Here’s How ‘Stranger Things’ Brought Back the Most Hated Design Trends of All Time

Whether you’re a die hard fan or you’ve never seen an episode, you’d need to be living under a rock — and in the upside down — not to know about Stranger Things. The show became an instant hit, and brought back the ’80s in such a way that left us all reeling for more.

More twists and turns in the plot? Yes please. More of that hideous decor featured in the Byers’ and Wheeler’s homes? No, thank you. With all those ’80s-inspired trends, the show’s set designers certainly knew what they were doing. And while we’re happy that the time period was accurately showcased, we’re thrilled that these hated design trends are no more.

1. Floral wallpaper

Stranger Things

Florals were everywhere. | Netflix

This interior design trend probably reminds you of your Grandmother’s house — and Joyce Byers. There’s no denying that floral wallpaper living rooms were a beloved 80s go-to. For this very reason, the set designers in charge of transforming the homes of Stranger Things definitely didn’t hold back on the floral front.

2. Brown sofas and slipcovers

Stranger Things Couch

It’s definitely retro. | Netflix

OK, so maybe Mrs. Byers employed the use of throw blankets instead of actual slipcovers, but still, it’s the same idea. And furthermore, if you’re anything like us, you’re totally confused as to why any character would have a brown sofa. But rest assured, there’s a reason.

Just take a look at the living room set of Stranger Things. Couple the yellow and creme striped throw blanket with the ragged looking frame, and you’ll be quickly thrust back into a much more retro time. Because after all, brown was in back then.

3. Brown carpets

Stranger Things Carpet

Just say no to brown shag carpet. | Netflix

Yikes. There’s not much we can say about this one, except for the fact that no home should ever have them. There’s no doubt that brown carpets need to stay far, far away from every room in your house. In fact, they need to stay where they belong — in the Wheeler household.

4. Wood paneled walls

Stranger Things Wood Panneling

Wood paneling is pretty terrible. | Netflix

Anyone who lived through the 80s knows that dark decor was in, and modern day white was out. Were wood paneled walls a good look? Not at all. But plenty of people had them. Apparently, people just loved sitting around in dingy living rooms back then.

5. La-Z-Boy recliners

Stranger Things Lazyboy

They’re comfortable, but ugly. | Netflix

When Eleven was curious about Mike’s La-Z-Boy, she was really onto something. Never sat in one yourself? You’re truly missing out. While many homes got rid of their La-Z-Boys as soon as they went out of style, we’re all still mourning the loss of, quite possibly, the most comfortable piece of living room furniture ever made. Attractive? No. But boy, were they comfy.

6. Indoor Christmas lights

Stranger Things Lights

People are still putting up lights, but they’re smaller and white these days. | Netflix

We’re not talking about just any Christmas lights here, we’re talking about the string of big, multicolored bulbs circa 1980s. Joyce Byers may have been trying to solve a mystery with the Christmas lights in her home. But in the eyes of the viewers? It was just one more excuse to bring back that year round happiness. Nowadays, tiny white lights are much more on-trend.

7. Vertical blinds

Stranger Things Blinds

You’re better off ditching these.| Netflix

These days, vertical blinds are rarely seen anywhere but the dentist office. For good reason, people gave these dated blinds the boot years ago. They’re a tired eyesore that certainly have no place in any modern day home. If you still do, we highly recommend kicking them to the curb ASAP.

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