20 Iconic Brands Your Grandma Used That Are Still Popular Today

In today’s world, it’s tough for new brands to find staying power. The minute something new comes on the market, hundreds of competitors pop up to steal a part of the market share. It’s almost impossible to stay relevant, especially if you don’t have millions to sink into marketing efforts.

It wasn’t like that 100 years ago. When your grandmother was picking out toothpaste and hot dog buns, she had a lot fewer options. But amazingly, some of those brands are still relevant — or even thriving — in present times. Ahead, check out the vintage brands your grandparents trusted that are still around today.

1. Arm & Hammer

Baking soda

Arm & Hammer products | Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Arm & Hammer

The arm and hammer logo was made to convey power and signify their brand was strong enough to make cakes rise. It’s still one of the most popular baking soda brand options for everything from baking to DIY cleaners to freshening the smell of your fridge.

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2. Bayer

Bayer Aspirin

Bayer Aspirin | DebbiSmirnoff/iStock/Getty Images

A kitchen stove experiment between two friends over 100 years ago became the powerhouse aspirin brand we know and love today. Your grandmother probably kept her medicine cabinet stocked with Bayer just like you do.

Next: It’s amazing how long this brand has been around.

3. Bounty

Paper towels

Paper towels | Paylessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Thicker, stronger, and more absorbent so you can use less — the marketing claims for these name brand paper towels sound just like the commercials that are on today. And since millennials don’t use napkins, their sales will probably continue to stay strong.

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4. Aveeno

Aveeno moisturizing lotion

Aveeno lotion | lovleah/iStock/Getty Images

The name “aveeno” comes from the scientific word for oat and attempts to convey the soothing qualities of this lotion. Despite the competitive skin care market, it’s just as popular now for sensitive skin as it was in your grandma’s time.

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5. Brillo

Brillo pad steel wool on white background.

Brillo pad | S-Attila/iStock/Getty Images

Cooked on food particles were just as much of a problem for your grandmother as they are for modern chefs. The only way to scrub them clean? Brillo pads, of course. This iconic brand has been cleaning pots and pans for generations.

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6. Cascade

Cascade gel

Cascade Complete | Cascade

Cascade was first introduced in 1953 when only the most well-equipped homes had dishwashers. Now they’re a lot more common and Cascade is still the dish cleaning soap of choice.

Next: Almost everyone uses this necessary item.

7. Charmin

Charmin Toilet Paper

Charmin toilet paper | memoriesarecaptured/iStock/Getty Images

The patterns on this iconic toilet paper brand used to be made to mimic women’s fashions. An employee once described the feel of the product as, “charming” and just like that, a brand was born. It’s still one of the best toilet paper brands you could buy.

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8. Clorox

Clorox bleach Fresh Meadow Scent

Clorox bleach | smartstock/iStock/Getty Images

Brighter whites are possible with Clorox bleach. This is the same brand your grandmother used for her laundry and will probably be the one your grandkids’ kids use, too. When it comes to bleach, Clorox is the name people trust.

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9. Colgate

Colgate toothpaste

Colgate toothpaste | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The toothpaste aisle is overwhelmingly full of options. Want to make things easier? Pick out the same brand your grandmother used to freshen her pearly whites back in the day. At least it doesn’t come in a jar like it did 150 years ago.

Next: This was originally developed for soldiers.

10. Coppertone


Coppertone lotion | tamaw/iStock/Getty Images

Protecting skin from the sun’s rays is easy with this iconic brand. It was developed in 1944 by Benjamin Green, a WWII airman who wanted to help protect soldiers from the sun. They also made one of the first sunless tanners on the market.

Next: This brand claimed to be less harsh.

11. Dove

Dove soap

Dove soap | Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Dove was always popular for being less harsh on skin than regular soap — and it still is today. They’re also committed to portraying a realistic beauty standard in an industry that’s plagued by airbrushing.

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12. General Electric

General Electric sign

General Electric sign | Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images

Look around your kitchen — chances are you have at least one GE appliance, just like your grandmother used to have. This trusted brand has been around for more than 150 years and they’re still one of the top names for everything from stoves to refrigerators.

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13. Heinz

Heinz ketchup

Heinz ketchup | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Whether you buy the squeezable bottle or slap the bottom of a classic glass bottle, Heinz is the ketchup brand that people have trusted for almost 130 years. They may have given themselves the name, “America’s Favorite Ketchup,” but they’re not wrong.

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14. Hoover

hoover vacuum

Hoover vacuum | Amazon

The most important thing about a vacuum isn’t the crazy technology — it’s the simple ability to get the job done. Hoover brand vacuums have been capturing errant crumbs since your grandmother’s day and will most likely continue doing so for decades to come.

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15. Ivory

ivory soap

Ivory soap | Amazon

This iconic soap brand has been around since the 1800s. The claim to fame is that every bar floats, except for the 1,051 sinkable bars they released in 2001. The company offered $250,000 to anyone who could successfully sink one in a crazy multi-million dollar marketing stunt.

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16. KitchenAid

stand mixer

Stand mixer | kostsov/iStock/Getty Images

They may cost a lot more today than they did in your grandmother’s time, but KitchenAid stand mixers are still the status symbol of every well-appointed kitchen. These days you can get them in a variety of colors and styles, but one thing’s for sure — they make your baking so much easier.

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17. Lodge

lodge skillets

Lodge skillets | Amazon

A cast iron skillet by any other name wouldn’t be as iconic as this 1896 brand. Lodge cast iron is American-made and lasts for years, which is why your grandmother loved it as much as you will. Plus, for such a solid piece of cookery, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Next: This cleaning brand has been around for decades.

18. Mr. Clean

Spray bottle of Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner

Mr. Clean cleaner | memoriesarecaptured/iStock/Getty Images

That bald-headed guy you know and love has been around since the 1950s, though his look back then was a lot less sexy than it is today. Still, cleaning products under the brand are just as popular today as they were back then.

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19. Pond’s


Pond’s cold cream | memoriesarecaptured/iStock/Getty Images

The formula for Pond’s was introduced in the 1800s to treat minor cuts. Now it’s a cold cream brand that’s stood the test of time, even in a cutthroat industry that’s rife with competition.

Next: This was the first laundry detergent ever.

20. Tide

Tide detergent

Tide detergent | Karen Bennett/The Cheat Sheet

The first heavy-duty laundry detergent to hit the market is still one of the most popular. Your grandmother used Tide to get her laundry clean just like you do today.

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