Here’s How Much Monica and Chandler’s Apartment from Friends Would Cost in 2016



Fans of the NBC sitcom Friends will no doubt consider the Manhattan apartment that housed Rachel and Monica (then Chandler and Monica) as one of the most iconic homes in TV history. Aside from its colorful decor, it garnered attention because it must have been the single biggest two-bedroom place in the history of New York apartments, right? Not bad for a chef (Monica), a waitress (Rachel), and an unspecified business guy (Chandler).

The comically large apartment complete with balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows was considered a palace during the show’s 90s heyday, so its value now, following about two more real estate booms, would be astronomical, wouldn’t it?

Uhh, yeah. It would.

Its location (the heart of Greenwich Village) was mentioned several times on the show. And while it might not have park views or anything, the Village is a pretty great address, so what would have to spend to get your hands on this amazingly large and well-appointed fictional home across the hall from Dr. Drake Remoray?

Here it is:


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$4,000,000. It’s a safe bet that unless you’re an heiress or a dot com millionaire, you’re probably going to smile politely during the open house, grab a stiff drink, then go look for a sixth-floor walkup in another neighborhood far, far away.

If you haven’t balked at the price just yet, take a look at the next page to see the floorplan for the unit, as well as Joey’s across the hall. (If you have enough money, you could combine them for some sort of Friends super-apartment.)


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There’s the floorplan. You’re getting a lot, but you’re paying a lot, too. Sadly, despite the floorplan and valuation, it remains a fictional residence, so if you wanted to recreate it, you would probably have to raid some storage lockers at NBC studios for the walls and furniture.

But, for far less, you can book a flight to Beijing and post up at a very convincing Central Perk replica, which actually serves coffee. You can check it out here: