Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Room in Her Farmhouse Is Not What You’d Expect

Over the years, Joanna Gaines has shown a lot of love for her gorgeous farmhouse kitchen. But, surprisingly, it’s not her favorite area of the house. In fact, her favorite room is not what you’d expect. Not to mention it represents the one thing most of us dread the most.

See what she has to say about her favorite area of her house, ahead.

She loves her laundry room

Laundary basket

Although if ours looked like hers maybe it would be ours too. | humonia/iStock/Getty Images

In an interview with Today, Joanna Gaines revealed her favorite room in her farmhouse — and it’s not what you’d expect. “I love my laundry room,” she told Today. “I know that’s a funny thing to love, but … I gave it a complete makeover and now it’s a place that inspires me,” she added.

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It’s a fixer upper

Fixer upper farmhouse laundry room

The space is pretty stunning now. | Magnolia Market

In true Chip and Joanna Gaines fashion, the laundry room in their 100-year-old farmhouse was a fixer upper. “When we first moved into the farmhouse, we used a closet underneath the stairs as our laundry room,” wrote Joanna in a blog post. “This worked fine for a long time, but we eventually outgrew the space and built a small addition off of our dining room to keep our laundry and, of course, my favorite plants,” she added.

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Her favorite part of the room was inspired by Chip’s first business

Farmhouse laundry room

The sign was inspired by his old business. | Magnolia Market

Unlike most laundry rooms, the focal point is not the washer in dryer — it’s the Baylor Wash & Fold mural right above her washer and dryer. “When we were dating, one of Chip’s business ventures was a wash and fold down by Baylor University,” she told Today. “As a surprise to him, I had a local artist paint a wash ‘n fold logo over the washer/dryer,” she added. “He loved it, and it’s my favorite part of that space.

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It’s where she keeps her favorite piece of furniture

Fixer upper farmhouse laundry room 1

She loves her tavern table. | Magnolia Market

In addition to the mural, Joanna also keeps one of her favorite — read: most sentimental — pieces of furniture in the laundry room. “There’s an old antique tavern table that was my first purchase for the little shop on Bosque Boulevard in 2003. I never wanted to sell it because it was the first investment I made in the shop,” she told Today. “I’ve held on to it for 13 years, and now it’s finally settled in this space and it’s the perfect place to fold laundry and drink coffee,” she added.

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It inspires her

Joanna Gaines sitting on stairs with shiplap walls

It’s a great inspiration space. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Another reason Joanna Gaines loves her laundry room so much? It brings her inspiration. By incorporating some of the things she loves most — her antiques and her plants, of course — Joanna is able to find inspiration between the loads of laundry.

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She loves its natural light

Fixer upper farmhouse laundry room

It’s got stunning light. | Magnolia Market

Most laundry rooms are tucked away in a dark corner of the house, but because her laundry room is an addition, Joanna’s wash ‘n fold area sees a lot of natural light. And that’s another reason why she loves it so much.

Furthermore, natural light is prominent in most of her Fixer Upper projects. So we imagine it was a necessity when building her laundry room add-on.

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It’s where she drinks her morning coffee

Fixer upper farmhouse laundry room

She loves her plants. | Magnolia Market

Speaking of natural light, Joanna uses the laundry room as a quiet space, and she loves to drink her coffee in there. “I love the natural light and the calm feeling I get sitting in here drinking my morning coffee,” she wrote on her blog. “My open shelves are filled with plants, because, of course, green things make me feel at home,” she added. “It’s part of my morning routine to come in here and water all of them. Then I just kind of hide back here until it’s time to make the kids breakfast.”

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