HomeGoods Has a New Spinoff Store, Homesense, and People Are Freaking Out

Without a doubt, HomeGoods is chock-full of everything you never knew you needed at unbeatable prices. So naturally, the fan favorite has no shortage of thrifty shoppers who know that stretching their dollar doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

As the mecca of trinkets and colorful — sometimes useless — accessories, HomeGoods really knows its market. It’s everyone from the stay-at-home-mom to the interior decorator looking to add a little pop of color without spending a fortune. Even a bachelor hoping to return to his pad with a full kitchen setup without having to make multiple trips would love the store. So, if you’re as big a HomeGoods fan as we are, your next obsession has officially arrived.

HomeGoods’ sister store, HomeSense, just hit the U.S., and people are literally freaking out and lining up in droves outside the store’s first locations. Here’s what you need to know about HomeSense, and, of course, where you can find one right now.

1. The first U.S. location is in Framingham, Massachusetts

Homesense store
Hopefully, you can find a store close to home. | Homesense via Instagram

TJX, the company that owns a handful of everyone’s favorite stores, such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and, of course, HomeGoods, recently made the move to branch out, and we couldn’t be more excited. While there are already Homesense stores in Canada, the main bread and butter comes from across the pond with a large showing in the U.K. But hopefully, that’ll all be changing soon.

Homesense opened its first U.S. location in Framingham, Massachusetts, on August 17, 2017, followed by its second U.S. location in East Hanover, New Jersey. And if the success of TJX’s other stores tells us anything, we’re thinking it’s only a matter of time before we see the chain popping up everywhere. Fingers crossed it comes to a location near you ASAP!

2. Homesense is not meant to replace HomeGoods

Homesense store
There is minimal overlap between the stores. | Homesense via Instagram

Don’t worry about Homesense replacing, or even competing with, the original favorite. On the contrary, Homesense delivers an entirely different shopping experience — one that includes big-ticket items (without the hefty price tag), like a living room furniture set, for instance. While you can still get your fix of on-a-whim purchases at the General Store (more on that in a bit), the overarching theme of Homesense is different from that of its sister store. In fact, the company is so confident, they’re willing to put the two stores side by side.

According to CNBC, “The company has promised both investors and shoppers that the overlap between a HomeGoods and a Homesense store is so minimal that TJX would consider positioning the two brands within the same strip center without fearing sales cannibalization.” Talk about heaven in a strip mall.

3. The store will organize goods by color to inspire shoppers

Homesense store
You’ll be able to find the color you’re looking for. | Homesense via Instagram

One of the most prominent features that differentiates HomeGoods and Homesense is the layout plan for each store. Delivering a shopping experience that emulates how you would set up your home, Homesense will organize goods by color. These color schemes should inspire a little home decor creativity in shoppers.

So, if you’re looking for a pop of color to add to your dull gray sofa, just find the gray furniture section. There, it’ll be easy to compare and contrast potential pillow picks. And don’t be surprised if you end up purchasing a whole new sofa, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, given the amazing prices.

4. Expect up to 60% savings

Homesense store
It will offer the same savings as all of the other stores. | Homesense via Instagram

Like we were saying … the savings! It’s no surprise that HomeGoods’ sister store will deliver the kind of savings loyal customers have come to expect. But still, it’s worth mentioning. No matter how big or small, savings are savings, and we’re all about keeping as much of that hard-earned cash where it belongs — deep in your pocket.

According to the store’s website, Homesense is “the place to find extraordinary to everyday homeware with savings up to 60% compared to the RRP [Recommended Retail Price]. With deliveries arriving throughout the week, there’s something new to discover every time you pop in.” And pop in we will, just as soon as we find a location that’s close enough.

5. There won’t be kid or pet merchandise

Homesense stoer
It’s decor for adults. | Homesense via Instagram

As loyal patrons already know, HomeGoods has a plethora of items, including everything from kids’ decor to plush dog pillows fit for your furry prince or princess. And whenever you find yourself needing kid or pet products, HomeGoods is (still) where you’ll want to shop. Homesense, on the other hand, is steering clear of such categories, all the while expanding on other departments. So, exactly what kind of merchandise can we expect from Homesense? Let’s take a look.

6. There will be impressive artwork, rugs, and lighting sections

Homesense store
Find your perfect lighting fixture. | Homesense via Instagram

Homesense will arrange goods to mimic a person’s home, rather than in disjointed aisles filled with thrown-together stuff. Therefore, customers can expect to see a lot more in the way of home furnishings. In particular, Homesense will have expanded lighting, art, and furniture sections.

In an interview with People, TJX confirmed, “Sofas, chandeliers, dining chairs, bar stools, poufs, and pool and foosball tables are just a few of the products shoppers will be able to find (but there are sure to be a few mirrored elephants and other oddities hiding in the aisles, per HomeGoods’ signature style).” Homesense has a lot in store, perhaps even giving Ikea a run for its money? Maybe, just maybe.

7. The General Store will sell basic home necessities

Homesense stoer
You can even get your cleaning supplies there. | Homesense via Instagram

Given the store’s commitment to crafting entire home decor displays, Homesense shoppers won’t be able to peruse aisles aimlessly. But that doesn’t mean we won’t still yearn for that instant gratification often attained from meaningless coffee table items. Thankfully, there will be a General Store inside every location, dedicated to selling cleaning supplies and other home improvement necessities. It’s here that shoppers will be able to find that perfect piece of hardware, colorful mailbox, and essential storage solutions.

So, now that you know everything about Homesense, will you be making a trip to one of the company’s Massachusetts or New Jersey locations? We have no doubt it’ll be worth the trip.