Grumpy Cat and Other Instagram-Famous Pets Who Have More Followers Than You

Everybody loves Instagram. But nobody loves it more than users who have discovered that it’s the perfect place to follow the most adorable animals on the web. We’re not just talking about your best friend’s adorable new puppy, or your college roommate’s hilarious cat. We’re talking about Pumpkin the raccoon. And Doug the pug. Plus Grumpy Cat. But you can follow many other Instagram-famous pets, too.

Want the lowdown on the best furry (and prickly) Instagram celebrities? Read on to check out the best, the brightest, and the cutest of the many pets who probably have more Instagram followers than you.

1. Doug the pug

Doug the Pug
Doug the pug via Instagram
  • Followers: 3.2 million

Everybody knows Doug! This adorable pug lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s supposedly the most-followed pug on the internet. That’s quite the accomplishment on its own. But Doug has hung out with many human celebrities, too. He’s met (and made friends with) people like Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor, and John Legend.

2. Nala the cat

Nala the cat
Nala the cat via Instagram
  • Followers: 3.5 million

Want an extra dose of feline cuteness in your Instagram feed? Then, you need to follow Nala ASAP. She was adopted from a shelter when she was a little kitten. And while her Instagram feed started as a way for her owner to share photos with friends and family back home, Nala has since gained millions of followers. But with a face that adorable? We can’t say that we’re surprised.

3. Juniper the fox

Juniper the fox
Juniper the fox via Instagram
  • Followers: 2.1 million

Instagram fame isn’t just for dogs and cats! Juniper the fox comes from a line of tame foxes, and was adopted by her current owner when she was just five weeks old. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll quickly realize that she leads a pretty great life! She cuddles with her owner, and plays with other animals. Of course, Juniper is still a wild animal and can be a handful — just like many other Instagram-famous animals who aren’t traditional pets.

4. Lionel and Lilo the hedgehogs

Lionel and Lilo the hedgehogs
Lionel and Lilo the hedgehogs via Instagram
  • Followers: 133,000

Prefer your pets spiky instead of fluffy? Follow Lionel and Lilo! These adorable hedgehogs live in Charleston, South Carolina. They love traveling, and have impressively extensive little wardrobes. They’re both African pygmy hedgehogs, and like to pose in all kinds of adorable places.

5. Hamilton the cat

Hamilton the cat
Hamilton the cat via Instagram
  • Followers: 793,000

Need some cute kitties in your Instagram feed? Just look to Hamilton the hipster cat! This adorably fluffy kitty was a feral cat, but quickly got Instagram-famous. Hamilton’s owner uses the cat’s fame to raise money for rescue groups, and gave his original account to a pet charity. But Hamilton has a new account, where you can still follow his antics.

6. Pumpkin the raccoon

Pumpkin the raccoon
Pumpkin the raccoon via Instagram
  • Followers: 1.5 million

What’s not to love about Pumpkin? First of all, she’s a raccoon. She watches TV. And she cuddles up with her doggy siblings. Plus, she was an orphan who literally fell out of a tree into her owner’s backyard. Her siblings are two rescue dogs. And she keeps everybody entertained with her constant antics. 

7. Piggy and Polly the French bulldogs

Piggy and Polly the French bulldogs
Piggy and Polly the French Bulldogs via Instagram
  • Followers: 467,000

Love French bulldogs and how adorably round they are? Then follow Piggy and Polly ASAP. You can’t help but smile when you scroll past a photo of these French bulldog sisters playing, wearing cute costumes, or snuggling up for a nap. Plus, the occasional #TBT will have you wondering how Piggy and Polly possibly managed to be cuter as tiny puppies.

8. Maddie the coonhound

Maddie the Coonhound
Maddie the Coonhound via Instagram
  • Followers: 1.2 million

Tumblr fans will all recognize Maddie the coonhound, who’s frequently featured on owner Theron Humphrey’s Instagram feed. This adorable dog seems endlessly patient, and made her print debut in a book called “Maddie on Things.” Follow Humphrey for some major photo inspiration — and to wonder why you can’t be as chill as Maddie.

9. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat via Instagram
  • Followers: 2.4 million

Tardar Sauce, known much more widely simply as Grumpy Cat, may be the most recognizable kitty on the internet. She’s famous because of her distinctive pout, which is actually caused by the combination of an underbite and dwarfism. Though she looks grumpy, her owners promise that she behaves just like a normal cat. But you wouldn’t know that from her adorable grumpy Instagram photos.

10. Buddy and Boo

Buddy and Boo
Buddy and Boo the Pomeranians via Instagram
  • Followers: 573,000

Boo and Buddy the Pomeranians may be among the cutest dogs on Instagram. The internet fame of these immaculately groomed little dogs took off thanks to an accidental haircut for Boo. They count Khloe Kardashian and Anderson Cooper among their famous fans. And they have a Golden Retriever sibling named Blue, whom you’ll occasionally see in their feed.

11. Crusoe the Dachshund

Crusoe the Dachshund
Crusoe the Dachshund via Instagram
  • Followers: 546,000

Who doesn’t need an adorable, costume-wearing Dachshund in their Instagram feed? Sign up by hitting that follow button on Crusoe the Dachshund’s Instagram profile. This adorable little guy is a mini black and tan Dachshund who has a big internet presence. He loves traveling, and from the looks of his Instagram profile, doesn’t mind getting dressed up!

12. Pudge the cat

Pudge the cat
Pudge the Cat via Instagram
  • Followers: 667,000

If you aren’t following enough cats with adorably grumpy faces, Pudge will make the perfect addition to your Instagram feed. This fluffy cat lives in Minneapolis, and her owner says that she behaves more like a dog than the stereotypical cat. But she also enjoys the jet-setting lifestyle that comes with Instagram fame. (Try not to be jealous.)

13. Corgnelius and Stumphrey the Corgis

Corgnelius and Stumphrey
Corgnelius and Stumphrey via Instagram
  • Followers: 95,000

Everybody loves Corgis. They’re funny and easy-going, and so lovable — especially Corgnelius and Stumphrey. The two dogs are inseparable. Their Instagram posts show them snuggling and sleeping, plus going on excursions around the neighborhood. Follow them for their sense of adventure (and their frequent and adorable naps).

14. Lil Bub the cat

Lil Bub the cat
Lil Bub the cat via Instagram
  • Followers: 1.7 million

An adorable kitty named Lil Bub is one of the most widely-known Instagram-famous cats — and for good reason. She started her life as the runt in a healthy feral litter in Indiana. She has a variety of genetic anomalies, including extreme dwarfism and osteoperosis, which make it harder for her to move around. However, her genetic makeup also means that she’ll look like (and stay the size of) a kitten forever. This adorable kitty travels often, and has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities.

15. Mr. Bagel the chinchilla

Mr. Bagel the chinchilla
Mr. Bagel the chinchilla via Instagram
  • Followers: 110,000

Chinchillas aren’t incredibly common pets. But follow Mr. Bagel the chinchilla on Instagram, and you may just want to bring one into your home. Mr. Bagel lounges around at home (on human-sized furniture and dollhouse furniture alike). And he helps his owner to spread an anti-fur message. Mr. Bagel lives in the Bay Area with his owner, and his Instagram posts are sure to make you smile each time you scroll past.