Frightening Military Weapons and Hardware That Are Perfectly Legal to Own

Weapons of all kinds are super fun to use. So long as they are used properly and safely. A big part of our 2nd amendment rights is based on personal responsibility. Pushing the very edge of that responsibility are some frightening military weapons and vehicles that are perfectly legal to own.

Check out these crazy 2nd amendment toys that scream “America!”

1. Improvised weapons

A person making a gun out of their fingers.

This gesture is more common than we may realize. |

This is probably the most important one of the article. Although it may seem like a fun little side project that you can legally take up at home, there really isn’t any limit to what you can build. Literally, anything on this list can theoretically be built with your bare hands. Those skills become very useful towards the end of the list.

Next: For that moment you absolutely have to disable a tank.

2. Thermite

Measurements of powder.

You can DIY your own dangerous powder …  but is it really a good idea? |

This nifty powder can burn through almost anything. Having trouble getting through bunker doors? Just put some of this powder on the hinges and let chemistry take over. Thermite is made of a bunch of different composites and metals, but mostly it’s aluminum and iron oxide (rust). You can buy this stuff with a demolition license, or you can make it at home. Be warned, the recipes online are very delicate.

The military primarily uses it in a demolition role. It is found in grenades and is used to disable vehicles. Pull the pin and leave it on an engine block, you’ll end up with a few thousand-pound paperweight.

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3. The mini-gun

A mini gun on a grey background.

This tiny gun can cause a lot of damage. | Yurchello108

No, we are not kidding. You can buy a General Electric Mini-Gun if you have the cash: Approximately $215,000. There’s this sweet little loophole in the National Fire Arms act that says civilians can own fully automatic weapons that were made before 1986. You will just need to have a class two license and register the gun with the ATF.

Next: Put enough pressure on this and it explodes … and it’s perfectly legal to own.

4. Tannerite

A man aims a gun at an outdoor range.

This makes target practice really interesting. | Igor-Kardasov/Getty Images

This product is branded as “reactive rifle targets,” but it is so much more than that. This compound will explode under any type of high pressure or heat. Just take the binary compound, stick it to anything, shoot it, and watch it explode! If you’re going to do target practice, I guess this is the most American way to do it.

Next: We’re not gonna lie, we may buy one … for research, of course. 

5. Flamethrowers

A person aiming a flame thrower.

These are legal to own. | Sergeyussr/Getty Images

Yes, the mechanical fire-spitting dragon is completely federally legal. At the state level, it’s only banned or restricted in two states: California and Maryland. Maryland doesn’t want anyone to have one and California makes it really hard to get one. So get online and look for your very own flamethrower and take out that hornets’ nest in your backyard with extreme prejudice.

Next: For the next weapon, we are not talking about a type of bubble gum.

6. A frickin’ bazooka

A bazooka on a white background.

Would you consider owning one of these? | Zim286/Getty Images

Because, America. Only in our country would it be perfectly cool to own a fricken bazooka. The only thing that is illegal about it is not registering the weapon or paying taxes on it. So, if you want to literally go commando and shout something really cool like “bombs away!”, go right ahead my fellow patriot.

Next: I built one of these when I was in high school.

7. A cannon

A cannon outdoors.

If you want to own a cannon, go for it. | Saje/iStock/Getty Images

New, used or manufactured, you can own a cannon. My friends and I milled one out of solid brass when we were in high school. It was just a little one with a two-inch barrel and weighed about 80 pounds, but we could knock down fully grown trees with the right ordinance. As a side note, it is perfectly appropriate to wear a Napoleonic era bicorne hat when firing it. Just make sure someone is holding your beer.

Next: You can own one if you have the time and money.

8. A grenade launcher

A grenade launcher on a white background.

Not just for action movies. | Zim286/Getty Images

It’s a super complicated process, but after a vigorous background check,  you can get a permit from the ATF to own the launcher. Then you need permission from local law enforcement to own grenades and pay a $200 tax per grenade. Then, and only then, you can own a fully functioning 40mm grenade launcher. It seems like too much work for a simple boom, but if you have the spare income and time, go blow some stuff up. Just don’t blow up any people or animals; that’s not cool.

Next: This next weapon is for home defense … if you’re defending yourself from someone a quarter mile away.

9. The Barret M82 Sniper Rifle

A rifle in front of a white background.

Civilians can actually purchase this insane rifle. | Heavennearth via Wikicommons

This is the most powerful sniper rifle on Earth. It shoots .50 caliber shells at distances up to 2,000 feet. The shell itself will literally explode any organic target, so it is ineffective for hunting normal North American game. It is also hard to argue home defense when it has a range like that. The only reason to own one is that it is so much fun to shoot. Just be sure to not snap your collarbone when you shoot it.

Next: If you have the weapons, you’re gonna need the vehicles to boot. 

10. A tank

A tank in the snow.

If you’ve always wanted to own a tank … you can! | Giphy

When it comes to buying military vehicles, there’s a small caveat; it has to be demilitarized. That means that all the ammunition, tech, and fun stuff has been stripped away. After all, we don’t want our enemies copying that technology.

But, here’s where it gets fun. Remember how you can build any weapon you want at home? Well, who’s to say you can’t build some tank shells? There are plenty of home ammunition kits and tools that you can use to take a demilitarized vehicle fully militarized. Or you can be like Arnold and just have a blast riding your tank on the beach.

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11. A fighter jet

A fighter jet in the sky.

You can pilot one of these jets. | VanderWolf-Images/iStock/Getty Images

Yup! You can fulfill your dreams of being a top-gun pilot. All it will cost you is a mere $5 million dollars. Just like all other military vehicles, this one will be stripped of the fun stuff. So start tinkering and fashion yourself a homemade version of the Sidewinder missile and before you know it, you can be defending us from a tyrannical government!

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12. A bomber

A bomber jet.

Could you image coming home with one of these? | Spencerrabin/iStock/Getty Images

A surplus of old bombers is fully available for purchase and they are relatively reasonably priced. Just be sure you have plenty of take-off space for these guys. If civilities are good with your neighbors, you can play the coolest game of lawn darts ever conceived.

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13. A stealth boat

A stealth boat on the water.

Not your average boat. | ArmedForcesUpdate via YouTube

Well, if you have aspirations of becoming a Bond villain, the Baracuda stealth capable attack vessel is right up your alley. This little puppy comes with your choice of “an RC gyro-stabilized machine gun or a motorized turret manned system in the forward cabin.” The boat brings a whole new meaning to a weekend warrior. Plus you can buy them brand new and customize them however you want.

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14. Bell UH-1 ‘Huey’

A helicopter in the sky.

Have any room in your back yard for one of these? | Andy_Oxley/iStock/Getty Images

All you need is a good PA system and about half a million dollars and you could be arriving at work listening to Ride of the Valkeries and scaring the crap out of your coworkers. Just don’t strafe the parking lot, because it may look bad on your quarterly review.

Next: This is the most powerful kinetic weapon ever developed by the military.

15. A rail gun

Illustrations of rail guns.

You can actually purchase a rail gun. | Chombosan/Getty Images

The most powerful non-nuclear weapon system we have created is available for you to own. You don’t have to worry about anything blowing up in your face either because these weapons don’t have any explosives. They use magnets to get their ordinance up to hypersonic speed. A railgun can reach targets hundreds of miles away, so there is no need to worry about how far away your target is. They aren’t readily available for purchase so you may need to take a trip to Radio Shack.

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