18 Foods and Drinks Anthony Bourdain Has Insulted

Anthony Bourdain eating

Anthony Bourdain held nothing back when he hated a food or drink. | Anthony Bourdain via Facebook

It’s no secret Anthony Bourdain had a history of criticizing chefs and their dishes. He may have inspired you to try new things, but the sharp-tongued chef and Parts Unknown host had his limits when it came to many foods and drinks. Check out the foods and beverages Bourdain insulted over the years, including one popular sandwich he despises (on page 10).

1. Ranch dressing

homemade ranch dressing

Bourdain hates ranch dressing. And he can’t understand why Americans love it. | iStock.com

First We Feast asked Bourdain his opinion on Ben Adler’s statement, “Ranch dressing is what’s wrong with America.” Bourdain responded, “You know, if you ranch something, does it make it better? Probably not. It’s not a flavor I particularly understand. But I can well imagine circumstances where I might think like, ‘This ranch is, like, totally awesome.’ Probably all alone with no one watching.”

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