio Olympics, tweeting about events, she scored a free ticket to the Games, according to Hollywood Reporter. We’re assuming Jones’ love for Olympics hasn’t faded since the Rio Games. There’s a good chance we’ll see her tweet about the games. Let’s hope she gets a free ticket this year.

Hint: This actor’s tweets are “gold.”

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson loves to tweet about the events. | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is a big fan of the Olympics. Actually, he’s a big fan of live tweeting during the Games. His tweets earn him a “gold medal,” USA Today said. Here’s hoping Jackson will live tweet from Pyeongchang.

Hint: We’re hoping this actress brings her (hunger) game face to the Olympics.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks at the Venice Film Festival on September 2, 2015
She attended the Rio Olympics. | Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Actress Elizabeth Banks is known to be a fan of the Olympics. Attending the Rio Olympics in 2016, there’s a good chance Elizabeth will attend the 2018 Games. We’re hoping she’ll show up as her character, Effie Trinket, from The Hunger Games.

Hint: One musician’s song is used in an Olympic video.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake on stage during the People's Choice Awards 2017
He tweets about the Olympic action. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Another famous face known for enjoying the Olympics is Justin Timberlake. He tweets during the Olympics but has yet to attend. We’re hoping he’ll attend and live tweet. Timberlake should earn a ticket to the Games because the U.S. Olympic team dances to his song, according to Today.

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