These Are the Friendliest and Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Cats have their own distinct personalities. But just like dogs, cats that come from the same breed tend to share at least a few characteristics.

For instance, some cat breeds act like dogs more than stereotypical cats. (Some play fetch. Others like to swim. And some will come when you call their names.) If you want a cat who’s friendly and affectionate, there are definitely a few breeds that should make your shortlist.

Below, check out the cat breeds who have a reputation as the friendliest and most affectionate in the feline world.

1. Balinese

Balinese cat
Balinese cats are particularly active. | Talophex/Wikimedia Commons

If you want an outgoing and friendly cat, you may want to consider the Balinese. VetStreet characterizes these beautiful cats as “active and vocal.” The publication also notes that Balinese cats often “enjoy activities like learning tricks and going for exploratory walks on a leash,” both things that most people thought only dogs would enjoy doing!

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2. Birman

Birman cats
Birman cats love being the center of attention. | Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

PawCulture puts the Birman on its list of the friendliest cat breeds, noting that this cat loves being the center of attention. This breed has also gained a reputation for its dog-like behavior. PawCulture characterizes the breed as “quietly affectionate, a lover of people and other animals.” They love adventure but also enjoy spending quiet time with their humans.

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3. Bombay

Bombay Cat
How can you not be mesmerized by those eyes? | Bombaycats/Wikimedia Commons

Most people can spot a Bombay cat thanks to the breed’s sleek black coat and coppery eyes. But did you know that the Bombay is one of the most affectionate and friendly cats? PawCulture reports that the breed is a hybrid of the American Short Hair and the sable-brown Burmese. The publication characterizes the Bombay as a true “lap cat who easily adapts to leash-training and excels at entertaining himself and his humans.”

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4. Burmese

Burmese Cat
If you want a cat to hang out all day, this is your breed. | Nickolas Titkov/Wikimedia Commons

VetStreet characterizes the Burmese as the quintessential lap cat. They want to snuggle with you and talk to you in their distinctive raspy voices. As you might guess, the Burmese loves attention and always wants to interact with people. In fact, VetStreet reports that you shouldn’t plan on leaving a Burmese at home alone for long periods of time. Burmese cats often make great therapy cats and do a lot of good at a local hospital or senior community.

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5. Chartreux

Chartreux cat breed
Chartreux cats have a bubbly personality. | Nicolas Pamart/Wikimedia Commons

The chartreux is another cat breed that has gained a reputation as affectionate and playful. According to VetStreet, these cats often choose to communicate with their humans in quiet chirps.

But despite their soft voices, chartreux cats often have big personalities. They may like learning to perform tricks or playing with puzzle toys, two activities that people more strongly associate with dogs than cats.

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6. Cornish rex

Cornish Rex cat looking at photographer
This breed loves to snuggle. | Aliven/iStock/Getty Images

The Cornish rex makes a perfect addition to households with children, dogs, and other cats. PawCulture reports that this cat will “happily play fetch with skill and joy.” The publication adds, “If you are looking for a cat with limitless affection and an undying sense of adventure, the Cornish rex is for you.” These cats also love to snuggle up with their humans to keep warm.

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7. Devon rex

Devon Rex cat breed
The Devon rex breed is highly intelligent and loves company. | Heikki Siltala/Wikimedia Commons

The Devon rex easily numbers among the friendliest cat breeds, according to VetStreet. The publication characterizes this adorable cat breed as “highly intelligent, active, and outgoing.” VetStreet particularly recommends the breed for families with older children, other pets, or frequent guests. These pet owners will love how social the Devon rex becomes.

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8. Exotic

Exotic shorthair cat breed
Also known as the exotic short hair, she is quiet and playful. | Heikki Siltala/Wikimedia Commons

The exotic, a hybrid breed that combines the Persian and American short hair, makes PawCulture’s list of the friendliest cat breeds. The publication reports that this sweet-tempered cat has a “quiet demeanor and playful attitude.” Additionally, the exotic is always up for a good time, and you may just find him at the center of whatever’s going on in your household.

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9. Japanese bobtail

Japanese bobtail cat
The Japanese bobtails get along with just about everyone. | ようてい/Wikimedia Commons

The Japanese bobtail wants lots of love and attention. But in return, he’ll become a friendly and affectionate member of your household. These cats typically get along easily with children and with other pets, including dogs. According to VetStreet, you’ll often see Japanese bobtails carrying toys around or riding on their owners’ shoulders.

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10. Maine coon

A Maine coon is as close to a dog as you can get in a cat. | Harald Wehner/Wikimedia Commons

The Maine coon has long had a reputation as a cat with a dog-like personality. According to PawCulture, this breed loves playing a part in humans’ everyday lives and loves going on an adventure around the house or property.

These large cats also love to curl up in their owners’ laps. And as PawCulture puts it, the Maine coon makes “a low-maintenance friend who doesn’t expect you to entertain him, but who’s happy to hang with you whether you’re playing, working, or just relaxing.”

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11. Munchkin cats

Munchkin Cat Breed
Munchkins are perfect for avid travelers. | Tasy Hong/Wikimedia Commons

Most people know munchkin cats for their short legs and expressive faces. But not everybody realizes that this dwarf cat has a big, friendly personality despite his short stature. VetStreet characterizes the munchkin cat as “an energetic extrovert with an athletic streak that belies his short legs.” The breed typically loves meeting new friends. Plus, they actually make great travel companions for people who are frequently on the road.

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12. Persian

White Persian Cat
These felines are pretty laid-back. | Airubon/iStock/Getty Images

PawCulture reports that Persians are a major favorite among cat lovers, thanks to their beautiful coats and their laid-back personalities. The publication characterizes this cat breed as “playful but not demanding.” In fact, PawCulture reports, “the Persian is happiest when blending into his household, communicating quietly and gladly posing to allow others to regard their natural beauty.” They love being spoiled and having humans pay attention to them, and they make a perfect match for any cat-loving family.

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13. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat breed
These cats are eager to please. | Karen Richards/iStock/Getty Images

Ever wondered how the ragdoll cat got its name? According to PawCulture, the name comes from this breed’s lovable habit of flopping into their humans’ arms. Ragdolls are friendly and affectionate. They enjoy human company, and typically act more interested in people than most other cats. They have sweet temperaments and eager-to-please attitudes. In fact, they can even learn to come when called or to play fetch.

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14. Siamese

Siamese Cat in basket
They love to be where you are. | Lucija_Jovanovic/iStock/Getty Images

The Siamese is one of the most well-known cat breeds, and it also makes the list of the friendliest. VetStreet characterizes the Siamese as “smart, socially demanding, and endlessly curious.” The typical Siamese will want to involve himself in whatever you’re doing — whether you need his help or not. These cats often love being the center of attention, just like many dogs.

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15. Sphinx

Sphynx cat
Despite their appearance, they are as cuddly as can be. | Peterpancake/iStock/Getty Images

Most of the attention that the Sphinx cat gets centers on its unique, hairless appearance. But there’s actually a lot more to this unique breed.

PawCulture recommends that you consider this breed if you want a friendly, affectionate cat. The publication characterizes the breed as “sweet, outgoing and energetic.” Sphinx cats love their humans, but they also get along well with dogs and other cats.

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