Inside the California Mansion That Hosts ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’

Most people know this California home as the infamous mansion on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Besides housing tons of drama and tears, this mansion also houses some amazing architecture, expensive features, and to-die-for views. Here’s what’s really inside this Mediterranean mansion when it’s not being used for the hit television show.

It’s a 200-year-old Spanish-style rustic mansion

Bachelor Bachelorette House Exterior

The house is locate in California off a busy road. | Villa de la Vina

The mansion, known as Villa de la Vina, sits alone on 10 acres of sprawling, California-sunshine-soaked land. It’s right off Kanan Road in Augora Hills, California, which is a fairly busy road. However, the noise is not an issue since the house is set back. A large, stucco and stone wall blocks the house from the street, giving it extra privacy. According to the home’s website (yes, it does have its own website), it has a whopping 10,000 square feet of living space.

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It boasts more bedrooms and bathrooms than you probably need

Bachelor Bachelorette House family room

There are nine bathrooms in the house. | Zillow

The house has six immaculate bedrooms, all complete with their own bathroom, according to Zillow. Known as “suites,” the bedrooms are much larger than an average suburban bedroom. Aside from the en-suite bathrooms, there are three additional bathrooms throughout the house for a total of nine. That means the entire Brady Bunch could use the bathroom at the same time and still have one to spare.

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The patio area is bigger than most homes

Bachelor Bachelorette House patio

The patio is massive. | Zillow

The mansion’s outdoor living space is like none you’ve ever seen. It amasses 3,000 square feet of total space. (The average home size in the U.S. is about 2,680 square feet.) It features a gorgeous, Mediterranean-style stone patio that leads to an infinity pool. Waterfalls crash over Spanish archways, and you can soak up the sun along with gorgeous canyon and mountain views. The backyard is complete with two spas, so no guest will ever feel left out. Plus, it has an outdoor fireplace for those cool California nights.

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Its rustic charm is evident in the formal living room

Bachelor Bachelorette House living room

The fireplace details are stunning. | Zillow

Wood floors are bordered by Spanish tile in the living room. A gorgeous fireplace stands at the center of the back wall, and a chandelier hangs comfortably from the center of the ceiling. Along the wall are multiple arched doors that hold tons of natural light and appear to open onto the outdoor living space. It gives the living room an indoor-outdoor vibe. Next to the living room, the dining room has arched brick ceilings with wood beams across. It doesn’t appear to have as much natural light in the living room (per the Zillow photo), but sticks well with the Mediterranean theme.

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… And the massive kitchen

Bachelor Bachelorette House kitchen

The Mediterranean style continues into the kitchen. | Zillow

Mediterranean tile lines the bottom of the kitchen walls. A massive, marble-topped center island takes up most of the kitchen space. Dark wood cabinetry and a brick backsplash tie into the rustic charm. A breakfast bar on the wall opposite the refrigerator is a comfortable spot to sit and have lunch if the whole family isn’t around for a meal. High ceilings help offset the cramped feel given off by the dark furnishings.

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It has a farm house large enough to be a regular house

Bachelor Bachelorette House farmhouse

The ‘farmhouse’ is used as an office or a studio. | Zillow

What Zillow calls an accessory building, the home’s website calls a farmhouse. Regardless of its name, the 3,000 square feet of extra living space seems entirely unnecessary. However, if you have millions of dollars, why not? Zillow suggests the space could be a home office. This seems a little large for a home office, but maybe it could be a home office building, so you can move your whole company to your backyard. The farmhouse has 22-foot ceilings and matches the design of the larger home.

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The home has immaculate features throughout

Bachelor Bachelorette House features

There are endless features to take in. | Zillow

Zillow shows a dark-wood bar with marble countertops in the family room. It likely houses some of the most expensive liquor on the market in its floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Next to the bar is a wine cellar, and although it’s hard to tell how much wine it holds, it looks to be at least a few hundred bottles. Beautiful archways are apparent in almost every room. A four-car garage allows the owner to fit his or her cars (most of them, anyway) into it, and it has a bonus room attached. The house also comes complete with a home theater.

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