These Are the Foods That Pinterest Thinks You’ll Love in 2018

We’ll admit that we’re looking forward to leaving 2017 behind. But we’re even more excited to see what 2018 has in store! Especially thanks to a report from Pinterest — everybody’s favorite tool for finding recipes and planning meals — that has the inside scoop on all the exciting new trends we’ll see in the new year. According to this year’s Pinterest 100, you have a lot to look forward to in 2018. Especially if you’re in the mood for something new in the kitchen!

Read on to discover the foods that Pinterest thinks you’ll love in 2018. Whether you want to try something healthy, something spicy, or something sweet, you won’t be disappointed!

1. Diet-friendly frying

fried chicken

An air fryer requires less fat than traditional frying. |

Pinterest reports that people have become obsessed with their air fryers. And we can see why. An air fryer gives you crispy food, but requires a whole lot less fat than traditional frying methods. This must-have kitchen tool just coats the food with a small amount of oil, and then blasts it with heat to cook and crisp it. The result? A much healthier version of your typical fried fare. You can even prepare classics like french fries in an air fryer! Pinterest users are in love, and the platform reports that pins for “air fryer” have increased by 1,809%.

2. Souping instead of juicing

Hot soup

Soup might replace juice as a way to pack in the nutrients. | BlindTurtle/iStock/Getty Images

Everybody’s heard of juicing. But have you heard of souping? If you haven’t yet, you definitely will in 2018! Pinterest reports that souping will be a major trend to watch in the new year. “Warm, soul-nourishing and full of flavorful nutrients, puréed soup can be a delicious way to reset your diet,” the platform explains. Plus, some soups can even be served hot or cold, depending on your mood! Pinterest reports that pins for “souping” have climbed by 306%, so expect to see lots of great ideas on the platform!

3. Super coffee

Cup of coffee

Coffee would get an extra jolt from some superfoods. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

We all know that our Starbucks habit probably isn’t very healthy. But Pinterest reports that there’s a fun and energizing alternative on the horizon: super coffee. The platform reports of this exciting trend,  “Protein powder, or superfoods like maca, mixed into morning brew can help shake a case of the Mondays.” Pinterest users already seem to have gotten on board. In fact, pins for “healthy coffee” have gone up by 218%.

4. Moroccan spices

coriander leaves

Spices, such as coriander, are gaining popularity. | iStock/Getty Images

Want a good way to shake up your cooking and get out of a rut in the kitchen come 2018? Pinterest advises watching the trend toward Moroccan spices. Everybody’s getting into North African spices, including cumin, coriander, and cardamom. Pinterest reports that these delicious flavors do a great job of “waking up tastebuds and pushing everyday dishes beyond the basics.” You can use those spices in the recipes you already love — or even try a Moroccan dish or two. You’ll be right on trend if you do: Pinterest reports that pins for “Moroccan” have increased by 2,579%.

5. Plant proteins

White Quinoa in a bowl

Quinoa is a nutritious source of protein. |

Meat is a great source of protein. But you don’t have to reach for the chicken or beef to get a healthy serving of protein. Pinterest thinks that of all the protein alternatives out there, plant proteins will become a major trend in 2018. “Lentils, hemp and quinoa pack a nutritional punch and taste just as good” as meat, according to the platform. (Plus, they’re more likely to get the approval of a nutritionist or a doctor than traditional, meat-based sources of protein.) Watch out for a major trend in 2018: Pinterest reports that pins for “plant proteins” have gone up 417%.

6. Snap peas and edamame

sugar snap peas

Snap peas make great snacks. |

Need some new ideas for healthy snacks in 2018? Pinterest recommends taking a second look at snap peas and edamame. These delicious pods — peas and soybeans, respectively — make a great addition to your snacking arsenal. And once you’re hooked, you won’t be able to stop yourself from adding them to your family’s meals, too. They probably won’t be too difficult to convince, either. Pinterest reports that pins for “snap peas” have increased by 273%.

7. Korean condiments

korean food Bulgogi

Korean condiments are trending. | tulongji/iStock/Getty Images

Another trend to try in 2018? Korean condiments. Pinterest reports that sriracha is out and Korean condiments — especially Gochujang — are in. Gochujang is a fermented red chili paste that’s not only savory and spicy, but also deliciously sweet. (Want to find out which other Korean condiments and ingredients to try? My Korean Kitchen has a great list to peruse!) Pinterest notes that pins for “Korean condiments” have gone up 222%.

8. Ghee and clarified butter

clarified butter

Ghee is a healthy oil to have in your kitchen. | marekuliasz/iStock/Getty Images

Next on the list? Ghee and other types of clarified butter. Ghee makes the list of healthy oils you should always have in your kitchen — even though it isn’t technically an oil — because it’s healthier and has a higher smoke point than many alternatives. Plus, it’s easy to make at home, something that many Pinterest users have already discovered. The platform reports that ghee will likely be a major trend in 2018 thanks to its lactose-free status and its rich, nutty flavor. Plus, pins for “ghee” are up 155%.

9. Vegan desserts

vegan peanut butter oat coconut cacao balls

Substituting vegan ingredients is easier than you might think. |

If there’s any trend we’ll get on board with without any hesitation, it’s more dessert! According to Pinterest, vegan desserts will gain major momentum in the new year. “Desserts can be awesome without animal products—just trade coconut oil for butter and flax seeds for eggs.” Substitutions like those make vegan baking easy. We already have a few favorite vegan dessert recipes in our repertoires. But we can’t wait to find more on Pinterest! The platform reports that pins for “vegan desserts” have increased by 329%.

10. Mocktails

glasses and shots with different colored cocktails

More people want a mixed drink without alcohol. | Tsuguliev/Getty Images

Finally, Pinterest points to mocktails as another food (or drink!) trend that will get huge in 2018. “It’s never been easier to not drink booze, thanks to non-alcoholic mixes with delicious, artisanal ingredients,” the platform explains. We’ve always had a soft spot for mixing drinks, so we love mocktails for non-drinkers just as much as traditional cocktails. But we can’t wait to see all the new ideas popping up on Pinterest in the new year. The platform reports that pins for “virgin cocktails” have gone up 160%.

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