Fast Food Horror Stories: You Won’t Believe What Was in This Restaurant’s Burgers

An estimated 80% of Americans consume fast food monthly. We assume restaurants follow FDA-approved sanitation laws. However, many break these codes. You won’t believe the scandals these chains created, especially the disgusting ingredient found in McDonald’s burgers (page 9).

1. Subway’s chicken sandwich is actually soy

Veggie Subway sandwich
Subway diners may stick to the veggie sandwich. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • What happened: Subway chicken products only contained about half chicken DNA.
  • Where: Canada
  • The details: Canadian broadcaster CBC examined fast-food chicken, finding Subway’s breast meat was 54% chicken and chicken strips were 43%. CBC’s lab didn’t believe it, redoing the test five times but still finding the “chicken” portion to be mostly soy and other fillers. Subway disputed the claim but vowed to speak with its supplier.

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