The Horrifying Secrets Water Parks Don’t Want You to Know

Whether you were a coastal kid or an inner city child, summertime was all about fun in the sun. And if you were really lucky, a few trips to your local water park were sprinkled into your summer schedule, too.

Now that you’re an adult, though, taking a trip to a water park might not warrant the same kind of excitement. Those water park days you once longed for might be a thing of the past — and for good reason. Turns out, there’s some pretty horrifying stuff that goes down. Buyer beware.

1. They’re crawling with bacteria (such as foot fungus)

barefoot man running through water

You can leave a water park with some serious foot fungus. |

Remember when you lived in a college dorm and wearing shower shoes was an absolute must? Yeah, well, water parks are kind of like that — but even worse. Think of all the people who lived in your dorm, and now multiply that number by however many families visit water parks each year. You’re looking at a wide range of potentially infected folks.

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