Inside ‘Property Brothers’ Star Drew Scott’s Lavish Destination Wedding to Linda Phan

Drew Scott has made a name for himself through his wildly popular HGTV show Property Brothers, which he stars in with his identical twin brother, Jonathan. Scott began dating his now-wife, Linda Phan, six years before he finally decided to pop the question. Now that the two have officially tied the knot, we’ve been dying to get the details. Here’s what we know about the couple’s destination wedding, honeymoon, and future together.

It started with an over-the-top engagement

Scott pulled out all the stops when he finally proposed to his longtime girlfriend. He popped the question at Piano Piano, a Toronto restaurant, and it was anything but an ordinary restaurant proposal. The HGTV star flew to New York to record his own version of Train’s “Marry Me” and had the restaurant play it in the background. The staff brought out a cake decorated with Phan’s favorite Dr. Suess book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, but rewrote it to say, “Oh, the places we’ll go,” and he finally asked her.

Scott also planned a surprise engagement party at a nearby venue for after dinner. He told Phan it was a company holiday party.

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They filmed it

Drew-Scott-Linda-Phan HGTV

The wedding was on-camera. | Drew Scott via Instagram

Drew and Linda agreed to have their whole week of wedding festivities — including the big day itself — filmed for TV, according to Country Living. TLC will air the special, called Drew and Linda Say I Do, on June 2, 2018.

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They chose Italy as their destination


They’re dreaming of an Italian wedding. | Drew Scott via Instagram

The couple decided they want to say their vows in Italy. Phan told People she would love some kind of old castle. “This is our big day — we can do whatever we want.” Scott said.

The couple looked for a place where they could eat lots of Italian favorites like pizza, pasta, and gelato. Phan said those were the requirements when selecting the perfect venue.

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The wedding had two menus

Drew-Scott-Linda-Phan First Dateq

Their guests are very important to them. | Drew Scott via Instagram

While it’s clear the couple wanted to serve some Italian specialties at dinner, they also wanted a late night menu to keep the party going. They told People that they hoped to add items like burgers, fries, and Yorkshire pudding to the midnight menu. This way, guests could keep dancing and drinking the night away without getting hungry after dinner. It looks like the two brought a little bit of North America to Europe with their late night menu options!

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It wasn’t a ‘basic white wedding’ for this couple

Drew-Scott-Linda-Phan Goofy

They’re not your average couple. | Linda Phan via Instagram

The HGTV star told People that one of the things he loves about Phan is she always agrees the two can spice things up if they’d like. Scott said he could show up to the wedding in a gold leotard and Phan would be okay with it. (Luckily, that didn’t happen.)

He also stressed that the couple wanted their wedding to be a little outside the box. “We’re not ones to have a basic white wedding,” he said in an interview. The late night menu is a perfect example of how they added a little bit more excitement to the big day.

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Their honeymoon will be charitable

Drew-Scott-Linda-Phan Charity

The couple is involved in many charitable endeavors. | Linda Phan via Instagram

Although the couple did not disclose their honeymoon location, it’s not traditional. Scott stressed that the two do not want to drink on a beach for a week. They told Us Weekly that they love doing charitable work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and World Vision. The couple’s honeymoon is a reflection of that; they’re going somewhere overseas to bring awareness to issues they care about.

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The couple hopes to have children soon

Drew-Scott-Linda-Phan Show

That’s going to be one of the first things they plan on doing. | Drew Scott via Instagram

The couple recently starred in Property Brothers: Drew’s Honeymoon House on HGTV, where they remodeled the house they’ll settle down in now that they are married. The house had enough room for at least four kids. The couple hinted that they want multiple children. “We do plan in the very near future on having children,” Scott told People. “We would love twins.” Perhaps Scott and Phan will get lucky and let the twin gene live on.

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