Here’s Why a Cruise Is a Perfect Vacation for People Over 50

Traveling at 50 and beyond is far different than traveling at 20. Sure, at 20 where you lay your head night was far less important than who you met along your journey. Yet as time passes, the desires surrounding travel evolve. Typically a comfortable bed takes precedent, along with a need for a less unpredictable adventure and a more guaranteed relaxation-based vacation.

Although there will always be the excitement of new experiences in new places, sometimes removing the guesswork out of travel is all that is needed. Below, see why taking a cruise at 50 is far better than taking a cruise at 20. 

7. No more hurried airport connections

A senior stands on the rear deck of a cruise ship

You can actually relax. | jeffclow/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Embarking on a long travel day presents a host of possibilities and options when it comes to scheduling. And running from one end of a terminal to the other at 50 years old is annoying and also dreaded. The red-eye flights or the super-tight connections becoming unnecessary. Boarding a cruise ship, on the other hand, is not hurried (given that you’ve provided yourself with enough time to get there). Instead, passengers are able to casually stroll onboard, leaving the stress of tight connections and uncomfortable airplane seats behind.

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6. It’s incredibly simple

Man admiring view of the Seven Sisters Falls

It takes the guess-work out. | karenfoleyphotography/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Putting together an itinerary that meets the entire family’s needs is exhausting. Everyone has their own ideas of how they want the vacation to pan out and achieving those expectations is difficult. Booking a cruise removes the guesswork of what, when, and where and alleviates the feeling of herding cats. Each member of your party can pick and choose how they will spend their days on the boat and at the port. This easy approach keeps everyone happy.

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5. The bang for your buck is impressive

Senior Couple on a Cruise Vacation

You can get a lot for your money. | Yobro10/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to traveling on a budget, a cruise is a surefire bet. Once you are on the ship, many cruise liners offer stellar rates for weekly cruises — sometimes as low as $50 to $75 per day. Granted, those rates reflect inner staterooms that do not come with a view. Visiting numerous destinations is one clear perk of a cruise, but experiencing those new places for an inclusive and inexpensive nightly rate is the icing on the cake for budget travelers.

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4. Standard and luxury cruises are everywhere

Senior Couple On Shore in Front of Cruise Ship

You can go pretty much anywhere for every price range. | Feverpitched/ iStock/ Getty Images

Unless you are taking your grandkids on vacation, the chances of springing for a Disney cruise are slim to none. Instead, you are likely searching for a budget-based cruise or something on the more luxurious side. But either way, your cruise options and amenities are nearly endless. For higher end passengers, luxury cruise liners like the recently minted Seven Seas Explorer offer the kind affluent experience you so very much deserve.

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3. There is no question where you’ll lay your head each night

A mature, smiling woman prepares to move a large chess piece on a cruise ship

There’s no more questioning. | EdwardVisserPhotography/iStock/Getty Images

Back in your 20s and 30s, having a solid plan of where you would lay your head each night was simply not a priority. And the worst case scenario of ending up under the stars was exciting. These days, that jig is up. You know what you want, and that desire is a 100 percent guarantee of where your bed will be. The guessing game days have vanished, and you know that once you book your cruise vacation, your pillow is always within close proximity.

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2. You can take it easy or not

cruise passenger by pool

It can be what you make of it. | Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images

Little to no physical effort is required, and for that, you can be thankful. If reading a book on the deck by the pool is as active as you want to get, there will be zero guilt for it. Instead, you will be able to look around and see other passengers doing the same. On the other hand, an exercise class or gym workout is readily available onboard. Once the ship arrives at the port, you can choose to amp up the adventure or relax on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

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1. Multiple destinations for the cost of unpacking just once

Opened suitcase with crumpled clothes

You only have to unpack once. | Denisfilm/iStock/Getty Images

Rifling through a suitcase to pack and unpack becomes a taxing endeavor at any age, but once you hit the 50 mark, it seems particularly more aggravating. On a cruise, you unpack once, and that alone is a beautiful thing. No way else can you visit numerous destinations and only unpack your suitcase once. For that, you will be grateful.

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