Here’s How to Skip the Airport Security Line

Standing in line at the airport is one of the worst aspects of travel. Security can be a huge pain, putting a damper on your whole trip. You’ve probably wondered if there’s an easier way — and there is. To get through the airport security line asap, check out these tips (including one trick that can help you skip the line altogether on page 10).

1. Head left when you enter the security checkpoint

Security and passport gets out of control.

Security and passport gets out of control. | MariusLtu/iStock/Getty Images

Statistically, you’ll get through security faster if you head left when you need to pick an airport security line. It may sound like a long-shot but it could save you precious minutes if you’re running late or encounter a crazy backup. Most people will head right, making the far left line your best bet.

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2. Scan the security line yourself

Southwest airlines counter line at LAX airport

Know your options when picking the right airport lines. | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Picking the line with 10 businesspeople can move much faster than the line of senior citizens or one family with little kids. The shortest line is not always the fastest, so look closely at all your options, and consider this equation from Eagle Creek: “One baby carriage equals four typical passengers.”

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3. Pack only what you need in your carry-on

Airport Security bag search by TSA agent

A TSA agent searches a bag. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Fill up that checked bag, and only pack the essentials in your carry-on or personal item. With many airlines charging fees for even basic bags, it makes financial sense and it’s as efficient as you can get. Bring your IDs, phone, and a book, and you’ll pass through security in no time.

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4. Pack an empty water bottle

unopened bottle of water on a tray table in airplane

You can refill the bottle once you get through security. | tzam/iStock/Getty Images

We’ve all seen someone chugging their water bottle in the security line. It’s awkward to have an audience while you attempt to save your water bottle. Pack an empty reusable one instead — and stow it somewhere accessible so you can place it in a security bin rather than fish around for it to prove it’s empty. Plus, you won’t have to buy water in the terminal.

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5. Fly during off hours

Mother and little daughter looking out the window at airport

Mother and little daughter looking out the window at airport | travnikovstudio/iStock/Getty Images

You’d be shocked to see how quiet an airport is during off hours. To begin your trip peacefully, it may be worth extra PTO to book your flights in the early morning hours or late at night. Not only is the security line shorter at 4 a.m., but your flights may cost less, too. The main rule of traveling during off hours: Don’t book your flights right before a holiday, on weekends, or on Fridays between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

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6. Wear slip-on shoes

Business woman at international airport sitting and drinking coffee

The right shoes could make all the difference. |

If you really want to streamline the process, invest in a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes for traveling. They don’t have to look hideous and it’ll get you through all your checkpoints faster. Plus, slip-on shoes equal fewer minutes of your feet touching the airport floor.

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7. Know your wait time

Passengers waiting in security.

Passengers waiting in security. |

It may be worth the precious storage on your phone to download an app like GateGuru, Fleet, or MiFlight. These all provide real-time estimated security wait times, so you can efficiently plan your trip to the airport. Being informed never hurts when you’re embarking on an important trip.

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8. Be kind and polite

Female traveller checking flight departures

Looking unpleasant won’t get you anywhere. |

Smile at the airport security attendants. Say thank you when they check your ID and help you get through the screening process. Crack a joke if that’s your thing. Not only will it diffuse the stress of security, but it may also improve a TSA agent’s day and your chances of getting through security efficiently.

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9. Use a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag

Casually dressed middle aged man working on laptop in aircraft cabin

The right bag will make your travel experience even better. | Kasto80/iStock/Getty Images

Packing and repacking your laptop every time you fly gets annoying fast. Invest in a security-friendly computer bag that meets TSA guidelines, and you’ll never waste that time again. The bag needs a laptop-only section lies flat on the X-ray belt. Don’t pack anything in that section other than your computer, and make sure to follow these other guidelines.

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10. The airport VIP line you didn’t know about

Businessman giving U.S. passport at the airport

Businessman gets his passport checked. |

In a nutshell, TSA PreCheck is a way to bypass long security lines. It’s an expedited screening program managed by the TSA that allows participants to stand in a special line. PreCheck travelers don’t need to remove their shoes, belts, or jackets; they don’t need to take out their laptops or liquids either. In 2016, 96% of TSA PreCheck passengers waited less than five minutes in security.

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11. It’s not expensive and your credit card may help

TSA Precheck

Travelers go through the TSA PreCheck security point at Miami International Airport on June 2, 2016 in Miami, Florida. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It all comes down to a simple question: What’s worth more: your time or your money? Enrollment in TSA PreCheck costs $85 and lasts for five years before you must renew. That’s just $17 per year to save you time and frustration.

Even better: Some credit cards will reimburse you or give you a discount for signing up. If you have a Citi Prestige Card, Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite Master Card, or a Chase Sapphire Reserve, then your credit card company will reimburse you. For a full list of who will pay you to enroll in PreCheck, click here.

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12. You’re probably eligible to enroll

Passengers going through airport security check

Any citizen can apply. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

United States citizens of any age can enroll in TSA PreCheck, but it’s probably not worth it for kids under 12 (we’ll get to that in a minute). Foreign citizens who meet specific residency and citizenship requirements may also be able to join the program.

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13. Enrolling takes less than 15 minutes

TSA precheck

Apply sooner rather than later. | John Moore/Getty Images

Ready to enroll? Just submit a TSA PreCheck application online and schedule an in-person interview, background check, and fingerprinting at one of the 380+ certified enrollment centers nationwide. If you want to enroll for an upcoming trip, you should do it sooner rather than later. As more people sign up, appointment slots fill up quickly.

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14. It’s really easy to use PreCheck

Passengers in the TSA line in an airport

Just type in your number when you make your reservation. | Martince2/iStock/Getty Images

Unlike other memberships, you won’t need to keep track of a physical card when you have PreCheck. Just note your Known Traveler Number (also called your trusted traveler number), and enter it on the reservations page of the airline or travel website when you book a flight.

The nine-character code starts with “TT” if you signed up through TSA; it begins with 98 or 99 if you signed up through Global Entry. Once you enter the number, you’re all set! The PreCheck confirmation will be printed on your boarding pass.

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15. Just make sure you have the number correct

Passenger Passing Through Security Check At Airport

Make sure your information is on your ticket. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Using TSA PreCheck is easy, but you could make a mistake. When passengers forget to enter their Known Traveler Number on their reservation, or if they enter it incorrectly, the boarding pass won’t print out with the right info. Then, the traveler won’t be able to take advantage of TSA PreCheck. Double- and triple-check your information to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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16. Most major airlines participate in PreCheck

TSA Precheck

You’ll get the benefits on most major airlines. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

At last count, 200 airports and 37 airlines participated in TSA PreCheck. To find out if your preferred airline will save you from standing in ridiculously long security lines, simply type in the airport name on the official site.

Some airlines currently participating are Allegiant Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, OneJet, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country, United Airlines, Virgin America, and WestJet.

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17. These are the differences between PreCheck, Global Entry, and Clear

Clear security kiosk

Know your travel options. | CLEAR

Global Entry is a little more expensive, but it’s more comprehensive. For $100 (for five years) you can bypass the lines at customs and immigration by checking in at a designated kiosk with a pin number. Global Entry is better for international travelers who leave the country at least once or twice per year. If you sign up for Global Entry, you automatically get PreCheck, too.

Clear is like FastPass for the airport. Clear confirms your identity at a special kiosk, which allows you to jump to the front of the security line. You still must go through security clearance, however. And if you use Clear but aren’t enrolled in TSA PreCheck, then you’ll just head to the front of the regular security line.

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18. Check in early to make sure everything is accurate

Beautiful Asian woman traveler on mobile phone call

Double-check to make sure you’re listed with TSA PreCheck. | Beer5020/iStock/Getty Images

Check in for your flight 24 hours in advance to ensure the TSA PreCheck validation appears on your boarding pass. If it’s missing for some reason, you can call the airline to straighten out the issue before you arrive at the airport. If PreCheck is missing from your boarding pass, it could be something as simple as re-entering your birth date or Known Traveler Number. These details are easy to fix if you know in advance.

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19. Your kids don’t need PreCheck if they’re under 12

Family At Airport Passing Through Security Check

Kids can participate for free with a parent.| Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

We have three kids, but we don’t spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy all the awesome TSA PreCheck benefits. That’s because children under 12 traveling with an eligible parent or guardian get to participate in PreCheck free of charge.

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20. You could say that PreCheck is very popular

TSA security line

No one wants to wait in these lines. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

People these days are busy, so naturally PreCheck is popular. The TSA enrolled 2 million travelers in the past year alone, bringing the grand total of PreCheck users to more than 5 million.

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21. It may not be worth it at smaller airports

tsa precheck

It’s only really worth it if you know you can use it. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

PreCheck is available at many major airports — but not all of them. If you always fly out of the same local airport where PreCheck travelers don’t enjoy a separate line, it may not be worth it. Plus, the PreCheck lane is only open during certain (busy) hours. If the lane isn’t open, then you have to stand in the regular security line.


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Additional reporting by Ali Harrison.