The Definitive Ranking of Joanna Gaines’ Best ‘Fixer Upper’ Homes

Have you ever wondered about which houses would make the list of the best Fixer Upper homes? Wonder no more! We’ve put together a definitive — though we’ll admit, subjective — list of the most gorgeous homes that Joanna Gaines designed on everybody’s favorite HGTV show.

Below, check out our ranking of Joanna Gaines’ best Fixer Upper homes, ranked from breathtaking to downright swoon-worthy.

20. The Tree House

Fixer Upper House
The interesting backyard wall feature made a statement. | Magnolia Market

The Tree House, featured on the third episode of Fixer Upper‘s second season, dates to the 1960s, and it really showed when Chip and Joanna’s clients first purchased the home. As they are famous for doing, Chip and Joanna tackled the choppy layout and transformed it into an open floor plan.

We love the new cabinetry and luxe finishes in the kitchen, plus the newly vaulted ceilings in the dining room. We also can’t help but mention that serene master bedroom. And we’d love to have that backyard, including the outdoor entertaining space, behind our own homes!

19. The 5th Street House

Fixer Upper house
The front architectural details draw the eye. | Magnolia Market

The 5th Street House, featured on Season 1, Episode 12, dates back to the early 1900s. It required a lot of work, but ultimately it became one of the best Fixer Upper homes that Chip and Joanna have completed!

The dilapidated old home featured a gorgeous mix of styles and architectural elements. We love how Chip and Joanna brought it back to life with a bright white kitchen and an open and airy living room. We also can’t get over the classic subway tile and penny tile in the bathroom — the perfect finishing touches for this historic home!

18. The Little House on the Prairie

fixer upper house
The reclaimed wood adds a rustic touch. | Magnolia Market

The Little House on the Prairie, featured on Season 2, Episode 1, began its life as a farmhouse. That original character got lost over the years, but Chip and Joanna worked hard to bring it back. The clients, who own a local coffee shop in Waco, Texas, wanted to preserve the character of the home but also make some modern updates.

We love the gorgeous new porch on the home’s exterior. And inside, we love the reclaimed wood and white subway tile in the kitchen. The shiplap chair rail in the dining room and living room tie the whole space together beautifully. 

17. The 3 Little Pigs House

Fixer upper house
The craftsman details add charm. | Magnolia Market

The 3 Little Pigs House, featured on Season 2, Episode 12, has plenty of craftsman charm to go around. Chip and Joanna’s renovations brought this 100-year-old home back to life, both indoors and out. We love the ample dose of shiplap and the gorgeous dining room and kitchen. (The blue cabinets and steel apron sink make unexpected but gorgeous accents!) Plus, the his and hers offices add both beauty and functionality to the home, making it one of the best Fixer Upper renovations yet!

16. The 15th Street House

Fixer upper house exterior
The furniture inside was incredible. | Magnolia Market

The 15th Street House, featured on Season 1, Episode 5, was a very special renovation for Clint and Kelly Harp. It turned out to be one of the best Fixer Upper projects of all!

The Harps chose a historic home that had a pretty rough history. Before Chip and Joanna could even get started with demo day to start the renovation, they had to remove lots of trash. But, it was all worth it for the end result. We love the way Joanna showcased the Harps’ eclectic style with lots of color throughout the home. Plus, we just can’t get over the major facelift they gave this beautiful, once neglected home!

15. The Graham House

Fixer upper kitchen
The green island cabinets added a twist to the classic style. | Magnolia Market

The Graham House, featured on Season 4, Episode 5, was a very special renovation for an army veteran and his wife. Chip and Joanna paid homage to the Grahams’ traditional style throughout the home, and to Mr. Graham’s military service with an antique flag in the living room.

We love the classic kitchen and traditional living room. Plus, we think the board and batten walls in the master suite make it one of the best Fixer Upper homes ever. And what’s not to love about that adorable vegetable garden?

14. The House on the River

Fixer upper kitchen
The beadboard kitchen made quite a statement. | Magnolia Market

The House on the River, featured on Season 2, Episode 4, needed a lot of updates. Naturally, Chip and Joanna handled them masterfully!

The home, a beautiful family-sized retreat on the Brazos River, features capacious living spaces and a centrally located kitchen. We love Joanna’s use of beadboard on the kitchen ceiling. And our favorite touches in the living room include the updated fireplace, the wooden beams on the ceiling, and the gorgeous dark flooring. 

13. The Gatecrest House

Fixer upper house
They made the best out of an awkward atrium. | Magnolia Market

The Gatecrest House, featured on Season 1, Episode 2, dates to the 1970s, and you could definitely tell when the clients first purchased the home! Instead of 70s style, the clients wanted a home reminiscent of the French countryside. Joanna delivered by reinventing the awkward atrium and giving the homeowners a beautiful indoor herb garden that gets plenty of natural light from above. We also love the airy living room and the gorgeous new kitchen.

12. The School House

Fixer Upper house entry way
The entrance certainly made a statement. | Magnolia Market

The School House, featured on Season 3, Episode 8, had some good bones. But Chip and Joanna made it one of the best Fixer Upper homes by adding a gorgeous formal entryway and delivering on the owners’ wish for a completely open floor plan. We love the statement-making black arch in the living room, plus the subway tile and teal cabinets in the kitchen. The dining room features some breathtaking wainscoting, and the master bedroom features a beautiful romantic look. We even love the “German Smear” finishing on the house’s exterior!

11. The Little Shack on the Prairie

Suspended shelves in a home on HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'
It was one of the most striking transformations. | HGTV

The Little Shack on the Prairie, featured on Season 4, Episode 16, underwent one of the biggest transformations we’ve ever seen on the show. The Matsumotos chose this “shack” in Crawford, Texas, and trusted Chip and Joanna Gaines to transform it into a beautiful family home. The gamble paid off, and the renovation resulted in one of the best Fixer Upper homes of all time! The home features shiplap, concrete countertops, and repurposed wood. We love the huge great room, the adorable kids’ rooms, and the beautiful back patio.

10. The Gorman House

Fixer Upper
They revamped the exterior. | Magnolia Market

The Gorman House, featured on the very first episode of Fixer Upper, has a special place in our hearts as the first home on the show. But we also think the major transformation that Chip and Joanna achieved on this property makes it one of the best Fixer Upper homes overall.

The house, built in 1930, looked dilapidated and uninhabitable when the homeowners bought it. They trusted Chip and Joanna to transform it, and ended up with a beautifully restored home. We love the gorgeous open kitchen and the shiplap in the sitting room — not to mention the original charm and character throughout!

9. The Shotgun House

Fixer upper
The shotgun house had to be physically moved to a new location. | Magnolia Market

The Shotgun House, featured on Season 3, Episode 14, posed a major design challenge for Chip and Joanna. But they passed the test with flying colors and gave the Bell family one of the best Fixer Upper homes of all time.

The home, one of only two shotgun houses in Waco, had been abandoned. The couple brought it back from the brink and maximized every square inch of space. We love the beautiful open living space, plus the loft that Chip and Joanna added to transform a cramped house into a tiny but livable home. 

8. The Barndominium

Fixer Upper house
The barn was complete with an enormous dining room table. | Magnolia Market

The Barndominium, featured on Season 3, Episode 6, underwent one of the best Fixer Upper transformations to date. The home began its life as a horse barn, but Chip and Joanna renovated it into a functional — but beautiful — home for the Meeks family.

We love the downstairs sitting room and dining room, which features a 17-foot wooden table by carpenter Clint Harp. The kitchen upstairs features a boldly patterned backsplash, plus a Dutch door out onto a balcony. 

7. The Chicken House

Fixer upper house
The wallpaper and colorful accents added a traditional charm. | Magnolia Market

The Chicken House, featured on the Season 3, Episode 16, features lots of shiplap and plenty of traditional charm. The Messeralls enlisted Chip and Joanna to update an outdated home and ended up with one of the best Fixer Upper homes to call their own.

We love the updated exterior of the house, plus the bright and cheery living room. From the office nook to the formal dining room to the kitchen, the couple’s traditional style shines. We even love the master bathroom, with its classic tile and deep blue walls.

6. The Beanstalk Bungalow

Fixer Upper House
The beautiful tile backsplash reached all the way to the ceiling. | Magnolia Market

The Beanstalk Bungalow, featured on Season 3, Episode 11, gave Joanna Gaines quite a challenge. The Childers family wanted a European-style cottage, and Chip and Joanna delivered.

We love the amazing craftsman-style details in the living room, including the bookshelves and the mantel. Joanna’s decision to rework the footprint of the kitchen also paid off. And the patio-style dining room definitely makes this beauty one of the best Fixer Upper homes ever.

5. The Faceless Bunker

Fixer upper house
The unique staircase stole the show. | Magnolia Market

The Faceless Bunker, featured on Season 2, Episode 12, underwent a stunning transformation — one of the best Fixer Upper renovations of all! The Fuch family wanted a modern home that felt like a beach house. Joanna delivered, with a gorgeous steel and cable stairway in the entryway and a centrally located kitchen.

We love the adorable workspace for the clients’ children, plus the spacious butler’s pantry. We’re also jealous of the French doors that lead from the dining room to the patio — and the spacious living room and game room! 

4. The Big Country House

Bunk beds fixer upper
The kids’ bunk beds were a hit. | Magnolia Market

The Big Country House, featured on Season 4, Episode 4, underwent an amazing transformation to become a beautiful family home. The Eberles enlisted Chip and Joanna to rework the entire footprint of the house to accommodate gatherings of their entire family.

We love how the kitchen is big enough to accommodate everybody. Similarly, the open living room and dining room offer a gorgeous place to gather. And we can’t help but be charmed by the grown-up bunk room and the beautiful back patio.

3. The Nut House

A living room on HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'
The pale gray walls added soft elegance. | HGTV

The Nut House, featured on Season 3, Episode 1, had plenty of character thanks to its 100-year-old architecture. Chip and Joanna revitalized it into a beautiful family home for the Dansbys.

We love the original hardwood floors throughout, especially in the master bedroom and beautiful new master bathroom. And we still haven’t gotten over the original library upstairs! Another of our favorite features? The seafoam green backsplash in the kitchen, plus those antique pantry doors in the dining room!

2. The Mid-Century Modern Home

Fixer Upper dining room
It was a different style for the Fixer Upper couple. | Magnolia Market

The Mid-Century Modern Home, featured on Season 2, Episode 9, made for a pretty memorable project. The mid-century modern style is rare both for Waco and for Joanna Gaines. But she rose to the challenge and created one of the best Fixer Upper homes of all time

We love the giant windows along the back of the house (plus the gorgeous views they provide)! We also can’t help but mention the beautiful new kitchen and its statement-making black cabinets. And we’ve never seen another living room (or dining room) with such gorgeous light!

1. The Pick a Door House

Shiplap in a home on HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'
The big windows were a modern touch with the shiplap accent. | HGTV

The Pick a Door House, featured on Season 4, Episode 6, features a modern, industrial style that feels completely different from Joanna’s usual farmhouse chic style. The Wixsoms, both Baylor grads, trusted Chip and Joanna to transform this home into a minimalist paradise.

We love the oversized windows in the kitchen, the statement-making fireplace in the living room, and the sliding glass doors surrounding the dining room. Plus, the black shiplap in the master suite offers the perfect intersection between farmhouse and modern — which makes it one of our favorite Fixer Upper homes of all time!

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