Home Cleaning Hacks Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

Even the cleanest of dogs can’t help but to make a little mess at home. Thankfully, there are some tried-and-true cleaning hacks out there to keep your house looking, smelling, and feeling (almost) as clean as it was before you got a dog. Read on to learn about the home cleaning hacks every dog owner needs to know.

1. An automatic vacuum is your best friend

The Roomba is an automatic robot vacuum cleaner
It handles everything on its own. | Irobot.com

Even if you have a hypoallergenic dog, every dog owner will tell you that they’re vacuuming constantly. “My favorite keep-it-clean tip is a robot vacuum. It’s really made a huge difference at my house. It can run when I am gone or asleep at night. Some models can even be programmed to run on a set schedule,” says Modern Dog Magazine.

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2. It’s time for a new sofa

Golden retriever dog lying on sofa,
They trap hair and odors. | Janie Airey/iStock/Getty Images

Certain sofa materials act as pet hair magnets. If you have a sofa that seems to attract dog hair, trap undesirable puppy odors, and shows stains easily, it may be time for an upgrade. “While scouting your new sofa, look for leather or tightly woven materials, ideally in a similar shade to your pets,” suggests House Beautiful. If a new sofa just isn’t in the cards right now, cover your couch with a dog-friendly throw that you can easily toss in the wash.

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3. Don’t forget to wipe and wash your paws

Close up of dog paws in winter
You don’t want them tracking those dirty paws in the house. | victorass88/iStock/Getty Images

Even if your furry friend isn’t trained to wipe his feet on the welcome mat as he enters your home, mats still help to catch some of the dirt they’d otherwise be tracking in. In addition to making sure you have mats outside your dog’s favorite entrances and exits, don’t be shy about wiping down your friend’s paws on bad-weather days. If they’ve been walking through the mud, Modern Dog Magazine suggests dipping their paws in a rimmed baking sheet filled with a half inch of water and wiping them down with a towel.

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4. Clean stains quickly

5. Bathe your dog regularly

Funny dog wash in a basin,
It’ll keep things smelling fresh. | kozorog/iStock/Getty Images

One of the best ways to keep your home clean when you have dogs, is to bathe your dogs regularly. “Regular baths are the first and most important step to keeping your dog and home smelling fresh. Remember, though, that too many baths can strip essential oils and dry the skin (especially in the winter). Most pups only need baths every few weeks or when they get especially stinky,” says dogster.

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6. How to get fur out of your rugs

Woman Vacuuming a beige carpet
Try vacuuming in multiple directions. | didesign021/iStock/Getty Images

The trick is to vacuum in multiple directions. Once you’ve vacuumed all over your rug, use a rubber rake or squeegee to pick up any leftover fur. To be proactive about shedding, Martha Stewart suggests using “a deshedding tool on your dog’s coat.” Another trick Stewart offers to preserve your rugs: if your dog has a favorite place he likes to lie on your rug, put a towel or old sheet there. Shake it off outside periodically between washing it in the washing machine.

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7. Protecting your surfaces from scratches

Dog scratches on a damaged door
Don’t let it get this far. | MarkPiovesan/iStock/Getty Images

Dogs will often scratch at your door to let you know they want to go outside. If your dog is guilty of this behavior, cover the area he usually scratches with Plexiglass. “Then, provide an alternate way for your dog to signal you, such as a jingle bell hung from the doorknob. Show him how to nudge the bell, and open the door quickly when he rings it; do not respond to scratching. After the new behavior has set in, remove the Plexiglas,” advises Stewart.

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