Father’s Day Fishing Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day and fishing go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it is only natural that Father’s Day fishing gifts would be the first thing you think of when trying to make sure your old man has a special day. Although we’re sure all he really wants is some alone time on the water, catch him on his way out the door with any of these fishing gifts, and you’ll make him the happiest guy on Earth.

1. Anglr Trackr: $129.99

fishing tracker

Anglr Trackr | Mystery Tackle Box

The Anglr Trackr comes with a free app download, so you can track all of your fishing stats right on your phone. Just clip the Anglr Trackr onto your rod, and go fishing. It will automatically log all of your bites, catches, and relevant information to help you duplicate your success. Coordinates on the lake, weather, number of casts, and more will all be logged right into your personal tracker.

2. Dobyns Fury Rod: $109.99

fishing rod

The Dobyns Fury fishing rod | Mystery Tackle Box

Dobyns fishing rods are some of the best rods on the market. Anglers of any experience level and budget can get themselves a Dobyns rod, but you’d be hard pressed to find one more versatile than the Fury. Your dad will be able to outcast all his friends and hook into any species he wants with one of these high-quality rods.

3. 13 Fishing Creed X: $59.99

fishing reel

Creed X fishing reel | Mystery Tackle Box

This reel feels more expensive than it is, giving you a smooth retrieve and an attention to detail in the design unlike any reel in the price range. There are four different variations on this reel, and you can choose which is better suited to your father’s fishing style.

4. Lews Speed Spool LFS: $99.99

fishing reel

Lews Speed Spool | Mystery Tackle Box

For all the power in this reel, you’ll be surprised when you see it only weighs 7 ounces. This is the perfect Father’s Day fishing gift for the dad who is looking to improve his casting distance, as the line guide shifts with a new frame platform called LFS. Choose between a right or left handed retrieve, whichever your dad prefers, and the gear ratio best suited to his style of fishing. If you’re not sure how to find the proper gear ratio, read about it here.

5. Mystery gift box (pro): $25

Mystery Tackle Box sets

Mystery Tackle Box sets | Mystery Tackle Box via Facebook

What better Father’s Day fishing gift could there be besides Christmas every month? A Mystery Tackle Box loaded with bait well above the price you pay, an awesome new sticker to slap on your tackle box, and a magazine loaded with fishing tips and tricks. Unwrapping and unboxing the Mystery Tackle Box will be the best part of your dad’s day.

6. Rapala Fisherman’s Tool Kit: $34.99

fishing tool kit

Rapala Fisherman’s Tool Kit | Mystery Tackle Box

This kit has all the tools your dad will need on the water. The Rapala brand is associated with high-quality products, and this is no exception. A ruler to measure his catch, a scale to weigh the catch, and scissors and pliers for everything else that comes up on a boat filled with line, hooks, and your dad. The combo kit is a perfect addition to even the most seasoned angler’s tackle box.

7. Mystery Tackle Box gift certificate

gift box

Mystery Tackle Box gift certificate | Mystery Tackle Box

Do you know your dad loves fishing but just aren’t quite sure what to get him? Get him a gift certificate from Mystery Tackle Box, and he can choose his own gift. Check out the gift certificate options to get your father signed up with a fishing gift, choose-your-own-adventure style. You buy it, and he can customize his own selections.

This post was created in partnership with Mystery Tackle Box