The Horrifying Secrets Water Parks Don’t Want You to Know

As a kid, summertime often involves trips to the local water park. But as an adult, this place may not warrant the same excitement for good reason. There are the horrifying secrets and dangers lurking at your local pool. FYI: You may experience a kind of chlorine-resistant bacteria (page 10).

1. Waterslide injuries account for over 4,200 ER visits annually

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A water slide | Ed Jones/Getty Images
  • Waterslide injuries include scrapes, concussions, broken limbs, and spinal damage.

No official data exists for overall water-park injuries. However, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission research found “more than 4,200 people a year taken to emergency rooms to be treated for scrapes, concussions, broken limbs, spinal injuries and other such injuries suffered on public waterslides,” reports AP News. This doesn’t even account for incidents requiring lifeguard rescues.

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