Inside the Luxury Hotel Where Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s Summit Will Take Place

Despite a lot of back and forth that left people wondering “Will they or won’t they?,” it appears that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet on June 12, 2018 for a historic nuclear summit. And while the outcome of the meeting still remains unclear, one decision has officially been made: the location.

Trump and Kim are slated to meet in Singapore at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island. Here are a few facts worth noting about the luxurious property that’s about to earn a place in history.

It’s extremely secluded

Sentosa island, Singapore

Cable car on Sentosa island, Singapore | Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

The hotel is very remote — in fact, Sentosa Island only has one lank link to the mainland, a 710-meter causeway (it’s also linked by a cable car). The location is most likely meant to serve as a virtual wall to keep out any threats to the security of the summit. Sentosa is also the top tourist destination in Singapore, so one might wonder how the summit will affect tourism to the island.

Sentosa’s tourism website has this announcement: “Sentosa welcomes the DPRK-USA Singapore Summit delegates. While security measures will be implemented at selected areas of the island, it will be business as usual at our island’s various unique leisure offerings.”

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The accommodations are top notch

Capella Singapore Sentosa Island room

Suite at Capella hotel on Sentosa island, Singapore | Capella Singapore – Sentosa Island, Singapore via Facebook

The Capella Hotel opened in 2009, and it’s considered a five star property. Located just a few minutes from the beach, it features 112 rooms and suites, and guests are all treated to personal assistants to provide them with insider tips and personalized service. Rooms rent for between $564 and $780 nightly, and there’s no telling what this summit might do for rates and popularity.

The property’s meeting rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of the South China Sea, so at least Trump and Kim will have pleasant scenery during their discussions.

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The new face on the political scene

The Shangri-La hotel

The Shangri-La hotel | Roslan RahmanAFP/Getty Images

The hotel hasn’t hosted any high-level political meetings of this nature in the past. Singapore itself is no stranger to such meetings, as the Shangri-La hotel has previously hosted former U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama, according to Newsweek. But this will be the first of its kind for the Capella Hotel.

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The hotel will be for the meeting only

Capella hotel in Sentosa island resorts in Singapore

Capella hotel on Sentosa island, Singapore | Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

The Capella Hotel may be amazing, but it’s not where Trump or Kim will be staying during their time on the island. They are staying offsite, says Newsweek, and most likely at two different hotels. This is most likely for security reasons. The hotel has already hosted both U.S. and North Korean delegations recently, as the summit was being planned.

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This will increase the hotel’s visibility

Capella Singapore Sentosa Island

Aerial view of the Capella hotel on Sentosa island, Singapore | Capella Singapore – Sentosa Island, Singapore via Facebook

This meeting between Trump and Kim is making international headlines, so the summit could really put the hotel on the map. This beautiful property will probably become even more popular, especially when people discover some of its finer features and amenities:

  • 30 acres of perfectly landscaped surroundings
  • Several wonderful dining options, from a modern Cantonese restaurant to a gourmet Mediterranean spot
  • An award-winning full service spa that uses natural and organic products
  • The Capella library
  • Personal assistant services to make sure you have your best experience
  • Fancy pools for swimming and relaxation

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The hotel has two presidential suites

Considering its new status as a political hot spot, it’s pretty fitting that the hotel has two presidential suites. The first, the Colonial Manor, is done in a traditional British style on the outside. Inside, it’s packed with Asian art and furnishings. The other presidential suite, the Contemporary Manor, is set amid the Capella’s lush gardens and is a whopping 4,209 square feet. These suites offer seclusion and private entrances, making them perfect for two world leaders trying to make peace.

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Will the summit really happen this time?

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un | Brendan Smialowski,KCNA/AFP/Getty Images

As we know, Trump has already canceled this summit once, so some aren’t so sure it will even happen. However, as the date nears, it seems that it will take place this time. And while we don’t know much about what will happen behind closed doors, here is what we do know:

  • A treaty between North Korea and South Korea may be discussed.
  • We shouldn’t expect an agreement on nuclear weapons just yet.
  • Sanctions will be a hot topic as both parties are hoping to have them removed (under the right circumstances).
  • Kim Yong Chol, a top aide to Kim Jong Un, hand delivered a letter to Trump, who wouldn’t say what was in it (because he hadn’t read it yet).
  • As far as we know, the meeting will be one day only.

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