Guy Fieri’s Favorite State for the Best Food, According to ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’

Let’s face it: Guy Fieri isn’t for everyone. He does, however, have a loyal following of Flavortown fans who can’t get enough of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. If you’re one such fan, then you’ve probably seen just about every episode of the show. But do you know which state is Fieri’s favorite for the best food? Well, sit tight, because we have the answer.

Thanks to Fieri fan website FlavortownUSA, we have the definitive ranking of Fieri’s top states across the country, based on how many restaurants he’s visited in each.

Note: All numbers listed are based on the website’s data as of 5/28/18. Because the show is still airing, exact number of restaurants visited within each state will change. 

15. Ohio


Columbus, Ohio | TraceRouda/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 24

Fieri has visited a handful of places in Ohio’s most well-known hot spots, including Columbus and Cleveland. And when it comes to the most delicious dish the latter has to offer, the expert says Lucky’s Cafe is where it’s at.

Fieri calls out the “one-of-a-kind Reuben” as the best item on the menu, complete with farm-to-table ingredients grown right outside the cafe’s back door.

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14. Tennessee

Memphis skyline

Memphis, Tennessee | iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 25

Tennessee may be an oft-forgotten state when it comes to signature cuisine, but Fieri knows just the right spots to hit. The Pizza Palace in Knoxville is one such place. When the Triple D host paid the Greek-run joint a visit, the owners’ homemade meat sauce “almost left Guy speechless.”

And then there’s Uncle Lou’s in Memphis. The place is a fried chicken haven Fieri loves so much, he featured it on both Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

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13. Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon | peterscode/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 27

Has Oregon become known as the hipster mecca of the U.S.? Perhaps, but that can’t keep this fried-food-loving chef at bay. To no surprise, Fieri dabbled in shakes and sliders while he was in Portland, along with some classic barbecue.

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12. North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Charlotte, North Carolina | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 29

North Carolina has breathtaking views, friendly folks, and, most importantly, incredible barbecue. But one of Fieri’s favorite visits didn’t necessarily include a classic barbecue joint. It did, however, include a meal at the exciting Pit Road Bar & Grill.

Of the venue, Food Network writes, “Set inside a Go-Kart Track, this casual restaurant serves crowd-pleasing dishes like wings, loaded fries and the Hot Lap, a sandwich packed with spicy chicken, jalapeno crema and cheese.”

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11. New Jersey


Newark, New Jersey | SeanPavonePhoto/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 30

For anyone unfamiliar with New Jersey’s food scene, it’s high time you’ve had some knowledge dropped on you. The Garden State is all about diners, diners, and more diners — and some pretty authentic Italian joints, too. So, when it came to shooting the pilot episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, New Jersey was an obvious choice.

The show’s first episode featured the Bayway Diner, which has since expanded its space thanks to popular demand. Fieri’s favorite menu items include the master burger, the Philly cheese steak, and the Buffalo chicken.

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10. Illinois

Chicago downtown skyline

Chicago | RudyBalasko/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 31

Illinois’ claim to fame is, without a doubt, the great city of Chicago. And Chicago’s claim to fame? Well, it’d have to be the food. (Yes, for the sake of this article we’re ignoring all the architecture, history, and landmarks the Windy City has to offer.)

Having visited a long list of eateries throughout the state, Fieri’s overwhelming recommendation is, not surprisingly, a burger. That, along with fried chicken, ribs, and brisket, to be exact.

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9. Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 32

Fieri has a lot of love for Bean Town’s food scene. In particular, he’s called out Mike’s City Diner, Boston Burger Company, and Rino’s Place — all of which have been featured on Triple D — as some of his favorites.

In an interview with Boston Common, he said, “But no matter what, I’m not leaving without some lobster ravioli from Rino’s Place.”

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8. Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu | Sorincolac/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 33

Hawaii certainly has no shortage of good seafood. And some of the most scrumptious can be found at Fresh Catch. According to Fieri, the seafood at Fresh Catch is, well, fresher than fresh. If you ever find yourself there, try the Tako Poke, complete with smoked octopus.

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7. Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado | RondaKimbrow/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 34

It seems people love talking about Colorado’s weed scene. But the state has so much more to offer. Case in point: fantastic food. Over the past several years, Colorado has become a foodie paradise. Season 15 of Top Chef was even filmed there. So, it’s fair to say Fieri has had plenty of reasons to visit the Rocky Mountains over the course of Triple D.

He’s hit hot spots like Highland Tavern for burgers, Hops and Pie for pizza, and Steuben’s for classic comfort food.

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6. Arizona

Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit

Phoenix | Dreamframer/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 35

Barbecue joints and Tex-Mex fare dominate Arizona’s food scene. But Fieri’s favorite? Well, that’d have to be Chino Bandido. Featuring Chinese-Mexican-Jamaican cuisine, Chino Bandido has certainly found a fan in Fieri, who can’t get enough of the kitchen’s signature fusion style. In fact, he’s called it one of the most original ever seen on Triple D.

He also called the food “dynamite” (no surprise there) and said it’s one of the craziest places he’s ever been. And we can see why: The menu has more than 90,000 combinations.

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5. New York

New York City

New York City | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 39

The Big Apple hardly needs an introduction. After all, it’s probably the country’s greatest melting pot, which means it’s also home to a wide variety of cuisine. From classic Italian to flavorful Vietnamese to savory barbecue, Fieri hasn’t met a New York restaurant he hasn’t loved.

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4. Minnesota


Minneapolis | Gian Lorenzo Ferretti Photography/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 39

Minneapolis is home to great music, tasty breweries, and, of course, a booming food scene. And the Triple D host is well aware. So, where does Fieri think you should go on your next trip to the Twin Cities? For starters, there’s Suzi’s Motor Lounge, a motel-turned-eatery Fieri calls “a real funky joint.”

And then, there’s the Dari-Ette Drive-In in St. Paul, a place that serves up all the classics, delivered straight from carhops. Fieri’s favorite menu item is the Italiano, which is admittedly a bit messy for the car. Still, it’s worth it.

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3. Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas | Roschetzky/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 54

Everything’s bigger in Texas. And considering Fieri’s love of all things over-the-top, he’s right at home in the Lone Star state. Not surprisingly, Texas is home to a robust food scene, and Fieri is down to try it all. Let’s be honest, the Food Network host rarely discriminates when it comes to food that’s worth writing home about. He loves Texas fare so much, there are only two other states he’s visited more.

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2. Florida

City of Naples at night

Naples, Florida | typhoonski/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 58

The Sunshine State has an interesting mix of bikini-clad sun-bathers and camo-wearing gator-lovers alike. But make no mistake — Florida is home to some pretty serious eats, too. Like Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies in Hollywood, for instance. The restaurant serves up a Fieri-approved dish: the Meatball Hogie.

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1. California

San Diego, California

San Diego | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of restaurants visited: 168

It’s no secret the bleach-blonde burger-lover has some serious love for California. After all, it is his home state, which is precisely why it takes the No. 1 spot. For good reason, Fieri can’t get enough of everything the west coast has to offer. From beachfront burrito spots to hole-in-the-wall burger joints, there’s no question the Golden State reigns supreme in Fieri’s eyes.

While it’s tough to narrow down all the restaurants he’s visited on the show, here are just a few of his all-time favorites:

So, are you ready to hop in the car (whether it’s a red Camaro or otherwise) and hit the road in search of the best grub in the country? Yeah, so are we.

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