15 Iconic Toys and Their Catchphrases Will Bring You Back in Time

When it comes to our childhood, so much of it is attached to some great toy companies and we can still sing their catchphrases to this day. Sadly, some have gone to the scrap heap, but their memories live on in ours. Do you remember all of these iconic toys and their products? Take a peek and see what toys you remember and which ones you don’t.

15. ‘SEGA!’

SEGA games laid out on a white table.

These games are enough to make you feel incredibly nostalgic. | Supersparkster via Instagram

Surely you remember the high shrill voice of someone yelling “SEGA!” when you fired up some of their games. Sadly, Sega and its video game platform, the Sega Genesis, has fallen into the annals of history. The company itself is still around, although its presence is dwarfed by Sony and Microsoft.

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14. ‘Easy bake. Easy bake. Fast as you can!’

A young girl plays with an Easy Bake Oven.

Almost every song girl dreamt of owning an Easy Bake Oven. | Lightbulbbaking via YouTube

If you never had one of these things, then you have never learned patience. Sure it took almost 4 hours to cook a brownie, but at least you made it yourself! The Easy Bake Oven was one of the coolest toys to have through so many decades. It really has always had staying power.

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13. ‘It’s Nerf … or nothin!’

NERF or Nothin' logo.

The Catchphrase was really catchy. | Webbox100 via YouTube

Nerf Guns were all the rage in the early 90’s and late 80’s. It was a great toy for the kids and got them outside and playing. The only downsides were the eye injuries and scraped knees. And don’t even get us started on the punishments from mom if we played in the house.

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12. ‘G.I. Joe! American Hero!’

GI Joe action figures.

These action figures stood the test of time. | Il_magazzino_dei_ricordi via Instagram

This action figure was a good old cold war era patriotism doll. It was named after a WWII nickname that soldiers gave to regular soldiers: Government-Issued Joe. It was actually innovative in that it allowed the user to bend the arms and knees. That’s something that wasn’t available for the Barbies of the era.

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11. ‘Lego Maniac!’

Lots of colorful Lego blocks on the ground.

Kids loved playing with these Legos. | Punkbarby/iStock/Getty Images

Ah, the good old days of a voice over guy yelling the old catchphrase “Lego Maniac!” at kids. Talk about one of the most resilient toys of all time. This toy has spawned so many different revenues channels, it’s ridiculous. And it all started with a little piece of plastic.

Next: If you ever played a sports game on a video game console, you’ve heard this catchphrase.

10. ‘EA Sports. It’s in the game!’

An EA Games logo.

You’re sure to recognize this logo. | EA Games

If you were ever into sporting games as a kid, or as an adult these days, EA Sports is your best friend. From golfing to football, they have all the greatest sports games known to humanity. Every single one has the same startup screen and still gives you the same direct message as ever.

Next: One of the biggest contributers to childhood insomnia ever.

9. ‘Lite Brite, Lite Brite, turn on the magical colored lights!’

Lite Brite box.

This game entertained children for hours. | Blossomingbrunette via Instagram

This toy kept too many kids up way past their bedtime, but they did a magnificent job at teaching them creativity. Lite Brite is one of those iconic toys that had a meteoric rise and an almost catastrophic fall. I still am finding those little pegs in my bedroom and I have moved 10 times in my life!

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8. ‘My little pony, my little pony’

A young girl playing with a My Little Pony doll.

One of the most iconic toy brands of all time. | Matt Cardy/Getty Images

If you’re going to make a jingle, it might as well start with the name of the toy brand and repeat it ad nauseam. Nevertheless, it was effective because even reading that sentence you probably found yourself singing along. Not many other toys can say the same about their catchphrase.

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7. ‘I’m the doctor for you!’

The Operation game.

A fun and entertaining game. | AnnainCA via Instagram

Operation was one of those games that really got your pulse pounding. One small twitch and you lost. Besides that quintessential buzz that you get when you hit the edge of the patient, it’s jingle was just as recognizable.

Next: It’s like 20 questions but way more elaborate.

6. ‘Is it me? Is it you? Guess who?’

A game of 'Guess Who'.

This game brought definitely out the competitiveness in players. | Congalinebuffet via Instagram

This game brought the simple road trip game of 20 questions to a whole new level. The game had you narrow down who your opponent’s card is by guessing their physical features. Then all you had to do was … Guess Who!

Next: How a plushie was able to compete with video games is beyond us.

5. ‘It’s a Beanie! It’s a Baby!’

Beanie Babies stacked in a store.

Beanie Baby fans loved collecting these cute little toys. | Bannershallmark via Instagram

These simply stuffed plushies were a worldwide sensation that people literally killed for. They were the hottest toy for way too long of a time and people bought them up faster than they could make them. Some made and lost fortunes collecting them as well. One thing is for sure, we can never forget their ads.

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4. ‘Ha ha ha ha ha ha’

Fisher Price's Tickle Me Elmo doll.

Kids would light up the moment they saw this toy. | Fisher Price/Getty Images

The only catchphrase was a giggle. Another toy craze in the nineties and early thousands were “Tickle Me Elmo.” The craze was just as big as the Beanie Babies, if not bigger. We can still hear his cute little voice to this day.

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3. ‘Pow Pow Power Wheel!’

A young girl driving on a power wheel.

The game all the kids wanted. | Sara_Inezz via Instagram

Every single kid out there wanted one of these things. Every single parent out there wanted their child not to run over their sibling. Only one could win. Millions of kids around the world have been enjoying this toy and running over their siblings ever since.

Next: We can go even smaller when it comes to toy cars.

2. ‘If it doesn’t say Micro Machines, it’s not the real thing’

A person plays with a small yellow micro machine car.

These little cars were fun and collectable. | Lupus_in_fabulabarth via Instagram

Micro Machine’s biggest competitor was Hot Wheels, but they didn’t have the fast-talking, auctioneer-style commercial that created a sensation. Everyone remembers that commercial and it still get’s thrown around in pop culture to this day. There were even tightly held allegiances by the consumers for which small cast car was better.

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1. ‘Everyone loves a Slinky! Everyone loves a Slinky!’

A colorful slinky.

Slinkies were surprisingly entertaining. | Chrisdorney/Getty Images

Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t know the words to the Slinky song. This iconic toy has permeated the entire scope of pop-culture. Ace Ventura even had to send one down 1,000 steps only to have it stop on the very last one. We can remember all the troubles we had getting it to go all the way, and we bet you had fun and a bit of frustration with them yourselves.

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