You Can Get the ‘Fixer Upper’ Look With These Home Decor Projects

Are you a big fan of Fixer Upper? Then, you’ve probably given some thought to how you can make your home look like a Joanna Gaines original. We’ve all noticed plenty of ways to copy Joanna’s style. But many of them involve some expensive steps, such as knocking down walls or buying new furniture (or old furniture if you want to take a cue from Joanna and start shopping at antique stores).

Fortunately, you can get the Fixer Upper look without spending lots of money, too. Ahead, check out our favorite home decor projects that you can use to give your home some Joanna Gaines style.

1. DIY some open shelving

Magnolia Market Open Shelving

Beautiful for displaying chic, antique accessories. | Magnolia Market

A signature Joanna Gaines move is equipping the kitchen with some beautiful open shelving. It seems like the look would be hard to pull off without a big budget (or without Clint and Chip to help you out). But as Joanna explains on her blog, you can actually make your own open shelving with some industrial pipe. “With a little hard work and dedication, this project could be conquered in just one afternoon,” Joanna explains. Once you’ve assembled your shelves, you can also refer to the Fixer Upper star’s helpful do’s and don’ts for styling your open shelving.

2. Create your own botanical prints

Magnolia Market Botanical Print

These are super pricey at antique stores. | Magnolia Market

Joanna often decorates Fixer Upper homes with antique botanical prints. These prints, though beautiful, often command high prices at antique stores. So Gaines recommends making your own hanging prints. She reports that you can refer to a variety of different websites to find botanical images that are free to download. Just search for an image that you like, and then print it to your desired size either at home or at your local print shop. Then, you can assemble it with some dowels and twine. 

3. Make a photo ledge

Magnolia Market Photo Ledge

It’s easy to change up your artwork. | Magnolia Market

Even if you don’t have a mantel, you can still get the look of one by following Joanna’s DIY for a photo ledge. Joanna frequently places photos and prints around Fixer Upper homes. She writes that a photo ledge makes a beautiful statement (and an easy alternative to a traditional gallery wall). You can make your ledge any size you want, and your local hardware store may even cut the wood to the right size for you. After you assemble and hang your photo ledge, then the fun begins. As Joanna writes, “artwork, family photos and your favorite quotes are the best way to share your story of home.”

4. Cover some books in linen

Magnolia Market Linen Book Covers

For a stylish, monochrome bookshelf. | Magnolia Market

Need some ideas for what to put on display on your shelves? The next time you have a free afternoon, follow Joanna’s lead and cover some books in linen for a farmhouse-chic design statement. Especially if you’re trying to keep your color palate muted, it can be a challenge to style your books in a way that fits your vision. So Joanna recommends covering them in linen. You can even try the project with some secondhand books if you don’t want to change the look of your favorites.

5. Make a chalkboard

Magnolia Market Chalkboard

Write down your grocery list or a quote you like. | Magnolia Market

Joanna Gaines frequently hangs chalkboards in Fixer Upper homes. You might think that you’ll need to scour antique stores and flea markets for one with an appropriately vintage-looking patina. But as Joanna explains on her blog, you can actually make one yourself! A chalkboard is the perfect addition to a kitchen, a home office, or even in your children’s or grandchildren’s playroom. You can even try your hand at Joanna’s tips for chalkboard calligraphy.

6. Build a ladder to store your blankets

Magnolia Market Blanket Ladder

Perfect to store your winter blankets. | Magnolia Market

You can also spot ladders, chosen to display blankets, in many homes that Joanna Gaines designs. You can hunt for the right one at an antique store, if you like. But Joanna recommends making your own ladder instead. Once you’ve built your ladder, you’ll have a beautiful and functional place to store your favorite blankets and throws. In fact, a display ladder offers the perfect way to keep your blankets within reach, instead of stored in plastic containers in your closet or under your bed.

7. Cultivate some houseplants

Magnolia Market

Start collecting your favorite plants. | Magnolia Market

Another easy home decor project that even the least-crafty Fixer Upper fan can handle? Start a collection of houseplants! You can find many of Joanna’s favorite plants at your local nursery or home improvement store. As a self-proclaimed plant lady, Joanna refers to adding plants as one of her favorite parts of styling a home. And if you really want to start with something low-maintenance? You can try your hand at growing some moss before committing to something a little more demanding.

8. Make a wreath

Magnolia Market Wreath

Make your own unique wreath for the holidays. | Magnolia Market

OK, so not everybody has a green thumb. What can you do if you struggle to keep plants alive, but still want some greenery at home? Take another page out of Joanna’s book and make a wreath instead! In addition to her spring greenery wreath, she also has instructions on making a wreath out of vines. The lesson here is that you can make a wreath out of anything that inspires you at your florist or even in your backyard.

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