How to Trick Yourself Into Loving Kale (and Why You Should)

Thanks to its nutrient-rich leaves, kale has received a lot of attention for being one of the most versatile superfoods on the market. And, while the health benefits of kale have been welcomed with open arms, the flavor has taken some hits.

Want to trick yourself into loving kale? We take a look at some of the best ways to add kale to your diet — this pesto sauce recipe is a must-try (page 5) — plus, the one reason why you should (page 7), ahead.

1. Juice it

Green Organic Wheat Grass Juice
Hide the taste in juice. |
  • Cut the taste of kale juice by mixing it with freshly squeezed apple, carrot, pineapple, orange, and ginger juice.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy kale is by adding it to a juice or smoothie. We love to add kale juice to a freshly squeezed apple, carrot, pineapple, orange, and ginger juice. Not only does it give the juice an extra kick, it adds beneficial nutrients, too.

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2. DIY kale chips

Kale chips
They’re easy to make at home. | nata_vkusidey/iStock/Getty Images
  • Store-bought kale chips are expensive, try making them at home instead.

Another way to enjoy kale is by making kale chips. These days, you can find kale chips at grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, but they can be expensive. Making your own at home is a great way to cut down cost and still enjoy the hearty snack. See our favorite kale chip recipe here.

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3. Make a caesar salad with it

Kale caesar salad
It’s a twist on the classic. | Sharon_Mendonca/Getty Images
  • See a copycat recipe for Sweetgreen’s kale caesar salad, here.

One delicious way to trick yourself into eating kale is by creating a caesar salad out of it. Kale caesar salads have become increasingly popular, with restaurants and popular lunch spots — such as Sweetgreen — adding it to a classic caesar salad.

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4. Add it to soup

Kale soup
It’ll boost the nutrient content of your soup. | wen0092/iStock/Getty Images
  • Add kale to your favorite soup for extra nutrients.

Adding kale to soup is an easy way to pack nutrients in and trick yourself into eating it. Because it gets boiled down into the broth, the kale is much easier — read: not as stiff — to eat and many of its nutrients get infused in the rest of the soup. We love to add 1-2 cups of kale to this lemon chicken orzo soup recipe.

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5. Turn it into a pesto

Pesto pasta on white plate
Hide some kale in a pesto recipe. | a_namenko/iStock/Getty Images
  • One of the best ways to hide kale in a dish is by adding it to the sauce.

Love pesto? Add some kale to your favorite recipe, or try this kale pesto recipe. Combining kale with garlic, basil, and other flavorful pesto ingredients can not only cut the flavor of kale (making it easier to trick yourself into eating it), it can add extra greens — aka, nutrients — to a carb-ridden meal, too.

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6. Use it as a pizza topping

Pizza covered in fresh kale
It makes pizza a bit healthier. | cudger/iStock/Getty Images
  • Add chopped kale to the top of a pizza before putting it in the oven.

Another easy way to reap the health benefits of kale is by using it as a pizza topping. It goes great with a variety of toppings — including, red onion, tomato, garlic, sausage, feta, and more — and adds some much-needed nutrients to an otherwise unhealthy meal.

On top of that, kale is sturdy enough to cook in the oven the entire time, so you won’t have to worry about adding it at the last minute.

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7. It’s super cheap

fresh green kale
It’s an affordable powerhouse. | jenifoto/iStock/Getty Images
  • On average, kale costs $1.10 per pound.

The one reason to love kale? It’s cheap! At an average of about $1.10 per pound, kale is an affordable way to add beneficial nutrients to your diet — not to mention: it’s completely versatile.

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