Impractical Things the Property Brothers Put in Every House

We know some HGTV shows don’t always go the practical route when it comes to design — Property Brothers is no exception. Drew and Jonathan Scott star on the hit HGTV show, where they remodel homes for a living. While their designs always look amazing, they are not always the most practical. After all, someone needs to scrape all of that wallpaper off the wall when it goes out of style. Here are some of the Property Brothers’ favorite design elements that look great, but aren’t that great in the long run.

Ultra-modern décor

Property Brothers Modern

This ultra modern sink probably cost a fortune. | HGTV

The brothers have a way of making every single remodel look like the best one they’ve ever done. Often, they’ll incorporate very modern elements, like lighting and the occasional piece of furniture, that we can only assume cost a small fortune. Ultra-modern décor tends to only stay in style for a few years. With that said, the brothers spend a ton of the clients’ money on items they probably won’t even like just a few years down the road.

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Property brothers wallpaper

It’s coming back in style, but it’s still a mess to remove. | HGTV

Wallpaper looks great, but when you realize how frustrating it is to change, you hate it. While it definitely adds texture to a room, scraping it off in a few years when your daughter no longer likes the color pink is a serious headache. Paint might be less visually exciting, but you can change it as often as you want, and have it finished much more quickly.

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Patterned walls

Patterned walls

Patterned walls will have to be changed much sooner. | HGTV

Wallpaper is frustrating, but so are patterned walls. Patterned walls are extremely specific to one design. It’s hard to redecorate a room with new furniture and accents while still keeping that same paint pattern. The brothers have professional designers to do things like wall patterns for them. With that said, if you want to recreate the pattern yourself in a different color down the road, it probably won’t look as good.

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They take up a huge chunk of the room. | HGTV

Built-ins look amazing. They can truly bring a room together and add an element of comfort. However, they’re also very impractical. They take up a large chunk of the room, and they’re very hard to replace. If the brothers give you a brand new home with massive built-ins, what do you do if you don’t love them? It’s tough to rip them out of the walls and would definitely be a pricey project. Shelves are easily replaceable and don’t cost nearly as much if you wanted to remove them and bring in something different.

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Marble countertops

Marble countertops

It’s beautiful, but a huge pain. | HGTV

Although the brothers don’t put marble countertops in every home, when they do, we cringe. Marble looks beautiful, but it’s probably the worst type of countertop you can have in your kitchen. Marble is porous, so it needs to be sealed every six months to make sure cooking juices, wines, etc. don’t seep through the rock and stain it. Plus, marble is much softer than other types of stone, like granite. It’s not as durable and can suffer chips. It’s expensive and high maintenance, and we still can’t figure out why the brothers use it.

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Grey hardwood

It’s a little too trendy. | HGTV

Grey hardwood is one of those design elements that we absolutely love right now. Key words: Right now. It’s not nearly as classic as light or dark beige/brown hardwood, so you know it will be out of style sooner rather than later. Watching the brothers cover an entire renovation in grey hardwood is like watching them single handedly throw away thousands of dollars. Give it a few years, and grey hardwood will be out style, like other design trends (think chevron, light wood cabinets, etc.).

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White furniture

Property brothers white couch

White furniture is asking for someone to spill on it. | HGTV

White furniture with colorful accents looks amazing on any Pinterest board — but not in your home. Unless you don’t actually plan on sitting on your furniture, and you know you’ll absolutely never get a pet (or have kids, or have company over, or anything involving any living thing), white furniture probably isn’t the best choice. It will only look amazing for about a week, then that first speck of dirt will arrive.

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