It’s Supposedly Impossible to See All 12 Of These Black Dots At Once…Can You Do It?


Optical illusions are nothing new, but what keeps the public fascinated with them is that they almost always occur for different reasons. They affect the eyes and brain in different ways, and, as a result, every time, it seems a different group of people can see (or not so) what’s being presented.

In this particular illusion, something called Ninio’s Extincion Illusion remains at play. Read about it and see the full-size image on the next page.


Experts claim you can’t see all 12 dots on the above image because we tend to block out certain lights from our retinas when we’re focusing on other areas. Hence the effect in which the black dots appear and disappear from our notice like a really slow strobe light of something.

But make no mistake – the picture isn’t changing. Just your perception of it. So take a look here and see how many you can see at once. If it’s any more than 2, you’re definitely a cut above the majority of the people who look at this image!