Fast Food Workers Absolutely Hate It When People Do This

Ever notice you see some pretty interesting characters at fast food joints? Well, the employees there certainly do — and there are actions and behaviors commonly associated with patrons that drive them insane. With help from Reader’s Digest, we look at 15 actions fast-food workers absolutely despise.

1. Not knowing your order beforehand

A classic drive thru sign | payphoto/ iStock/ Getty Images

Hate how long drive-thru lines are? A big reason is that, far too often, people pull up and haven’t decided what they want yet. “I can’t tell you how many times a car pulls up to the drive-through containing five people, none of whom know what they want,” a former McDonald’s employee tells Reader’s Digest. Hint: There’s a reason the menu is large and can be seen before you pull up to order.

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2. Not speaking clearly into the drive-thru speaker

Order placement point at a fast food drive-thru | Stephen Barnes/ iStock/ Getty Images

You now what else holds up drive-thru lines? When you mumble into the speaker and make it difficult to decipher your order. Want to make matters worse? Get an attitude when you have to repeat yourself.

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3. Sticking your nose up at the food

Fast food burger | Wojciech Kozielczyk/ iStock/ Getty Images

“Don’t expect filet mignon when you’re ordering a burger off the dollar menu,” another fast food employee says. “At a fast food chain, the quality is the same across the board because we’re usually getting our ingredients from the same source.”

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4. Being impatient when it comes to special requests

Fast food | Digital Vision./ iStock/ Getty Images

Want to stray from the menu and make specific requests? Then don’t be surprised if your order takes a bit longer. That goes double for folks who whine about how fresh their fries are. “Especially during the lunch rush, we’re constantly moving orders along, so the fries are nearly always ‘fresh,’” one former employee tells Reader’s Digest. “If you want something specific, you’re going to have to be patient for it.”

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5. Chatting on your phone while you order

In line on the phone | monkeybusinessimages/ iStock/ Getty Images

You want the person taking your order to give you their full attention, right? So stop chatting on your phone while you’re placing your order. It’s just rude, and frankly, can up the chances of your order being wrong.

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6. Not utilizing the time you’re in line to get your order together

Fast-food line | Rostislavv/ iStock/ Getty Images

If there’s a long line behind you, the best course of action is to get your order taken as quick and painlessly as possible, right? So don’t wait until you’re at the cashier to take your sweet time. “I would get so annoyed when there’s a long line and customers have plenty of time to pick what they want, but then take forever when it’s their turn,” one employee vented.

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7. Asking for a competitor’s item

Fast food burger and fries | phasin/ iStock/ Getty Images

“There have been so many times when I’ve had customers ask me to try to recreate the exact burger they get at a competing franchise,” one former fast food worker tells Reader’s Digest. “If that’s what you want, go there instead!”

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8. Being picky about the temperature of your food

Drive thru window | yaoinlove/ iStock/ Getty Images

As Reader’s Digest points out: Employees don’t always have the power to get your meal to the exact temperature of your liking, even when it’s made to order. So unless your burger patty has a cold center, there’s no use in complaining.

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9. Live and die by promotions

Greasy fast food burgers and french fries | kristinalechner/ iStock/ Getty Images

There’s a reason it almost always says “While supplies last” at the end of any fast food promotion — it’s to keep customers from becoming a nightmare. “If there’s a promotion with limited supplies, we almost always run out quickly and then have to deal with angry customers. No one cares about the fine print, somehow we’re responsible,” one former fast food employee explains.

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10. Trying to shame a fast food establishment over the nutritional content of their food

Drive thru menu | lawcain/ iStock/ Getty Images

If you’re so concerned with the nutritional content of your food, why would you be ordering from a fast food joint? Better yet, why would you complain to an employee who has no say over a large chain’s menu? “I’m not forcing you to order those French fries, so please don’t complain to me about how we’re the driving force behind the obesity epidemic in our country,” one employee vents to Reader’s Digest.

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11. Letting your children run wild

Kid with a fast food burger | jacktheflipper/ iStock/ Getty Images

And no, you don’t get excused if said fast food establishment has a play place in it. Letting your children misbehave is unacceptable, whether it’s running a muck or leaving a huge mess. “I’ve seen parents allow their kids to spread ketchup and other condiments all over tables and chairs, not bothering to clean up the mess they’ve made,” one employee says.

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12. Leaving a mess behind

fast food trash | scmphoto/ iStock/ Getty Images

You’ve seen it — a group at a fast food place that leaves their trash strewn all over the table as if their are butlers to clean up after them. It’s even more annoying for employees when a mess is left and there’s a trash can maybe a foot away.

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13. Cracking jokes while you place your order

Fast food drivethru | Photodisc/ iStock/ Getty Images

Long story short: You aren’t being funny. You’re just holding up the line. Do everyone a favor and save the stand-up routine for a different venue.

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14. Showing up to order food right before a place closes

A Burger King drive thru at night | junce/ iStock/ Getty Images

Think you’re beating the clock by showing up just before your favorite fast food spot closes? You’re not — you’re just annoying the employees. “My pet peeve was customers who came in five minutes before closing time and ordered three tons of food,”  one worker tells Reader’s Digest.

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15. Going out of your way to be rude and demeaning

This girl decided that she would walk through the drive through at the fast food restaurant. When the person didn’t service her, she starting yelling her order| ImagesbyK/ iStock/ Getty Images

“I hate when customers treat me like I’m stupid or beneath them because I’m taking their order,” one employee says. “Just because we’re serving you burgers and fries doesn’t mean we’re less of a person than you are.” Long story short: Exercise kindness. Yes, even at your local fast food chain.

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