How to Make the Perfect Sandwich

It’s lunch time and you’re feeling that growl in your stomach. Even though you could eat just about anything right now, you want a good sandwich. But not just any sandwich will do — you want a sandwich with all the fixings that thoroughly satisfies your craving. Before you give in to your hunger and devour that bag of chips, take a look at this Cheat Sheet video and learn how to lay down the law in the kitchen. When you’re finished making this plate of heaven, your mouth will moisten with desire.


1 use fresh high quality ingredients

You can use almost any ingredient in your refrigerator to make a sandwich, but where’s the fun in that? You’ll get the best results when you take the time to choose fresh, quality ingredients. A plump tomato or some hot, melted butter can do wonders by adding a bit of excitement to your food.

2 use a serrated knifeDid you have a hard day? Then it’s the perfect day to make a sandwich. Take out your frustrations on a big loaf of bread and some vegetables with a serrated knife. You’ll want to exercise a little bit of self-control, however. For the perfect sandwich, make sure your slices are no more than 1-inch thick. A serrated knife will make it easier to grab and cut through your food.

3 bacon makes everything betterBacon lovers, rejoice. One of the ingredients in this sandwich is the ever-so-tasty slice of bacon. Fry up a few slices and set them aside.

4 bun grilled with butter

Delight your tongue with a bun grilled with butter. As the butter soaks into the bread it will provide wetness and added flavor. You can quickly grill the bread in a pan on your stove top until it turns a warm, golden brown.

5 spread condiments evenly

Now spread your condiments of choice across both slices of the bun. Don’t be shy; put on as much as you desire.

6 stack ingredients evenly

Now stack all of your ingredients. Add your cheese, meat, sauces, and any other culinary delights you please. Go wild.

7 top off your sandwich

Place the top bun on your sandwich. Apply pressure to the bun to keep all of the ingredients inside. Don’t let any of those delicious morsels get away. If you used a lot of toppings, you may need to use a toothpick to make your sandwich behave.

8 cut in half

Depending on how hungry you are, you may be tempted to stuff the entire sandwich into your mouth at once. This probably isn’t a good idea. If the sandwich is too big to eat whole, ignore your hunger for just a minute more, grab a knife, and cut your sandwich in half. (Just make sure to watch your fingers. You’ll need those.)

9 enjoy your sandwich

And that’s how you make a sandwich that explodes with flavor. You are now a Sandwich Boss. Now go flex your skills.

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