Money-Saving Tips Joanna Gaines Swears By When Shopping for Home Decor at a Flea Market

Wish you could scour through a flea market with everyone’s favorite antique hunter? You’re in luck. From the one reason you should buy broken items (page 5) to the best way to save money while shopping for home decor (page 6), we share Joanna Gaines top tips for shopping at a flea market for home goods, ahead.

1. Antique light fixtures add history to a home

Vintage wall lamp

Vintage fixtures add character. | Iryna_L/iStock/Getty Images

Antique light fixtures are a great way to add something new to your home without spending a ton of money. Not only that, they add history to a space. “When we’re doing these renovations I always want it to feel like there’s history there, and one way to incorporate that is using antique light fixtures that you [can] have rewired,” said Joanna in an interview with Country Living.

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2. Affordable knick knacks

decorated shelves

Find meaningful items. | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

For a personal touch, Joanna keeps her eyes peeled for affordable knick knacks at flea markets. These items don’t have to serve any specific purpose, they can just exist on shelves as a more personalized touch. “I feel like bookshelves and open built-ins can feel a little stale, so for me it’s finding these random little things that speak to you,” Joanna told Country Living. “I have this brass mouse that’s so random, but to me it’s just the cutest thing,” she added. “It’s those things that help tell your story.”

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3. Think outside the box (or, storage unit)

Portrait of Fixer Upper co-host Joanna Gaines in the dining/crafting room at the Gulley home.

Joanna Gaines finds unconventional storage solutions. | HGTV

Need more storage in your space? Rather than spend an arm and a leg on a new piece of furniture, head to the flea market for unique items and furniture pieces that can be used as storage. For example, Joanna loves to use old chicken coops for storage along with other unconventional pieces.

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4. Inexpensive vintage books

shelves with old books

They look great on your shelves. | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

If you come across inexpensive vintage books at a flea market or swap meat, jump on them! Joanna loves adding old, yellowing books to home libraries and shelves throughout her Fixer Upper projects. This can be an affordable and unique way to add some historic home decor to your space.

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5. Breathe new life into flea market finds

living room

Some pieces just need a few easy updates. | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

It’s no secret Joanna likes to breathe new life into antique items. So, if you come across a piece that you love but needs some work, don’t walk away from it. Like Joanna, you can give it a fresh coat of paint, re-stain it, add new knobs, etc.

These inexpensive fixes can all make a unique piece feel new again.

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6. Stick to a budget

$100 bills

Don’t blow your budget. | halduns/iStock/Getty Images

Fixer Upper fans know just how important it is for Chip and Joanna Gaines to stick to a budget when renovating and decorating clients’ homes. And, the same tactic can be applied to shopping at flea markets. With some financial ground rules in place, you’re less likely to overspend and more inclined to find a bargain deal on specific must-have items like tin signs, antique light fixtures, and other Joanna-approved pieces.

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7. Don’t be afraid to bargain

vendor fair

Everything is negotiable. | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

In addition to Joanna’s tips, you can also save money when you bargain. While it might be more difficult for sought-after, mint condition items, bargaining down a price on an antique that needs some fixing up is totally attainable and can save you money.

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