How This New Device Can Help You Keep Your Pet Safe on an Airplane

Traveling is stressful. Traveling with a pet is more stressful. And not knowing how a pet is doing during a flight makes the situation even worse.

Thankfully, new technology is available to check on a pet’s welfare during air travel. And it allows pet owners to do things they never thought possible on a flight. (Page 3 is our favorite feature.)

It monitors your pet’s vitals

Person holding a phone with the Digi-Pet monitering app

People are able to monitor their animals. | Unisys Corp via Vimeo

Digi-Pet, a device designed by Unisys, uses smart sensors to “monitor environmental factors like temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light,” according to a news release. Pet parents can rest easy knowing their animal’s vitals are being monitored.

Next: Pet owners will be notified immediately if something is wrong with their pet.

Sensors are attached to kennels

cat closed inside pet carrier in airport

They keep track of metrics to notify the owner and staff. | emariya/iStock/Getty Images

The sensors are attached to each kennel or pet carrier. Not only do the sensors keep track of key metrics, but they also “automatically alert the pet owner and airline staff if any factors require action,” according to Unisys.

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Live stream with your pet

Cute little white dog sitting in a cage

You can check on your pet en route. | kozorog/iStock/Getty Images

Another feature of Digi-Pet is the option to subscribe to live video streaming. Users can see their pet using an app on their smartphone or tablet. Voice exchanges are also available, meaning pet owners can talk to their pet while their en route to the destination.

Next: Pet owners aren’t the only ones who can use Digi-Pet.

Shippers and carriers can use it

Fresh eggs in incubator

It can also monitor hatching eggs. | SutidaS/iStock/Getty Images

Digi-Pet is not only useful for traveling with pets on a small scale, but the technology is useful for transporting a large number of animals. Digi-Pet “can be used by shippers and carriers that transport other animal cargo such as horses, day-old chicks or hatching eggs, which require consistent heat, oxygen and light,” according to the company.

Next: Airlines have to follow pet transportation regulations.

Digi-Pet helps airlines meet regulations

Animals in cargo of a plane

The airline is supposed to meet certain regulations. | Marianne Todd/Getty Images

Local governments enforce the International Air Transport Association Live Animals Regulations, according to Travel + Leisure. And Digi-Pet is a way for airlines to meet such regulations, ensuring animals are safe while they’re in the air. In short, Digi-Pet would ensure airlines meet regulations and avoid any fines for not being compliant.

Next: Even with regulations, pets can be in danger on airplanes.

Flying isn’t always safe for pets

Close overhead bin of airplane with purple cast

The dog was in the overhead bin. | Truengtra_Paeja/iStock/Getty Images

During a United Airlines flight, a flight attendant forced a 10-month-old French bulldog into an overhead bin, according to WABC-TV, an ABC affiliate. The dog, being transported in a pet carrier, obstructed the aisle. The dog remained in the overhead for the duration of the three-hour flight without food or water, passenger June Lara wrote on Facebook. When the family went to retrieve their dog upon landing, the dog was unresponsive.

Next: Digi-Pet could save lives.

Digi-Pet might make flying safer for pets

Cute cat and dog sleeping together

There’s no guarantee, but this could help. | Kozorog/iStock/Getty Images

Although there’s no guarantee pets will be 100% safe on airplanes, Digi-Pet might help prevent deaths of pets on planes. Having access to a live video stream will not only put pet parents at ease, but it also could force airlines to treat animals humanely at all times.

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