5 Reasons Why This Type of IKEA Furniture Is a Waste of Money

Ikea store

Some Ikea furniture just isn’t worth it. | Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images

While IKEA may have changed the way we shop for furniture, it’s not always the best option — especially when it comes to its cheap particle board furniture. As the most common furniture material used at IKEA, you can find anything from cribs to desks to 8-drawer dressers made from the faux wood.

But, let’s face it: There aren’t enough $1 hotdogs in the world to make IKEA’s particle board furniture worth it. For more on particle board — including, what it is made out of and why it’s a complete waste of money — keep reading.

What is particle board furniture

Made up of recycled wood chips fused together with resin glue, particle board furniture is one of the most popular (and affordable) types of furniture at IKEA.

That said, the low prices aren’t enough to make this type of furniture worth your hard-earned money. From headache-inducing assembly to potential health threats, see why particle board furniture is a waste of money, ahead.

1. It’s extremely cheap (and looks it)

MALM 6-drawer chest, black-brown

You might like the price but not the quality. | Ikea

One of the main reasons why IKEA sells particle board furniture is to keep their prices low. And while the price point is great, the quality of the furniture is not.

2. Assembly is headache-inducing

Ikea assembly instructions

Assembly can be a pain. | tomalv/iStock/Getty Images

Another problem with IKEA particle board furniture? You have to assemble it yourself. While this drives the cost down, it can be headache-inducing. Not to mention: Missing pieces are more common than you’d think.

3. It’s not durable

Ikea shopper

It might be good for short-term use, but it won’t last a lifetime. | Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images

Speaking of assembly, putting furniture together may sound like a no-brainer, but it can actually be really hard and result in unsturdy tables, chairs, and so on.

4. You can’t refinish it

sanding wood table

You can’t sand it down like you could a wood table. | aerogondo/iStock/Getty Images

While there are plenty of DIY IKEA hacks out there, if you use particle board furniture, you may not be able to do as much as you’d hoped. Especially if it involves sanding and staining. Since the outside of particle board is synthetic, these kinds of changes aren’t possible.

5. It’s made of recycled wood, but isn’t environmentally friendly


It’s not exactly eco-friendly. | iStock/Getty Images

In addition to causing health problems, particle board isn’t as eco-friendly as it may seem. Although it’s made of recycled wood chips, the resin glue and finish is not exactly recyclable.

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