Gorgeous Kitchen and Bath Products You’ll Fall In Love With in 2018

In January 2018, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show descended upon Las Vegas for the must-see design event of the year. And similar to years past, the plethora of wish-list faucets, fixtures, and never-before-seen innovation did not disappoint.

Like every other trade show, KBIS was chock-full of industry experts and hard-to-please critics alike. And naturally, when one of those industry giants speaks, we listen.

Thanks to the pros at Architectural Digest, who whipped up their list of the best of the best, we can rest easy knowing impressive kitchen and bath products are on their way.

1. Gaggenau

Gaggenau fridge

Say goodbye to handles. | KBIS Pressroom

  • Fan favorite: Refrigerators with touch-to-open technology

If you hate bulky handles sticking out of your otherwise smooth wall of kitchen appliances, then you’ll love this. The new 400-series refrigeration family from Gaggenau is a fully-integrated modular system. And thanks to its touch-to-open technology, a seamless panel display is well within reach.

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2. Perlick

Humidity Control Perlick fridge

The drawers are perfect for fruits and veggies. | Perlick

  • Fan favorite: Full-extension produce drawers

Tossing fruits and veggies from the fridge is just the worst. But unfortunately, it happens, particularly when they’ve gone bad after having spent too much time in the produce drawer. Thankfully, Perlick’s newest design is the solution to this common problem.

According to Architectural Digest, “One of the most ingenious refrigerator features was integrated into Perlick’s new full-size refrigerator line: full extension produce drawers, allowing for lettuce and other fruits and vegetables to be stored upright, preventing rot and decay.” Genius design, indeed.

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3. Kallista

Kallista faucet

The 3-D faucet is super modern. | Kallista

  • Fan favorite: A 3-D style grid faucet

If you’re a bonafide fan of super modern design aesthetic, then this one’s for you. More specifically, the Grid faucet from Kallista is for you. With its “simple, geometric shapes and a cutting-edge design,” the faucet was created with 3-D printing technology, which is a Kallista first.

Furthermore, and most importantly, the Grid was such a stunner, it won Best of Show.

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4. Brizo

Brizo bathroom

The bathrooms are sleek and luxurious. | Brizo

  • Fan favorite: Sleek faucets inspired by classic car design

Inspired by classic British car design, the Levoir collection from Brizo features sophisticated, yet simple silhouettes. Quite impressively, the collection delivers functionality without sacrificing luxury, which is no easy feat.

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5. Rohl

Rohl sink

The faucets are full of modern style. | Rohl

  • Fan favorite: An industrial style kitchen faucet

According to Architectural Digest, black stainless-steel finishes were all the rage at KBIS 2018. And Rohl’s new product line followed suit. However, it was a product from the Italian Campo Kitchen Series that really stole the show. (The Italian Campo Bath Series was such a hit in 2017, the company expanded the line into kitchen products in 2018.) More specifically, the pros loved the industrial Campo faucet in satin unlaquered brass.

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6. Corian

Corian counter

The beautiful design is a modern take on counters. | Corian

  • Fan favorite: A design of of white and grey swirls

Corian is a material that spans many industries, and for design industry pros, it’s a guaranteed go-to. In 2018, the Cosmos Prima surface, which features a white and grey swirl design set on a black background, caught the eye of industry pros aplenty.

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7. Toto

Toto tub

Enjoy a relaxing soak. | TOTO via Facebook

photo suggestion: person soaking in a luxury tub, relaxing in bubbles

  • Fan favorite: A bathtub that contowurs to your body

Specializing in all things innovation, Toto manufactures luxurious bathroom fixtures that focus on user experience. And the company’s newest bathtub is no different.

The tub is “made to contour to your body with a very specific basin design that evokes a spa-like experience, something more companies are trying to re-create in the bathroom,” Architectural Digest writes.

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8. DXV

DXV bathtub

Their tubs are dreamy. | True Residential via Facebook

  • Fan favorite: Tub with waterfall component

Never heard of DXV before? Let’s just say they create super luxurious, highly innovative toilets that are truly fit for a king or queen. But that’s not what grabbed the attention of KBIS attendees at the 2018 show.

Much to the crowd’s delight, DVX presented a tub with a waterfall component, guaranteed to turn any bad day into a relaxing evening, thanks to the massaging powers of the innovative waterfall feature.

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9. Liebherr

  • Fan favorite: Leather handles

Liebherr’s showstopper at the 2018 KBIS show was all in the details. The real crowd-pleaser wasn’t a single appliance or fixture; it was the leather pulls on a refrigerator that grabbed people’s attention.

Furthermore, the design serves as an inspirational piece by showcasing the wide variety of customization options available.

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10. True

True Residential cobalt fridge

It’s a new and exciting pop of color. | True Residential via Facebook

  • Fan favorite: Cobalt blue refrigerator 

True refrigerators are a popular choice for a lot of people. And in 2018, the brand is elevating its family-friendly look to something a bit more shocking. While blue was trending in several places at the KBIS show, True’s cobalt blue refrigerator with brass hardware and detailing was a real stunner.

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11. Hestan

Blue range Hestan

They do more than just outdoor appliances. | Hestan

  • Fan favorite: Residential appliances in fun colors.

In the past, Hestan has focused on high-end commercial cookware, but that’s all changing in 2018. The brand is exploring new territory with an indoor residential line. Featuring the brand’s signature quality, the new residential appliances have a whole new look, including unexpected colors like cobalt blue.

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12. Kohler

Verdera mirror Kohler

Perfect for your closeup. | KOHLER via Facebook

  • Fan favorite: Mirror with integrated task lighting

Kohler is king of mass market design appeal. So, it’s no surprise the company’s design pros know exactly what the people want, which is just what they deliver with the Verdera series of mirrors. The mirror features integrated task lighting, so you never have to worry about harsh florescent lighting ever again.

Furthermore, the voice-activated features sync up with the app, your phone, and Alexa. How’s that for putting your makeup on with ease?

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13. Miele

Miele washing machine

They have pre-measured detergent pods. | Miele

  • Fan favorite: Washing machine with pre-measured detergent pods

Miele introduces a much easier method of doing laundry, and trust us, you’re going to love it. The secret’s in the TwinDos washer and dryer. They have pre-measured detergent pods designed specifically for the type of load you’re doing, such as cashmere sweaters vs. gym clothes, for instance, making the chore of doing the laundry a total breeze.

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14. LG

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At Annual CES In Las Vegas

The perfect assistant. | David Becker/Getty Images

  • Fan favorite: Cloi personal assistant

We’d be remiss to leave this product off the list. Because hey, it’s 2018, and technology is at the forefront of design, and pretty much everything, for that matter. Plus, we could all use a little help in the kitchen.

According to Architectural Digest, “Chloi is the new kitchen companion from LG that helps the home cook with looking up recipes, calculating measurements, and overall moral support, especially when attempting that soufflé.”

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15. Thermador

Blue light dishwasher Thermador

The dishwasher has plenty of space for your wine glasses. | Thermador

  • Fan favorite: Dishwasher with more room for wine glasses than ever

Thermador designs products that cater to professional and home cooks alike. And the brand’s best appliance for 2018 is undoubtedly one of which everyone will be a super fan — a reimagined dishwasher that fits several more wine glasses than the standard machine. How about that!

Not only does this product look good, but it’s actually functional. According to the website, “The Star-Sapphire Dishwasher offers the largest wine glass capacity available, with space for up to 18 wine glasses.” And that’s something we can all enjoy.

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