Here Are the Foods You Should Always Buy From Amazon

If you have a Prime membership, then you’ve probably realized shopping on Amazon is a big convenience. That means it’s way too easy to accidentally buy items — including groceries — that are actually a big waste of money. Fortunately, you aren’t doomed to overpaying for produce, shelling out too much for sodas, or wasting money on breakfast items. In fact, you can find plenty of items that are better to buy on Amazon than anywhere else.

Read on to check out the foods you should always buy from Amazon instead of a local store.

1. Baby food

baby food in bowl with spoon

Amazon offers great deals on baby food. |

If you struggle to get through your grocery list with an infant in tow, you’re in luck. You can save money by buying baby food on Amazon, according to Consumer Reports. The organization explains, “The category of baby food and supplies is one that online retailers — including Amazon — often sell at cost to entice busy parents to become loyal customers.” Amazon even sells essentials, such as baby food, at a loss to persuade you to shop online.

2. Chips and pretzels

Bowl filled with potato chips sitting on wooden table.

You can find great deals on chips and pretzels. |

Though you’ll need to check prices on your particular snacking favorites, Refinery29 reports Amazon offers cheap prices on many kinds of chips and pretzels. A Food Should Taste Good chip sampler, dried mango pieces from Peeled, a variety box of Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, a Kettle chips sampler, Bare organic apple chips, and a box of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn all cost a lot less than what you’d pay at a local grocery store.

3. Coffee pods

Keurig K-cups and coffee beans

You can get K-cups and other coffee pods for a steal. |

Wise Bread reports coffee pods, particularly K-cups, are a great item to order from Amazon. They offer a convenient way to make your morning cup of coffee. But they get expensive if you buy them in the small packs available at the grocery store. The publication advises you skip the K-cups at the grocery store and instead buy a bigger box via Amazon. “With the free shipping options available to you, you can get a much better deal by buying in bulk. And of course, this is another great Subscribe & Save purchase, with further discounts making 80-count boxes come in well under $30.”

4. Cookies

chocolate chip cookies with milk

Amazon offers great deals on a variety of cookies. |

You can indulge your sweet tooth while still saving money if you buy your cookies on Amazon. Listing foods that are way cheaper when you buy them on Amazon, Refinery29 found a few kinds of cookies you should order with that Prime membership. A tub of Pepperidge Farm Milanos, a pack of Rip van Wafel cookies, and a tub of Nonni’s biscotti all make the list of great deals.

5. Cooking oil

Oil and vinegar in bottles

Whatever cooking oil you prefer, you can probably find a good price on Amazon. |

Wise Bread also advises taking advantage of Amazon Prime Pantry deals and Subscribe & Save discounts when you stock up on cooking oil. Whether you love olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, canola oil, or other types, you can find them on Amazon. And a large bottle will often cost less than what you’d pay for a medium or small bottle at your local grocery store.

6. ‘Cult’ condiments

Korean food and condiments

Whatever condiments you prefer, you can find them on Amazon. |

New York Magazine’s The Strategist reports one of the best items to buy on Amazon is what you could call “cult” condiments: condiments that “have something of a devoted following.” Just about every grocery store probably stocks sriracha at this point. But other condiments — such as Blue Heaven blue cheese powder, umami tomato paste, Gran Luchito honey, and Lizano salsa — are much easier to find on Amazon than at a local store.

7. Energy bars

granola bars

Amazon offers deals on many kinds of energy bars. |

The Krazy Coupon Lady reports Clif bars — both those for kids and those for adults — cost less on Amazon than they do at Costco. (Just remember to use the Subscribe & Save option for maximum savings, even if you cancel the subscription after one delivery.) Refinery29 notes dark chocolate Kind bars are also cheaper on Amazon than at the typical grocery store.

8. Energy drinks

Energy drinks

You can find great deals on energy drinks, too. |

Another mid-afternoon pick-me-up the Krazy Coupon Lady advises ordering from Amazon instead of purchasing at Costco? Energy drinks, including those from Monster. Both Costco and Amazon sell the same exact pack of Monster Energy drinks. But you’ll save money by ordering them on Amazon (and having them shipped straight to your door) instead of lugging them around Costco.

9. Health food store items

gluten-free loaves of bread

If you’d usually buy something at the health food store, Amazon might have it at a cheaper price. |

When you shop for groceries on Amazon, comparing prices is the name of the game. So don’t forget to compare prices not only on the items you buy at a regular grocery store, but also on those you have to go to the health food store to purchase. Cash Cow Couple notes, “Amazon is a great resource for any food item not commonly found in a grocery store. Some of these items can easily be found at health food stores but are often much more expensive than buying online.”

10. Healthy snacks

rice cakes on table cloth

You can find deals on many kinds of healthy snacks. |

If you routinely reach for unhealthy snacks during your workday, New York Magazine’s The Strategist recommends ordering healthy snacks on Amazon instead. Of course, stocking up on rice cakes, tahini, Larabars, or roasted seaweed will cost you more than grabbing a bag of chips at the corner store. But buying your favorite snacks in bulk on Amazon — versus in small packages at the local grocery or health food store — can end up saving you a lot of money. And it ensures you’ll always have a healthy snack in your work bag or desk drawers.

11. International snacks

dark chocolate candy cut in half over wooden background

If you have a favorite snack or candy that comes from another country, you can probably find it on Amazon. |

Travel + Leisure reports if you’ve ever been struck by a wave of nostalgia for the local delicacies you sampled on an international trip (or while living abroad), Amazon can help.

“You can find pretty much anything on Amazon,” the publication notes. “And that includes your favorite chocolate-covered alfajores shipped straight to your door from Argentina. Or maybe you are just dying to try authentic Ouma rusks that your friend was raving about after she came back from South Africa. You’re just a few clicks away from them.”

And New York Magazine’s The Strategist notes you can easily find delicious drugstore candy from around the world by shopping on Amazon.

12. Pasta

bowl filled with rigatoni pasta

You can find great prices on pasta. |

You might not think to buy pasta online instead of at the grocery store. But Consumer Reports recommends you start. “Thanks to services, such as Amazon Fresh, e-commerce sites are finally unbundling large pasta packs for individual consumers and passing on the savings,” Consumer Reports explains. “The outcome is single packages of pasta that cost up to 50 percent less than in store, according to the research.”

13. Protein powder

a spilled scoop of protein powder

You can save on protein powder. |

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts know protein powder and similar supplements can add up quickly. But shopping on Amazon might reduce your workout regimen’s impact on your wallet. According to Business Insider, Amazon often offers the best deals on protein powder. You can get additional savings by taking advantage of the Subscribe & Save option. And often, you can find coupons that reduce the price even further.

14. Snack-sized nuts

bowl of mixed nuts

Amazon offers good deals on snack-sized packs of nuts. | iStock,com/margouillatphotos

If you usually go for nuts when you crave a snack, you might want to consider stocking up in your next Amazon order. Refinery29 points out several kinds of snack-sized nut packs — such as Sahale nut blends and Wonderful raw almonds — come in bulk packs that can save you a significant amount of money. The snack-sized packages fit easily in a work or gym bag. Plus, if you stock up, you probably won’t find yourself running out of your preferred snacks quite so quickly.

15. Specialty ingredients

saffron and cardamon

You can find many specialty ingredients, such as saffron and cardamom, on Amazon. |

Sometimes, you come across a recipe that asks for something very specific and unusual (at least by grocery store standards). Items, such as orange blossom water, truffle oil, and smoked sea salt, would cost you a lot at the grocery store — if you can even find them there, that is.

But BuzzFeed reports the next time you need specialty ingredients, you should just search for them on Amazon. You’ll not only find what you’re looking for, but you’ll also get it for a much lower price than what you’d pay at a brick-and-mortar store. Similarly, Bon Appétit recommends turning to Amazon for “those elusive food items that are impossible to find at your local Kroger.”

16. Sushi supplies

sushi roll maki

If you make your own sushi, you should shop for some of the supplies on Amazon. |

Making sushi at home is a budget-friendly alternative to buying pre-made sushi. And you can save even more money by buying supplies, such as the wrappers and rice, in bulk on Amazon. (Obviously, we aren’t talking about the fish.) BuzzFeed reports sushi wraps, in particular, are easy to find on Amazon at a fraction of the price you’d pay locally. That seems especially likely to be true if your only source for sushi supplies is the “international” aisle at a big grocery store chain.

17. Tuna

tuna fish in bowl

Amazon offers great prices on tuna. |

If tuna sandwiches are more your style than sushi, no worries: Amazon has some great deals for you, too. The Krazy Coupon Lady advises buying your canned tuna on Amazon instead of at Costco. Especially if you buy in bulk and take advantage of the Subscribe & Save discount, you can get your canned tuna for either the same price or cheaper than what Costco charges.