If You Love Joanna Gaines’ Style, You’ll Be Obsessed With This Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Anyone who’s ever watched Joanna Gaines transform a drab, boring bedroom into a romantic farmhouse chic retreat knows — it’s incredible how she does it. Almost magical. And if you’re one of Fixer Upper’s adoring fans, then no doubt the thought has crossed your mind: How can you get the same look in your home?

While it’s not possible for everyone to schedule a whole house makeover with Chip and Joanna Gaines, it is fairly simple to use them as inspiration when planning your own renovation. As a huge fan of the show, the look, and pretty things in general, I was thrilled for the opportunity to try out Stikwood Peel & Stik reclaimed wood planking, a product that fits into the country farmhouse aesthetic that’s so hot right now. Here’s exactly what I got and what I thought of it. Spoiler alert: I’m obsessed.

What is Stikwood?

Stikwood is the world’s first Peel & Stik reclaimed and sustainable wood planking. The company was founded in 2012 by Jerry and Laura McCall, who are both committed to promoting design that’s both beautiful and responsibly sourced.

The wood planks are collected from various U.S. locations. All the wood is FSC certified and uses only European oil finishes and VOC-free paint. But the best part? It’s so easy to use, even for beginning DIY’ers. Before completing my Stikwood project, I hadn’t done much renovating. Yet I was still able to accomplish the whole project in about three hours.

It’s so versatile

Most people aren’t lucky enough to have shiplap hidden beneath their walls. But adding architectural elements and creating focal points is as easy as finding the right product. In this case, Stikwood fits the bill. Whether you’re decorating a whole accent wall, making a unique kitchen backsplash, or upgrading your bedroom with the most romantic headboard, Stikwood has the perfect product to suit your needs.

The variety of colors and patterns is extensive. White weathered wood, deep mahogany planks, patterned Victorian woods, and even vintage gym floors are all part of the selection. Your next wood project is bound only by the limits of your imagination.

Here’s how I upgraded my bedroom

Before I got introduced to Stikwood, my bedroom was looking pretty drab. My husband and I upgraded to a king-sized mattress, which we both loved, but since we couldn’t agree on a headboard it just kind of sat there against the neutral gray wall looking blah for a while. Then our Reclaimed Weathered Wood White Stikit arrived. Stikits are pre-created kits that take all the guesswork out of your next project.

The box was heavy but not very big. We opened it and laid out everything for our project, organizing the wood planks by size. We searched every corner of the box but somehow our Stikit was missing the instructions! Luckily, the kit was easy enough to figure out on our own. The project only took a few hours to complete.

Here’s the box it arived in — sorry, postal person! This one was super heavy.

Stikwood kit

The box it came in | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

First we laid everything out.

Stikit headboard

Stikit headboard | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

This was the headboard base — all made from solid, sturdy cardboard. You’d never guess that once it’s all finished.

Stikit headboard

Stikit headboard | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

We had a lot of fun peeling off the sticky backing on the reclaimed wood boards. It’s such a unique product.

Stikit headboard

Stikit headboard installation | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

My husband is a perfectionist and he appreciated how everything lined up perfectly. Each space was just big enough for the board that matched with it. Everything was letter coded so there was no room for mistakes.

Stikit headboard

Creating the headboard | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

Didn’t we have the cutest little helpers?

Stikit headboard

Stikit headboard assistants | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

We made sure the base bracket was level before mounting the headboard. The level was included in the Stikit — so helpful!

Stikit headboard installation

Stikit headboard installation | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

Here’s a quick shot of what the space looked like before. Boring, right?

Stikwood kit

The before | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

Ta da! In just a few hours with minimal effort (and somehow no fighting, which is rare for us when tackling projects), we have a fancy new headboard that Joanna Gaines would definitely approve of!

Stikit headboard

Stikit headboard finished product | Amanda Harding via The Cheat Sheet

I am so glad we got to try out this amazing product and I’ve been telling everyone I know — especially my fellow Fixer Upper fans — to head over to Stikit’s website and dream up their own farmhouse chic project.


Editor’s note: Stikit headboard was provided by Trent & Company, Inc. and Stikwood. Opinions are my own.