Genius Cleaning Hacks That Use Dollar Store Items

Cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive.

Bargain hunters often head to their local dollar store for a variety of items — from essentials to pack on their cruise to must-haves for creating thrifty home storage solutions. But did you know you can create a home cleaning arsenal using nothing but items you find at the dollar store?

The beauty of most dollar stores is you already know how much everything costs. And sometimes you can even find name-brand merchandise that’s sold at a discount, so you’re getting the same quality as you would at any other store where you normally purchase cleaning supplies. It’s time to stop wasting your hard-earned money on your most despised chores (hello, toilet scrubbing) and start paying less to get the clean house you crave.

Read on to see exactly what to buy at the dollar store that will help clean your house.

1. Purchase plenty of microfiber cloths

microfiber cleaning cloths

Microfiber cloths are a cleaning godsend. | Geo-grafika/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to multitasking, there’s really nothing like a good microfiber cloth. These hard workers can be used for dusting, cleaning countertops, scrubbing appliances, and so much more. And because they’re reusable, all you need to do is throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

Once you discover the magic of microfiber cloths, you’re going to want a few for every room of the house. There’s no better place to buy a whole bunch than the dollar store — especially if saving money is your goal.

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2. Stick to the basics

Baking soda vinegar cleaning

You can get a lot clean with these simple ingredients. | eskaylim/iStock/Getty Images

Ammonia, vinegar, and baking soda can clean pretty much everything in your entire house. And what better place to buy these basics than at the dollar store? There’s absolutely no reason to buy name-brand in this instance. Save money by making your own cleaners at home that are just as effective as those fancy specialty sprays.

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3. Grab some shelf liners

Non slip Shelf liner

Throw these in your fridge for easy cleanup. | Dollar Tree

Non-slip shelf liners help to keep food splatters from messing up the inside of your fridge. Find it at your local dollar store, and line your refrigerator shelves. When you have a spill, it’s much easier to remove the shelf liner and clean it than it is to take apart the shelves.

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4. Stock up on sponges

sponge for cleaning

They’re always handy. | BookyBuggy/iStock/Getty images

Sponges are so much more than just permanent residents in your kitchen sink.

Use your cheap and plentiful dollar store sponges to lift pet hair out of your carpets, remove pills from sweaters, keep your houseplants watered, and sop up rain at the bottom of an umbrella stand. They’re also great at scrubbing, and because you’re getting them from the dollar store, using them just once for a tough job is no big deal.

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5. Pick up a few spray bottles

Women hand holding spray bottle

Use them for your own cleaning concoctions. | solar22/iStock/Getty Images

When you make your own cheap home cleaning solutions, you’re going to need a place to store them.

Find a bunch of clear spray bottles at the dollar store, and label them clearly using a permanent marker. That way, you’ll stay organized and will never accidentally mix dangerous chemicals together (like ammonia and bleach).

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6. Find new uses for squeegees

Squeegee clean window

They’re good for more than just windows. | maonakub/iStock/Getty images

You might have bypassed the squeegee section of the dollar store thinking this specialized tool was made for people who are obsessive about window cleaning. Well, think again.

Squeegees are much more effective at getting pet hair out of carpets than vacuum cleaners. Just run the blade along your carpet in short strokes to loosen the hair from the carpet fibers and vacuum away, as usual.

You can also use squeegees to tackle shower doors, tile or laminate floors, and clear crumbs from countertops.

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7. Tackle your whole house with a scrubber brush

scrubber brush

Use it for easy multitasking cleanup. | Dollar Tree

In the kitchen section of your local dollar store, you’ll find a little scrubbing brush that squirts out dish soap. While this nifty tool was meant for scouring pots and pans in the kitchen sink, you can use it for much more than that.

Tackle your baseboards, clean cabinet doors, scrub grout in the bathroom — once you start venturing outside the kitchen with your new tool, you’ll find it can take you practically anywhere. For just $1 worth of investment, you can swiftly tackle a ton of cleaning tasks you’ve been putting off.

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8. Get a whole bunch of toothbrushes


Toothbrushes are great for detailed cleaning. | Nik_Merkulov/iStock/Getty Images

Toothbrushes at the dollar store might not deliver the type of oral hygiene that your fancy electric toothbrush can, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them out of your shopping cart.

Toothbrushes are fantastic at reaching into tiny corners and doing the detail work, such as whitening your grubby grout. Keep a few dollar store toothbrushes in your cleaning bucket at all times for quick scrubbing where and when you need it.

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9. Find rubber gloves

cleaning white open empty refrigerator with pink rag

The dollar store will have just what you need. | AndrewRafalsky/iStock/Getty Images

Basic rubber gloves don’t need to cost more than a buck.

Protect your hands while you’re scrubbing away dirt and debris with a pair of gloves sourced from the cleaning aisle of the dollar store.

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10. Stock up on buckets

man holding cleaning products

Buckets are also great for storage. | iStock/Getty Images

Buckets have the obvious use of holding soapy water while you’re cleaning floors. But besides that, cheap dollar store buckets can store cleaning supplies for each room of your house.

Rather than keeping all your cleaning items in one location (such as under the kitchen sink), make life easier by stashing the tools you need for each room in the room itself. That way you’ll be able to quickly tackle cleaning tasks when you have a minute without leaving the room.

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11. Discover the magic of magic erasers

Magic Eraser

They truly are magical. | Dollar Tree

Name brand magic erasers are pretty expensive, but they work for any kind of task, from scrubbing mold from grout to effectively removing crayon marks from walls and furniture. But rather than waste cash on these convenient cleaning items, get the off-brand version from the dollar store instead. They’re cheap and easy to use in any part of your home.

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12. Find lint rollers

Lint rollers are the cleaning tool you never knew you needed. | iStock/Getty Images

You can use lint rollers for getting fuzzies and errant dog hairs off your clothes, obviously. But lint rollers can be used for cleaning, too! Roll them across couches and chairs to pick up crumbs in a hurry without breaking out the big, heavy vacuum cleaner.

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13. Pick up a dustpan and brush

Person Sweeping Floor With Broom And Dustpan

It’s great to have on hand for spills. | AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

The brush and dustpan that they sell at the dollar store isn’t the best quality you can find. But still, it’s convenient to have on hand for quickly sweeping up small messes.

Next: The dollar store always stocks this name brand item.

14. Pick up Dawn dishwashing soap

dawn dishwashing soap

You are better off sticking to the name brand here. | Dollar Tree

Did you know the dollar store sells Dawn? This best-selling name brand soap can be used for dishes, but it’s also a wonder worker for a variety of other cleaning tasks, too. For example, you can make your own multipurpose cleaner using a mixture of Dawn and water.

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15. Select steel scrubbers


Scrub off your biggest messes. | Dollar Tree

Tough stains? You might need steel scrubbers to tackle caked-on grease and grime. Get them from the dollar store, and save a bundle on cleaning up your trickiest messes.

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