How to Think Like Joanna Gaines When Shopping for Home Decor

Wishing you could go home decor shopping with Joanna Gaines? Us too. Luckily, the Fixer Upper star has more than enough tips to get you through a furniture showroom, flea market, HomeGoods, and other home decor havens.

Whether you’re on a hunt for a piece that goes with everything (page 4), need help choosing the perfect fabric (page 6), or want some tips for finding unique pieces (page 9), we share how to tap into your inner Joanna Gaines when shopping for home decor, ahead.

1. Mix old with new

Fixer upper den

It makes the best mix. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

One of Joanna’s biggest home decor secrets? Mixing old with new. Whether you’re shopping for antiques or choosing distressed pieces that have a vintage feel, be sure to also select items that are newer to mix and match in your home.

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2. Blend styles that you love

Fixer upper work space

It’s all about personalization. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Another tip Joanna swears by? Blend styles that you love. “The art of design is in telling your own story and there’s no rule that says you can’t blend styles that you love,” the Fixer Upper star wrote in an Instagram post.

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3. Pay close attention to accent pieces and accessories

Fixer upper rugs

Rugs can warm up a space. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

When shopping for home decor, Joanna pays close attention to accent pieces and accessories. “Textiles, like rugs and throw blankets and pillows, are the finishing touches that really make a room feel finished,” she told People. “If you’re redecorating, don’t count them out.” she added.

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4. Galvanized metal goes with everything

Galvanized metal storage bin

It adds the perfect farmhouse touch. | Target

Galvanized metal is a staple in Joanna’s Fixer Upper renovations because it goes with virtually anything. Add the material to your space by way of a planter, pendant lamp, storage bin, picture frame, and more.

Another bonus? It’s really easy to find. You can find galvanized metal pieces at flea markets, popular home decor stores — e.g. Home Goods or Pottery Barn — and even in Chip and Joanna’s Target collection.

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5. Reclaimed wood adds texture to the room

Wooden storage tray

It’s the perfect way to add texture. | Magnolia Market

During the renovation process, Joanna uses reclaimed wood to add texture to a room. That said, you don’t have to demo your living room to get the same effect.

When shopping for home decor, look for pieces made from reclaimed wood — be it a shelf, coffee table, or even a serving tray — to add texture to your space.

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6. Natural fabrics give off a rustic vibe

Fixer upper bench

Adding texture is important. | Magnolia Market

In addition to reclaimed wood, Joanna also uses a lot of natural fabrics in her Fixer Upper projects. Linen, burlap, wool, and leather add a rustic vibe (and texture) to a space and is extremely versatile. From pillows to rugs to table runners to furniture, finding home decor made with natural fabrics is easier than ever.

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7. Distressed furniture for an antique look

Fixer upper distressing

It gives your piece a rustic look. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

If antiques aren’t in your budget, Joanna suggests distressed furniture. With the farmhouse trend taking the decorating world by storm, finding gorgeous distressed pieces is easier than ever.

That said, you can also make your own with a little sand paper. Joanna shares her tips for distressing furniture, here.

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8. Unleash your inner plant lady

Joanna Gaines plants

Everyone knows Joanna loves her plants. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

In addition to home decor, Joanna also swears by house plants for livening up a room. She loves to add them to open shelves throughout her Fixer Upper projects for a pop of color and nature.

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9. Shop at a flea market

Fixer upper flea market

You never know what hidden gems you’ll find. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Knowing where to shop is also important and Joanna is no stranger to flea markets. Flea markets offer a variety of unique pieces — often at great prices — that can be left as is or fixed up into something better for your space.

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10. Don’t rush to decorate

Fixer upper house

Collect things that mean something to you. | Magnolia Market

Shopping for home decor can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. That said, taking your time can have a much bigger payoff. “Let your house tell your family’s story. Don’t rush to decorate just to have it decorated,” she told People. “Take your time and collect pieces that mean something to you and your family,” she added.

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