The Most Hated People You’ll See in Airport Security Lines

Airports are frustrating places. You have to jump through hoops (and shell out too much cash) to check or carry your bag. And you have to rely on confusing signage to find the right terminal and gate when your airline changes them multiple times. Plus, you can’t forget about all the people. You have to stand in line everywhere you go. The worst line of all? The airport security line.

When you’re waiting to get through the TSA security checkpoint, you’ll encounter every kind of frustrating traveler. One will cut in line in front of you. Another will forget to take his keys out of his pocket. And another will argue with the TSA agent over a bottle of water that’s clearly prohibited. Read on to learn about the most hated people you’ll see in airport security lines.

1. The traveler who won’t stop talking about how they’re missing their flight

Young female traveler in international airportd

Some travelers worry incessantly about missing their flight. |

As soon as you get in line, you’ll start hearing this traveler talking to anybody who will listen. Whether they’re traveling alone or with their entire family, this anxious traveler will complain nonstop. At check-in, they’re just worried that there’s a remote possibility they’ll miss their flight.

Then, while waiting in the airport security line, they have a sneaking suspicion that the line is really so slow that they’ll miss their flight. And finally, as they wait to load their items on the conveyor belt, they’re positive that the flight is already taking off without them — regardless of what time it is (or of the fact that they’ve only been in line for 15 minutes).

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