Father Posts an Emotional Video at His Daughter’s Grave, Revealing the Drunk Driver Responsible for Her Death

Rick Ellis is a professional fisherman from Arkansas who had the misfortune of losing his six-year-old daughter Lindsey in a drunk driving accident. He’s been carrying the pain of his loss with him for years but felt compelled to confront his feelings and share a video that would hopefully save lives by getting people talking about his own tragedy.

And he made a moving video that did just that by not only speaking candidly but offering a heartfelt and difficult revelation of who was responsible for Lindsay’s untimely passing.

He says before turning the camera to the grave, with watery eyes, “I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your partying on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever,” he says. “Want to get drunk, play around, get stupid? This is what happens…”



As he points the camera to Lindsay’s headstone, we see that she was buried with her mother, Christy, who was the drunk driver responsible. Christy, Ellis’ ex-wife also died in the crash with their daughter.

Christy had been unemployed for three months and began drinking more heavily over that time. Although she was living with her new boyfriend, Rick was aware, but didn’t think that Christy would have ever put their daughter in harm’s way with her drinking. He was wrong, and when Christy was leaving her home after an argument with her boyfriend, she took Lindsay with her and drove off.

Once on the road, she hit a guardrail at a high speed, flipping the car and killing them both.

The story is a tragic one, but Rick’s not looking for sympathy with this video, which has been viewed and shared over 8 million times. He’s hoping that it circulates and informs people of just how quickly things can change, and not to take anything for granted when it comes to the dangers of drunk driving.

Rick pleas to the camera at one point, “If you’re struggling with addiction… if you’re struggling with alcohol… I hope this can help you,” Rick says to the camera. “Don’t let your loved ones look down at you six-feet in the ground ’cause you couldn’t handle life. Pull your bootlegs up, grab a hold of life, make something of it. Make Mom and Daddy proud.”

Judging by the reach of the video, it seems to be working.