This Hospital Charged a New Mom Just to Hold Her Own Baby



While you may think of a new mother’s ability to hold her newborn child as one of the great and magic moments of parenthood, an unspecified hospital thought of that moment as another way to make a buck.

Well, $40, actually.

A mom took to Imgur to share her shocking itemized bill with the world. After giving birth via C-section, she held her baby for the first time. Little did she know that the precious moment would be classified as “skin-to-skin” contact, supervised, and charged. I guess if you don’t want to hold your baby after its born you get to save the cash and…wait until you leave the hospital to introduce yourself?

Here’s the bill in total:



To see another instance of egregious charging, this time by suppliers TO hospitals, take a look at the next page.



See those? Those are very non-special rulers. They cost $6 for 100 of them on Amazon.

But because they are made by a medical supplies company, and are being sold to a hospital, THIS happens:



Yup. $80.40 out of a hospital supply catalog. You’d think that if the hospital was savvy enough not to overpay by 13x for common goods that they might not be so desparate for cash that they charge a new mom for holding her child, right?