Inside the First House That Chip and Joanna Gaines Flipped Since the End of ‘Fixer Upper’

Everyone loved Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show Fixer Upper. It was one of HGTV’s biggest hits, and the couple won America’s hearts from the get-go. When the show ended, many were bereft. But the show isn’t the last you’ll see of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Read on to see the first flip they’ve done since the show ended to be reassured that they aren’t going anywhere.

1. Their first flip just hit the market

chip and joanna gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

In May 2018, the first flip that Chip and Joanna Gaines finished since their show ended officially hit the market, according to Country Living. Add getting that done to the fact that they’re expecting baby No. 5 — and juggling all their businesses — in the meantime. The Gaineses have a new eatery, Magnolia Table, and their company, Magnolia Realty. And of course, they are still working on houses.

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2. The house

Magnolia house front

The front of the home fits perfect with the Magnolia style. | Magnolia Realty

At $359,000, the Gaineses’ flip is surprisingly affordable. They listed it through their company, Magnolia Realty, and it actually costs less than many of the homes they flipped on their show.

The new house is in Woodway, Texas — Waco-adjacent — located at 10015 Sandalwood Drive. It features three bedrooms and two baths, each of which showcases Joanna’s typical beautiful details.

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3. Subway tiles

Magnolia house subway tile

Classic subway tile | Magnolia Realty

What would a Chip and Joanna Gaines house be without subway tile and brass fixtures? Not a Chip and Joanna Gaines house, that’s what. The beautiful tiles work perfectly with the kitchen colors and style. And the brass sink faucet ties it all together.

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4. A signature nook

Magnolia House kitchen nook

A cozy breakfast nook | Magnolia Realty

If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, you’ve almost certainly seen Joanna build in a breakfast nook at a house like nobody’s business. This one is no exception. Spacious with a cozy feel, the nook also offers eaters a nice view.

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5. Open shelving in the kitchen

Magnolia house shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen | Magnolia Realty

We all know Joanna loves some open shelving. So it’s not surprising this lovely eating area features plenty of it. The shelving is a functional way to display dining items. And it’s pretty appealing to the eye, too.

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6. The living room

Magnolia House living room

The space is bright and open. | Magnolia Realty

In the living room, Joanna installed a concrete fireplace and vaulted ceiling with a wooden beam — two other design trademarks for which she’s famous. The bar stools are so inviting the kids might actually want to do their homework there. And the natural light keeps the room feeling bright and open.

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7. Arched built-ins

The welcoming dining room | Magnolia Realty

Joanna loves some built-ins, in case you haven’t noticed. These arched ones are just perfect for showing off all the adorable Hearth & Hand items in her collection at Target.

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8. It’s all in the details

Magnolia house details

Cased openings and large windows | Magnolia Realty

Joanna Gaines pays attention to details, and that really makes her projects stand out. Here, she installed beautiful, floor-to-ceiling windows and cased openings. And she used a fresh coat of Magnolia Home paint for the walls, naturally.

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 9. A bathroom barn door

Magnolia House master

The room comes with a barn door. | Magnolia Realty

What is with Joanna Gaines and her barn doors? It doesn’t matter — they look amazing. This one leads to a master bathroom that features another Gaines favorite: a statement tile floor.

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10. Another Joanna Gaines bathroom

Magnolia House bathroom

A tranquil guest bathroom | Magnolia Realty

Joanna Gaines has a real talent for creating beautiful, relaxing, restful baths. This second bath in her latest flip definitely fits the bill.

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