‘Fixer Upper’: Every Time Chip and Joanna Gaines Made Us Fall in Love

Since Chip and Joanna Gaines have broken the news that Fixer Upper is ending, we’re taking a look back at all the times they made us smile. There are many moments during the show’s run that put smiles on our faces, but these are the ones we enjoyed most.

When Chip makes Joanna laugh


The chemistry between the husband and wife duo, Chip and Joanna, makes for great TV. Chip’s one-liners make Joanna giggle and viewers smile. On the show, Chip’s known to make others laugh at his own expense. So look out for a few more laughs on Season 5.

When their kids bring cupcakes


Viewers know the final review is near when the Gaines kids bring delicious looking cupcakes to their mom. Their adorable kids give their mom hugs and a jolt of sugar the final night before a reveal. After saying goodbye to the kids, Joanna gets to work on styling the finished home. Viewers can now purchase the same cupcakes she eats in nearly every episode by visiting the Silos Baking Co. in Waco, Texas.

Seeing the thoughtful pieces in a client’s home

Fixer Upper Living room

They make sure to add in important pieces. | HGTV

One of Chip and Joanna’s signature moves when renovating homes is including a personal touch for the owners. Throughout the seasons of Fixer Upper, they’ve created artwork, repurposed old family furniture, and given family homes passed down by generations a new life. Viewers can’t help but smile when they see the thoughtful and meaningful pieces in every client’s home.

When the Gaines family spends time together

Fixer Upper family

Their family is nothing short of adorable. | HGTV

A more rare moment on the show is when Chip and Joanna spend time with their kids. After all, the show is about Chip and Joanna fixing up homes. But their kids do help from time to time. When they’re not fixing up houses in Waco, the family is working on their farm or attending football games at Baylor University, Chip and Joanna’s alma mater.

When Chip climbs trees

Chip Gaines climbs a tree

It wouldn’t be Fixer Upper without Chip climbing a tree. | HGTV

For some reason, Chip likes to climb trees. It doesn’t matter where, Chip will climb a tree. He’s climbed trees while showing client’s a potential home. And he doesn’t stop at trees. Chip’s climbed one of the silos he and Joanna purchased.

When Chip and Joanna surprise each other

Fixer Upper

Chip faux-proposed when she surprised him with a Jeep for his 39th birthday. | HGTV

Both Joanna and Chip have surprised each other at some point during the show. Big and small surprises have been caught on camera by HGTV. A big surprise was the 40th birthday party Joanna organized for Chip. And a smaller surprise happened when Chip came home with two puppies for their kids unbeknownst to Joanna.

Seeing Chip and Joanna tackle problems

Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna

They handle decision making like champs. | HGTV

Truly a team, Chip and Joanna always work together to get the job done. They do whatever is necessary to make a home renovation happen. Like with any renovation, there are bumps in the road. The pair handles setbacks and mistakes flawlessly by working together to make the client’s dream home a reality. They’ve tackled rotted wood, rusty pipes, and a slew of other home-related issues flawlessly.

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