You’ll Never Believe How Quickly Disney Transforms Its Parks for Christmas

From the Main Street U.S.A. Christmas tree to the Haunted Mansion’s holiday makeover, Christmas at Disneyland is a truly magical experience. That said, the cast members in charge of transforming the Disney parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney into a winter wonderland don’t exactly have much time to do so.

Keep reading to find out some of the most shocking holiday facts about the Disney parks, plus just how long it takes to bring the holidays to life each year.

Only 10 cast members work on holiday decor for Disneyland

Disney Christmas Special Taping
It’s a lot of work to bring Christmas magic to Disney. | Mark Ashman/ Disney via Getty Images

Think Disneyland Resort has an army of elves using the magic of Disney to bring Christmas to the parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney? Think again! A whopping 10 cast members carry the job title. The cast members work feverishly all year long planning and creating holiday decorations.

It takes 1.4 miles of ribbon just to create bows for Main Street, U.S.A.

In Main Street, U.S.A. alone, these 10 cast members use 1.4 miles (about 7,410 feet) of ribbon to create 812 bows. And that’s not all. In addition to ribbons and bows, Main Street U.S.A. is home to 79,000 ornaments (plus, 2,365 ornaments on the Christmas tree), 2,015 feet of garland, and 10,395 holiday lights.

The gingerbread house of cards in Haunted Mansion is made out of 120 pounds of real gingerbread

One of our favorite reasons to visit Disneyland during the holidays? The Haunted Mansion’s Nightmare Before Christmas holiday takeover!

In the ride’s ballroom, gingerbread zombies are busy working away at a gingerbread house of cards. And while the gingerbread could have been made out of synthetic material, cast members and Imagineers decided to pull out all the stops (afterall, it is the holidays) and create the 8-foot tall masterpiece out of 120 pounds of real gingerbread, 50 gallons of frosting, and 47 pounds of fondant.

During the holidays, Disney decorates its parks with nearly 20,000 poinsettia plants

Disney takes its holiday gardening seriously and decks its parks with about 20,000 poinsettia plants. Let’s hope Mickey and Minnie are better plant parents than we are!

Disneyland’s ‘A Christmas Fantasy’ parade is one of the longest running parades at the park

'Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade' Special Taped At Magic Kingdom
Disney parades are a highlight of the holiday season. | Matt Stroshane/Disney via Getty Images

If you’re headed to Disneyland around the holidays, chances are you’ll catch the park’s ‘A Christmas Fantasy’ parade. The parade is one of the longest running Disneyland parades and features 16 floats and over 100 performers.

It takes 60,000 Christmas lights to illuminate the facade of ‘It’s a Small World’

Another ride that gets into the holiday spirit? None other than “It’s a Small World!” In addition to the elaborate decorations inside the right, the facade is illuminated in 60,000 Christmas lights. And that’s not all. In addition to the facade, the trees, hedges and topiaries surrounding the attraction are decorated in a whopping 300,000 miniature LED lights.

Disney transforms its parks from Halloween to Christmas in about 4 nights

parade during the taping of the Disney Parks "Frozen Christmas Celebration"
It’s amazing that they pull this off so fast. | Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images

So, how long does it take Disney to pull all of this (and more) off in time for guests to enjoy its parks around the holidays? Reportedly around 4 nights. Luckily, the 10 cast members have some extra help during the installation process.

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