Here’s What to Buy for Your Home Every Month of the Year

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Know what to buy each month to get the best bargains. |

Everyone knows you should never buy a camper in April or Christmas decorations in November. The smartest shoppers wait for the biggest bargains, which may mean hunting through the Target clearance section for next year’s bathing suit rather than buying one when the weather starts to get warm.

You probably realize that retailers time sales to coincide with holidays. But did you know there’s a basic formula they all follow that dictates which items are deeply discounted throughout the year? Read on for the best times to purchase pretty much everything for your home.

Make a plan before making major purchases

If you have intentions of saving money this year, make a plan for your large purchases in advance. The financially-savvy folks at Nerd Wallet put together a list of what to buy each month of the year to save the most money and still get exactly what you want.

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Refresh your bedroom in January

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Stock up on linens at the beginning of the year. | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

The first month of the year is a fantastic time to buy just about everything. Fresh off their holiday spending sprees and less likely to venture out in colder temperatures, people just don’t shop as much in January. Retailers try to compensate for the dip in foot traffic with the oldest trick in the book — clearance sales.

Bedding and linens: Blame it on people wanting a fresh start for the new year. Department stores and specialty retailers typically host “white sales” in January. Stock up on sheets, comforters, towels, and bedding items for low prices.

Fitness equipment: Most people’s New Year’s resolutions include some kind of exercise regimen, and retailers understand that January is the best month to capitalize on those goals. Look for everything from in-home elliptical machines to small items such as free weights and workout clothes.

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Fall in love with a new TV in February

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This is the month to buy electronics. | Gpetric/iStock/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day may be a boom for the flower industry, but other stores have to make their money by focusing discounting other kinds of merchandise.

TVs and electronics: Television sales start in late January and continue into February in anticipation of that big football game. Look for accessories like speaker systems around this time so you can outfit your man cave and throw the best party ever.

Winter apparel: Even if there’s still a foot of snow on the ground, retailers start receiving their spring merchandise early in the year and need to make space for it on the sales floor. Look for discounted coats, hats, scarves, and gloves and stock up for next year.

Home goods: President’s Day weekend is a great time to shop for home decor items. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and check out farmhouse-inspired accessories.

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Get golf gear in March

Golf clubs

You could find some deals on golf clubs in March. | petrenkod/iStock/Getty Images

Just because March doesn’t have any major holidays (no, St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t count), it doesn’t mean you need to stop shopping.

Golf clubs: Looking for a new set? Buy yours now before prices get jacked up in anticipation of Father’s Day.

Grills: The best time to buy a grill is during end-of-season clearance events in August. But if you miss that, get your new grill in March before the weather gets nice and prices skyrocket.

Next: One expensive cleaning device is usually on sale in April.

Do some spring cleaning in April

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Shop for supplies for your spring cleaning. | Logoff/iStock/Getty Images

Vacuums: More time spent outside means more mud tracked in the house — especially if there really are April showers. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, this is a good time to get a great deal on one.

Jewelry: The worst time to buy jewelry is right before major holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas. The best time? April, when sales are slow and retailers are anxious to unload their inventory.

Freebies: Free offers typically peak right around tax day in mid-April. Check your local sale ads to find the best discounts and free offers with purchase from both retailers and restaurants.

Next: This is the best way to handle Memorial Day sales.

Find new furniture in May

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Find your new favorite seat in the house. |

Any month with a major holiday means prime shopping opportunities.

Small kitchen appliances: If you’re in the market for a new microwave, toaster, or blender, then May is the right time to shop. Small kitchen appliances are often included in Memorial Day sales and you can score some fantastic bargains when you stack coupons with discounted prices.

Furniture: Pull the trigger on that leather sectional at the end of May if you want to save some green. Memorial Day and Labor Day are two of the biggest furniture sale weekends of the year. And remember, you can always negotiate the sticker price, even if it’s already discounted. Try shopping at one location and offering a bundle price for multiple pieces of furniture. You’re much more likely to get a better discount if you’re buying a bunch of stuff at once.

Next: The year’s halfway point means you could save some money.

Buy bras in June

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Several stores hold semiannual sales. |

Take advantage of semiannual sales at department stores like Nordstrom midway through the year in June.

Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret has their semiannual sale in June and slashes prices on bras, underwear, and nightgowns.

Gym memberships: Gyms slow down right before summer and usually offer promos to encourage new sign-ups. Get beach-ready in a hurry when you take advantage of those sales at the year’s midpoint.

Father’s Day gifts: Waiting until the last minute has its advantages — you can find great deals on gifts for dad the closer you get to the third Sunday in June.

Next: July is the second-best time to buy this one category of stuff.

Get your bathing suit in July

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It’s the perfect time for a new swimsuit. |

Bathing suits: You may think that buying your bathing suit when they put out the back-to-school stuff is best, but that’s not necessarily true. You’ll probably get a good bargain at summer’s end, but by then all the merchandise has been picked over and you won’t necessarily find your size.

Instead, shop for bathing suits in July right before your beach vacation. Beachwear will be on sale since it’s been out since April, but there will still be plenty available.

Patriotic merchandise: Fourth of July decorations and apparel will go on sale right before the holiday, or you can wait until right after the holiday to get even better deals.

Personal electronics: Lots of retailers have jumped on the Christmas in July bandwagon, opening a window for Black Friday in July sales. Personal electronics like cell phones, camera, computers, and video game consoles often hit their best prices around this time.

Next: August is the right time for this expensive purchase.

Pick out a new lawn mower in August

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Yard equipment will start to go on sale toward the end of summer. | yevgenromanenko/iStock/Getty Images

Back to school supplies: Retailers know that parents need to buy notebooks and pencils before school starts, but with all the competition for business, they usually run promotions during this time too. The later you wait to buy the things you need, the better the deals you’ll get.

Lawn mowers: As grass cutting season draws to a close, home improvement stores start to slash prices on summertime yard equipment like lawn mowers.

Next: Expect your nights to improve starting in September.

Wait until September to buy that new mattress

white bedroom

Take advantage of those Labor Day sales. | JZhuk/iStock/Getty Images

Labor Day is a huge sales opportunity for retailers and you can reap the benefits.

Mattresses: Upgrade your sleep space in September, preferably during one of those Labor Day weekend sales. That’s the best time to buy a mattress and get a good bargain.

iPhones: Apple usually announces the newest iPhone at their company keynote speech in September. Right after that, old model prices get slashed in anticipation of the new arrivals.

Appliances: Washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers — the best time to upgrade your appliances is during Labor Day sales in September.

Next: Outfit your deck or patio during the month of October.

Purchase patio furniture in October

patio set

As the weather gets colder outdoor furniture will go on sale. | iStock/Getty Images

Outdoor furniture: The colder it gets outside, the harder it is for retailers to move outdoor furniture. Look for major sales and great deals in October and keep everything in storage until springtime comes again.

Jeans: Back to school shopping reaches its peak in August and September, meaning October is prime time for scoring discounts on the merchandise that didn’t move.

Candy: Look for discounts on Halloween candy in late October and major savings right after the holiday.

Next: Upgrade these electronics on or around Black Friday in November.

Buy a new computer in November

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If you’ve been thinking about a new computer now’s the time to buy. | iStock/Getty Images

The month of November is one of the most popular times for shopping. Black Friday deals are no longer confined to just one day — look for specials leading up to and after Thanksgiving, too.

Tablets and laptops: One of the best ways to spend your Black Friday budget is on electronics like computers and laptops. The biggest discounts of the year happen in November.

Gaming systems: Retailers know that your nephew “needs” a new Xbox for Christmas. If you have plans of getting a new game system, then November is the right time.

Appliances: Miss those Labor Day appliance sales? No worries. You can still take advantage of excellent appliance discounts in November.

Next: Save on one of the most expensive purchases in December.

Buy a car in December

Mazda vehicles in car dealership lot

Many car dealerships have year-end sales. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Year’s end means holiday shopping is in full swing, and retailers are pulling out all the stops to get you to visit them and not the competitor down the street.

Toys: The prices on popular toys drop the closer you get to Christmas. December is a great time to shop for holiday gifts and upcoming birthdays, too.

Christmas decorations: The best thing to do on December 26th is run around shopping the clearance aisles for leftover Christmas decorations. Sure, you could join the crowd and run to Target or Walmart, but you’re better off checking lesser known places, like drugstores and grocery stores.

Cars: Save thousands on your new or used car during end-of-season clearance events. Dealers are looking to unload their old inventory to make room for new models, meaning they’ll be a lot more willing to negotiate. You could save thousands.

Next: This tip will help you save any time of year.

Avoid buying anything right when it’s first released

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Buying new phones is one example of this. |

Sometimes retailers will put a small discount on new stock, but if it’s only been there for a few days, then that’s not the lowest price it will be. If you can wait for just a month or two, you can usually get that new item for a lot cheaper. It just requires a bit of patience.

Next: All you have to do is ask for a better deal.

If you want a better deal, just ask

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You can always compare prices and try to negotiate. |

Rather than running all over town to score the best deals on home goods, try comparison shopping instead. Retailers will often match their competitor’s prices if you ask them.

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