James Bond has Nothing on these Clever Spy Weapons

From James Bond to Jason Bourne, our culture has been obsessed with different spy gadgets from the thrilling genre. The best part about these fictional characters is that some of their gear actually exists in real life. The clandestine tools used by government agents all over the world have slowly come to light. Some of them are pretty nifty, while others leave you scratching your head. Take a look at these awesome spy weapons.

1. The umbrella gun

Business man, hitman or special secret agent holding umbrella like a rifle. Spy Weapons
Businessman or secret agent? Choose wrong and it could be your life. | Catalin205/Getty Images

The Bulgarian government was having an issue with a problematic journalist and needed him gone. With the help of the KGB, they developed this umbrella rifle that was loaded with a ricin pellet. They used the gun on a journalist, Georgi Markov, who ended up dead on the streets of London.

Next: You’ll find that poison is a very effective and often used spy tool.

2. The heart attack gun

A hand firing a weapon. Spy Weapons
Frank Church lead a committee exposing the CIA of their clandestine operations. | Chinnasorn Pangcharoen/Getty Image

The CIA developed a gun that could give a person a heart attack. The gun was loaded with a frozen toxic dart. When it was fired at high speed, it would melt inside the person’s body and trigger a heart attack. No one would know that foul play had occurred because the dart would disappear as it melted and the toxin couldn’t be detected in an autopsy.

Next: You won’t survive a punch from a person wearing this.

3. The Glove Pistol

A glove pistol is displayed at the International Spy Museum. Spy Weapons
A glove pistol is displayed at the International Spy Museum. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Talk about packing an extra punch, the U.S. Navy developed this novel tool. The glove contained one bullet that would be fired upon impact with the target. You’d better have a good left hook because you only get one shot at your opponent.

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4. The Coal Bomb

abstract black dust explosion on white background. Spy Weapons
Coal is already an explosive in its own right. | Pattadis Walarput/Getty Images

The Confederate army developed a special bomb that could be loaded into coal burning steamers. It was designed to look like a large lump of coal that would be thrown into the burners by an unwitting coal shoveler. The bombs were powerful enough to disable or sink any ship if enough of them are loaded in the ship.

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5. The Lipstick Gun

Lip Stick Gun. Spy Weapons
Just don’t apply any on yourself. | Wikimedia Commons

Secret agencies like to turn literally anything into a gun. This little gadget may be where the idea of the Femme-Fatale comes from. Concealed in an ordinary tube of lipstick is a single bullet. The gun could be fired with a simple twist of the tube.

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6. The poop transmitter

Poop emoticon on black background with copy space. Spy Weapons.
You’ll be having a pretty bad day if you’re near this guy. | geckophotos/Getty Images

The art of disguise knows no bounds when it comes to the world of espionage. The CIA created a transmitter that looked just like a pile of dog feces. The purpose of the transmitter was to guide bombers or spy planes to their targets. It’s actually pretty ingenious because who on earth is going to inspect a poop after seeing it?

Next: Do not put the lotion on the skin.

7. VX Nerve Agent

Spy Weapons. People watch a television showing news reports of Kim Jong-Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, at a railway station in Seoul
Kim Jong Nam was Kim Jong Un’s half-brother and former heir-apparent to the North Korean regime. | Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images

VX was originally intended for direct warfare. It’s never been used as an assassination tool until recently. North Korean agents may have tricked a couple of women to apply two chemicals to the face of Kim Jong Nam. Those two chemicals metabolized into VX and killed Kim. The women’s involvement is still unclear and they are on trial in Malaysia for the murder.

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8. Caccolube

Caccolube is shown in a soldiers hand. Spy Weapons
It’s a very unassuming mixture, but it can do some serious damage to a war machine. | Office of Special Services

Before the CIA, there was the Office of Special Services. During WWII, they were the spy-tech masters of the day. They were so good, they figured out a way to take out a tank using a condom, crushed walnuts, and a couple other gritty powders. It’s like MacGyver manifested himself as a branch of the U.S. government.

An agent would peruse an enemy base dropping Caccolube in any vehicles they could. The powdery substance would be inside a condom, and the condom would dissolve in the fuel or the oil. The vehicle became inoperable once it was sucked into the engine. It may not be flashy, but it can disable an entire regiment.

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